Who is Russia’s top commander in Ukraine? The US isn’t sure.

The US has been unable to determine if Russia has designated a military commander responsible for leading the country's war in Ukraine, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter — something that current and former defense officials say is likely a key contributor to the apparent clumsiness and disorganization of the Russian assault.
Without a top, theater-wide commander on the ground in or near Ukraine, units from different Russian military districts operating in different parts of Ukraine appear to be competing for resources rather than coordinating their efforts, according to two US defense officials.
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  1. A top commander would present a threat to Putin, so there is none. Hamilton spent some time pointing our the inefficiency of the dictatorship form of government. This is one example.

    1. @Javier Patag that’s right, after the war Stalin exiled him to Odessa on a mission to eliminate organized crime. There was even a Russian TV-series called “Ликвидация” based on these events.

  2. This is why democracies are superior to autocratic regimes. In democratic countries, there are checks & balances. Generals have congressional hearings where elected officials can freely ask them questions about potential logistical or operational problems within the army (of course, within commissions where the democratically elected members have a security screening and have the authorization to access classified information). In autocratic regimes, the lack of transparency generates mistrust and the dictator wants to control as much as possible and delegate less tasks. It creates an environment that favors such governance and leadership problems.

    1. The problem with military dictatorships and wars is that the success of the war is entirely dependent on the skills and accuracy of information being fed to the dictator. Dictators have a tendency, especially over time, to become more and more paranoid and worried about their personal safety and ‘traitors’ around them. This often leads to the dictator living in an ever-shrinking ‘bubble’ of trusted advisors and staff. It also leads to the dictators direct subordinates to tell the dictator what they think the dictator wants to hear rather than what the dictator needs to hear. Everyone becomes more worried about crossing the dictator and all matters of state become a very distant secondary consideration. Putin is over 20 years in as a dictator and things have obviously progressed to the point where he never gets honest information from any of his staff.


    3. By the way, democracy in the 21st century doesn’t only mean doing what the people want. If people want a dictator and a majority supports the idea of putting to jails legitimate political opponents, it is not a democracy but the tyranny of the majority. A true democracy is a political system with democratic institutions that ensure universal rights and freedoms, checks & balances, free news organizations who can expose a variety of ideas and are taking their job seriously at actually fact-checking politicians and will guarantee the visibility of the civil society in all of its aspects (unions, community organizations, mayors, intellectuals, experts, citizens who organize to bring an issue in the news, etc). The media will ensure that the civil society can express itself in a safe environment for free speech.

    1. Putin has food testers but they are dropping like flies. With McDonalds closed, Putin will starve.

  3. There is only one top commander in Russia, and he’s not getting near a battlefield, hence the Russian “efficiency”.

    1. I agree. Putin has directed personally this debacle. Let’s remember Putin was never in the army. He was sitting safely on a comfy chair working as a spy.

    2. @abmong My thought exactly. Hitler wanted total control….and look at what happened. The same will happen to Puny Putin. He has bitten more than he can chew. Ukraine will choke him in the end. I sense that Putin will be out soon.

  4. Three weeks in and they haven’t corrected their oversights, that is the real problem. It’s one thing to start out that way, but to continue like there isn’t a problem is the mind blowing thing about this situation. This is ALL good for Ukraine who has done a marvelous job so far.

    1. They did in fact tried to correct it by going in with heavy artillery and tanks but Ukraine countered that too. They are now in critical number to counter this army and actually push them out of the country. Each day Ukraine gets better and better while Russia gets weaker. And they get a lot more too.

    2. Russia is playing chess with one piece is missing which is their top commander who got shot by an Canadian sniper.

    3. @Tam Nguyen They are destroying Ukraine, except they are only targeting hospitals and theaters and residential buildings with their dumb bombs.

