Who Is Kathy Hochul? Democrat To Become New York’s First Female Governor

NBC News' Ron Allen reports on the level of support expected by New York Democrats for Kathy Hochul, set to replace Andrew Cuomo as governor in two weeks.

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Who Is Kathy Hochul? Democrat To Become New York’s First Female Governor


    1. Thanks to Sexual-Cuomo. Don’t ever say Cuomo didn’t do anything for you Females.

    2. @Diaper Don the Con 2.0 Diaper Don the Con 2.0 cuomo killed the elderly and lied and hid it. Sexual harassment is peanuts to that crime.

  1. Reminds of that one time when the republican presidential nominee bragged about groping women and had 16 sexual assault lawsuits pending, so the GQP dropped him like…oh what’s that? They made him the leader of their party? Ohhh…. 🙄

    1. HAHAHA, remember when Clinton used his intern as his own personal humidor? Lied to America about it then it “went away” Let go of Trump, he is gone. It doesn’t matter anymore.

    2. Don’t try to deflect. Don’t try to blame the Republicans. We have Tony Navarrete Who was arrested in Phoenix or sexual assault of a little boy and now we have this great Democrat leader in New York state who has resigned. We have to hold our people to a higher standard and not give them a pass because Republicans are lowlifes. We need to rise above this and stop looking the other way.

    3. One party is terrified of their God Emperor and will defend him no matter what.

      And the other party, are Democrats.

  2. Could we get some reporting on her political background please… pretty please?

    I don’t want to hear about her kids, husband, or her cats. I want to hear about her political and professional background relevant to governing NY.

  3. One thing of note about her it’s clearly of how little she’s involved in EVERYTHING that’s happened in New York for the past 5 years shows that Andy didn’t want to let her in on the inside she is rarely in the conversation so I highly doubt she will be a huge cuomo supporter after she takes office

  4. “Who Is Kathy Hochul?”

    You never answered that. All the pictures were of Cuomo. Where does she stand on issues?

  5. Why not refer to Kathy Hochul as the qualified person to step in. Instead we are heading more about she is a woman and the first woman governor in N.Y.

  6. Not tainted by scandal as far as we know. But give her time – she’s a Democrat in New York state! An attorney by trade, she is a former Erie County (Buffalo) clerk and served in Congress 2011-2013. Husband William Hochul was the U.S. Attorney for Western New York 2010-2016.

  7. This is what it was all about, getting the first female governor by default, not on her merits, watch it happen when old Biden gets ousted and then that awful Harris takes the man’s spot. What a sorry disgrace that this is the only way women can achieve higher office. Laughable.

  8. If she spent her time being quiet about what went on with WOMEN, then she’s ONLY part of the problem and nothing is really going to change.
    This is a shell game where a woman is being used to make it look like things are being addressed.
    DON’T bet on it.
    I hope I’m wrong, but if she TRIE’S to be her own person, she’s out.

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