Who really benefits from China's crackdown on multiple industries? 1

Who really benefits from China’s crackdown on multiple industries?

China's ruling Communist Party under Xi Jinping — its most powerful leader since Mao Zedong — has unleashed as series of crackdowns against a range of industries. CNN's David Culver breaks down recent economic, social and cultural changes in China, and explains how they're portrayed to serve the people while simultaneously serving Xi's goals to preserve the ideology and uncontested leadership of the Party.

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  1. Lol…all that would be counter productive to China’s “Belt and Road initiative” and if y’all believe any of this, then y’all are “woke sleeping”.

  2. The Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping said that there is no way out of the mountains and rivers, and Liu Anhua has another village, which means that Biden shows softness and gives Xi Jinping a chance to continue the leadership of the CCP and let the CCP continue to survive. Look at the trade agreement signed during Trump’s period. It has not been fulfilled. Biden has not continued to increase taxes and pressure. Now, on the human rights issue in Hong Kong, Biden has not said a word. The people should reflect on themselves. This vague strategy will betray Taiwan’s democracy and freedom.

  3. China’s CCP has to keep people /business boxed up no matter what their size or importance is;once your head pops up out of the box to look outside, it’ll get hammered for sure

    1. CCP, Covid-19, vaccine, Wuhan lab, Fort Detrick, and super secretive spy network ‘Five Eyes’.
      For plain truths,pls read my insightful multi-pages ‘Ole Fella’ comment at..,
      “China-US tensions: A closer look at the Five-Eyes intelligence partnership / CGTN”: https://youtu.be/H6nkAVegk0g

  4. Xi Jingping had to freeze CARRIE LAM’S invested companies; He knew it was difficult to decision. She’s looking to find away to get US currency. Can Xi freeze Carrie Lam’s assets if she keeps violating new separate communist powers? Don’t know.

  5. Jinping has to balance china’s private sector’s greed for profit with his vision of common prosperity’s need to distribute wealth. If he clamps down too hard, he risks destroying the sector that brings in the money. If he does not interfere, wealth will be concentrated to the few, as seen in other rich nations, like the USA.

  6. I think America needs some of this. Filthy rich (Amazon, Apple, Google, ADM, Ford, etc) getting richer. The workers, getting poorer. We are self absorbed greedy pigs.

  7. Chi is playing 4D . Let’s years go by so companies get huge then throw down more communist rules. All in the name of social equity. Let’s see how long it take for BLM to chant this in our streets

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