    4. @Robel Haile There are two wars here: the actual war and the infor war. The Ukraine is winning the infor war but the Russia is winning the actual war. That’s the reallity. The Russia is just buring their old weapons and testing their new weapons at this moment. I dont say the Russia is good or bad, but I believe they are winning now. If they want to destroy everything, why they let Ukraine still has water, electricity, internet and people still go out and drive car.

  5. When something goes wrong, not being able to call home isn’t a flaw in the Russian system. It is a feature.

    1. Lol it reminds me of when putin was left in ‘Berlin’ during his last assignment as a counter intelligence kgb officer when the downfall of the uSSr happened (the berlin wall). He calls home………..mother russia are you there??????……………silence from the motherland. Annnnnnnd that’s probably the trauma and why he’s going nuts right now. He saw ussr fall all around him and he vowed revenge….. that was all a joke obviously none of that happened…. or maybe

    2. When I was in Sochi, Russia around 2010 I wanted to send a postcard to family in UK and went to a main post office to buy stamps and post it. They told me they were waiting for stamps to come from Moscow and to try again in a few days` time..

  6. So our self declared Napoleon does not want to have a general Zhukov around? What surprise. Worse than a villain with nukes is a stupid villain with nukes.


      5 russian generals
      27,957 russian soldier dead.
      14,041 chechen soldiers dead.
      9,089 belarus armed forces dead
      408 russian fighter jets downed
      9 transport planes carrying paratroopers shut down.
      1,409 russian tanks blown up.
      7,138 russian missiles downed.
      8,284 russian equipment blown up.
      3 russian ships blown up out of the water.
      24,245 russian captured troops.

      Special NEWS








      Recent info:









      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9bEhTNgLVw 4:49













      Ukraine official dismisses calls to strike at Russian cities.

      Ukranian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych called on Ukrainians to refrain from calling for the bombing of Russian cities in retaliation for the carnage faced by Ukraine civilians. Arestovych called on Ukrainians not to dehumanize the enemy and dismissed calls for the abuse of prisoners and attacks on the civilian populations of Russia and Belarus as unacceptable.

      “You and I are not barbarians,” Arestovich said. “We are a civilization that fights against barbarians. We remain civilized.”
      Kremlin quiet on rising casualty count

      Estimates of Russian military casualties vary, but even conservative figures by Western officials are in the low thousands. Ukraine has estimated Russian losses at more than 15,000. Russia has not given an update since it said March 2 that 498 soldiers had been killed in action. Russia’s pro-Kremlin Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, citing the Defense Ministry, briefly reported Monday online that almost 10,000 Russian soldiers had been killed. The report was quickly removed, and the newspaper blamed hackers. The Kremlin declined comment Tuesday.

      My opinion:

      Now, there’s a pause. russia is reinforcing them with more troops coming from Belarus and Crimea because the first and second wave of russian troops got destroyed.
      Information below will help you understand more what the hell is going on. This information will be updated when brand new information comes in. No russian ships have been blown up yet but the option to blow them out of the water are coming. I’m always neutral. Please stay safe on both sides. putin, you need to be JAILED FOR LIFE.

      F the peace talk. It’s BS. putin wants his dead soldiers back without giving them back to their families.
      putin wants to blame Ukraine that those dead russian soldiers are captured and not dead.


      Accurate information below, of troops, the 2014 invasion, what’s happening in the background and new objectives.

      1. Donbas Region -Russia “putin” wants to annex this one next to continue the land bridge to Crimea because they never got to do this on their first assault due to Ukrainians fighting back. After pushing them back the so called rebels “LITTLE GREEN MEN – I DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE” putin said, Ukrainians started attacking Crimea and at the same time the Donbas region. The Ukrainians directed their attack mostly in the Donbas region due to being a industrial hub of the country.. they almost got it back but russia “putin” interfered and the same went to Crimea. It’s never about the invasion, NATO, or whatever reason(s) putin uses.. it’s outside of the picture and you need to understand this monster in a way you never done before. You don’t play the chess-board even when you’re a pawn! You play the game in order for you to be part of it but this does not mean your actually there playing it. You’re dealing with putin that keeps taking because you keep giving by losing.

      2. russia wants to connect the Donbas region to Crimea “taking over all warm water ports that Ukraine has” all the way to Moldova. The thing about this is.. the main focus will be the Capital of Ukraine but the main target is The land bridge. But if russia “putin” see a window within the scopes of multi formation attack.. then Donbas will connect all the way to Poland/Baltic States to land-bridge kaliningrand “a Belarus gateway.”

      3. putin isn’t stupid to invade the entire country “he can do this” but he won’t be able to hold it together for a very long time. That’s currently the information we got from my Russian military friends in “Mother Russia” aka Belarus, Donbas region, and Crimea.

      4. U.K. Hacked and shut down. Ukraine hacked and shut down several days ago. Canada hacked and shut down earlier today. Who’s next!

      5. Two Georgian states – Information not available.





      Predicted with new INFO


      Recap History:



      Current situation now:


      Current map 3/1/2022




      1992 Barcelona Olympics: Invasion of Moldova.
      2008 Beijing Olympics: Invasion of Georgia.
      2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: Invasion of Ukraine.
      2022 Beijing Olympics: Current Actions “Pending” but imminent.

      Here’s the problem with your statement comrade. If U.S. was part of the USSR and it became like Ukraine “okay.” You have a lot of russians living in the U.S. So what you’re saying is putin thinks he cane invade it because the government think very different than his and that everyone in it or most of the people in U.S. are russian.. so putin wants to “MERGE” both country and he becomes dictator in both countries for life. Is this what you said here MF? because I think you need to fraking wake up. This is not 1945 and shi t, it’s actually 2022 in the 21st century.

      AGAIN, THE PURPOSE OF THIS SHI T IS TO PREPARE FOR WAR IN THE FUTURE/ troops readiness and equipment staging are key principle for future conflict and at the same time.. looking at opportunities and vulnerabilities and how others would respond. And at the same time… look and read below:

      After placing 198k troops on your border.. what do you expect huh? You have to learn to think magical my friend like fairies.

      So putin doesn’t want Ukraine to join NATO but it wants it to join the Russian block. What the F? Well, F putin. UKRAINE FOR NATO/EU.

      How can you give respect to the person who invaded his neighbor for his gain only? Don’t join NATO because I will put another Belarus dictator near you and you will join my alliance instead like that gas prices act in neighboring kazakhstan. MF is a made up hype to make things look real and for putin’s army to march with their chest up lol

      And the Belarus event was to test the outcome of the invasion “PEOPLE” how Poland would respond, how much military can be prepared on that area when it’s happening, what’s the focus point and how it would be overwhelmed. These are in-placed to see the reaction on multiple location points in real time after the decision has been made.


      Here’s the best part of this story!

      putin INVADED Ukraine’s Crimea region because under that “OCEAN” there’s a very old and the biggest pyramid in the entire world under that ocean floor. Plus putin’s palace 2 is in Ukraine Crimea Peninsula. The so called “WARM WATER PORT” for it’s navies. Everything is starting to make sense now at least to me. This guy has specific objectives.. This is like playing chess but you have to not play it in order for you to win. So you let putin win by not letting him win. But what the “WEST” is doing.. preparing like chess, each time putin moves.. they counter that move! For me.. that’s not bad but if you look very closely.. you will understand all of these MFs objectives. Solution: Stop playing the guy’s game and actually get multiple things moving before he moves that PAWN AGAIN…



    2. @einkerl same happened to other side also Hitler refused to break sieze of Stalingrad which caused him the war still it doesn’t discredit the fact that zhukov held the ground for that prolonged period of sieze.

    3. @Putlerbish Actually, the Germans brought them there. Zhukove just learned some hard lessons from them.

    1. Some parts of their military are modernized and effective.
      But those are things like their strategic nuclear arms and submarines.
      Both are rather useless in Ukraine.
      They are capable, but very unprepared for the kind of war they are fighting now. This is odd, as they could have prepared for years, like the Ukrainians.

    2. Only in propaganda media. Over 100 American volunteers have already gone to meet their maker. What is called ‘atrocities’ with ‘dumb weapons’ here was called ‘shock and awe’ when the US did it much much worse, covered Iraqi cities with uranium particles and used white prosperous in urban warfare.

    3. @Cl0ckcl0ckIf you continue with this maximum effort whataboutism, Putin may let you kiss his ring! Keep up the good work

  7. Mr. James Marks does such a fantastic job, he makes everything so clear and easy to understand. Appreciate your work sir.

    1. @highjinxwillie62 So in your world Putins military advisors are not part of Russian Government. Also why should I care about Trump or Biden or anyone else from America ? I’m not from America btw. Also they didn’t attack on feb 22 so do you have any evidence of your claim that they did want to do this exacly on this date ? I can also claim many things. Life was better, safer and cheaper under Obama, when Trump was president all of those things went downhill. For me that’s true so your “You can’t dispute that…just try” is not valid. So go with your bullshit back to conspiracy land.

    2. @Adrian Pękała lol, Obama really. Do you know Obama is the only 2 term president never to over 3% GDP. Trump did every single time until the pandemic. Typical non American. You have no clue what goes on here.

    3. @highjinxwillie62 I know what goes on there. Racism, gerrymandering, some right-wingers sucking up to Putin. Should I tell you more ?

      I know what most of the things Trump said and done through his presidency.
      January 6 2021 remember that date.

      Also you Americans have this stupid idea that president is solely responsible for things like taxes and laws and all that stuff.
      You always blame the president not the party that is in power, when it comes to this things and that’s a problem.
      Your President has some influence on this matters but it all comes down to good will of the house and senate and now almost all you have is partisan politics.

      But have can someone outside of USA have any knowledge what is happening inside ?

      Because some of us can see further than their backyard and see what is happening in the world.

  8. An authoritarian narcissist, (no matter how poorly educated), will consider; his military to be his self-controlled toy, himself to be the best commander. He will interfere with the professionals.

    1. @Victor McClellan by all appearances Putin has fielded a Russian hillbilly army. It’s consistent with his achievement of taking a country rich in resources and an educated populace and in producing an economy of about the size of Southern California’s. So he achieved a hillbilly economy too! Bravo Putin 😅

    2. The USA and EU have created and support Nazi battalions in Ukraine. Now they are ashamed and they can’t admit that Putin is fighting Ukrainian Nazism.

    3. Seeing how hilariously bad Russian propaganda is today, I can’t believe you guys were ever able to fool so many. Now it’s like amateur hour in St Petersburg.

    1. Unless that mistake is propaganda. Or that is not really big factor that will make you have the decisive win.

    2. @T. Dmytryshyn Well, attacking the TV Station broadcast aerial way back when, and the power grid, those mighta looked like a strategic move… on paper. Phoning home for resupply using UKR mobile network sim… lmao only thing funnier would be finding out thats 5 times its been tried now.
      Putin’s daughter is a Paediatrician, no way she’s colored impressed with indiscriminate Russian bombing of homes, schools, kindergartens, Maternity Hospitals… probably never speak to daddy ever again.

    3. It took us 42 days of continues ariel bombing to capture iraq which is 1/4 th size of Ukraine in which iraq was supported by no other country. So basically here the Russians will need at least 3 to 4 months to capture Ukraine

  9. Spent 45 years helping fight against the Russians. Russian military are newcomers to joint operational warfare. It takes years to figure that out and they only started around 2012. Their fundamental problem is their operational command is directed command, rather than mission command, which means orders come from the top. When those orders are interrupted, lower commanders dont know what to do, Their kind of directed command lacks any flexibility. This kind of directed command gives them high centralized control, but falls completely apart when something goes wrong with the plan. When the plans change on the ground with Russians, nobody know what to do, and their generals and leaders must go to the frontline. That is why generals are dying. In a western approach called mission command, the forces understand the intent and are given freedom of action at their level, the military can in fact continue to be effective. Russian operational level holds high control and doesnt delegate intent, mission or give their subordinates freedom of action. It will get worse for the Russians as this breaks into small unit and partisan warfare, because leaders at that level are usually told what to do, and do not know how to respond effectively,

    1. @Ruslan Masinjila no one but Putin did this. Don’t be so weak. Go to Russia and share their pain and the poverty that’s coming.

  10. Putin is the campaign commander……seriously, he’s that egotistical and micromanaging, and it would explain why there’s seemingly no named or appointed commander.

    1. @latinamajor Can you imagine how devastating this must all be to an egomaniac Iike Putin? Seriously, it hurts just thinking about it…I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he’s not entirely able to come to terms with the reality of his situation, to sone extent possibly being in denial.

    2. @latinamajor Putin’s been planning this invasion since 2014. When the Ukrainians threw his puppet out of the country.

      I imagine that if Ukraine did lose, he announce that he was the man in charge of the operation and he reunited all of Russia. And then he will be given an award for uniting the Russian people because he’s just that delusional.

    3. The USA and EU have created and support Nazi battalions in Ukraine. Now they are ashamed and they can’t admit that Putin is fighting Ukrainian Nazism.

  11. A dictator doesn’t usually promote based on skill level, but loyalty. It happens sometimes but not very often

  12. I can’t remember where I read it, but Russia’s top commander in Ukraine is either General Disaster or Major Calamity. Or it could have been General Popov. There was an error in the Memo: “demilitarisation of Russia” should have read “demilitarisation of Ukraine”.

  13. Because of the absence of a central command in the Russian forces, Ukraine is donating one of their top generals who is now giving orders to Russian units. It was obvious there was a serious command problem in the Russian invasion force, and with a top Ukrainian general who is on the ground and close to the combat, Russians will be getting all the command help they need from now on.

  14. Smart weapons are expensive and time consuming to replenish and a lot goes for defense in other locations.
    I don’t get why everyone is surprised it ground back into the 1940/50’s combat after the initial phase.
    There’s no way to sustain a full-scale high-tech war for anything other than either the opening phase or as a last resort. Short of that their too costly for much other than limited strategic operations if available at all.
    The Rasputitsa sets in soon too and they’re reliant of heavy vehicles for everything (a few torn-up sections of paved road and well….)
    Stay safe as best you can all ☮❤

  15. I am shaking my head in disbelief at the incompetence of the Russian military. Units competing for resources, wow!

    1. The Russian oligarchs skim money off the military budget and use it to buy more yachts and mansions, meanwhile the soldiers are told to find supplies by dumpster diving

    2. A total lack of cooperation and coordination by the Russian military. Russia’s tactic is now to carpet bomb the crap out of cities and forgo strategic air strikes.

  16. This is exactly what I speculated when the invasion began – that the reason why Russia is invading clumsily from four separate directions is that there is jealousy between rival generals, and each one wants a separate front. For the greater glory of their careers.

    1. That very thing happened in WW-2 fact they were reports of Russian units firing on each other to keep the glory of who got there first .

  17. Russia’s strategy so far seems clear enough. Hinterland for land route to Crimea. All ports “probably” less Odessa. Destruction of Azov battallion/ Bde, Holding down Ukrainian troops elsewhere through threats. Regime change/ elimination or maximum degradation/ destruction of Ukraine and if required those ” helping” them militarily if ” required”. Achieve stalemate. Create buffer Donetsk and Lushank as strategic depth to Crimea at all cost. Finally degrade NATO before it becomes more ” threatening” if required/ feasible/ inevitable. Reset economy towards pro SCO progressively.

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