WHO report on Covid-19 origins met with skepticism 1

WHO report on Covid-19 origins met with skepticism


In a joint statement, the United States and 13 other governments, including the United Kingdom, Australia and South Korea, expressed concerns over the WHO's long-waited report into the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    1. Please excuse my ignorance but how so? They’re linked to China somehow? This lady is clearly full of crap tho.

    2. @Federal Reserve WOLF TheFedWolf ccp is gonna get a nice taste of liberation soon…just like the rest

    1. @ImJustHereForTheFood. their navy is larger but most are just shitty Soviet ships they bought with terrible technology, we got 11 aircraft carriers and they got 2, plus we got the best allies in the world. China would get smoked by the US

  1. So an email or video conference could have been enough. They went to China and did not inspect anything?

  2. The WHO investigating this is like have Cuomo investigate the sexual harassment charges against him.

    1. I LOVE how CNN has BANNED my last 20 comments for pointing out EPI-CEN-TER means it CAME from here.

    2. Sure, I’m sure you want Chump and his magats to whisper sweet, racist, lies into your sensitive little ears. Just can’t handle reality, so you replace it with insanity.

    1. English isn’t her primary language and the technical difference between the two words is mostly semantics.

  3. So sad! This pandemic has killed atleast 2,000 family and friends of mine. They’re just dropping dead walking down the street! The only thing I can hear outside is ambulances all day running around picking up all the dead bodies!!! I know it’s not long for me now. I just threw rocks at my neighbors window to check on them, there was no response. My dog is even coughing now. PLEASE DON’T TAKE MY DOG!!!

    1. @Rigo the kid hatred will destroy you, but China will be fine. US war crimes in non-white countries were driven by hatred just like the hatred that is burning in your heart right now, US media dial up the hatred among the mass… thats how US get the funding for the never ending wars in Africa and Middke East Old tricks and wishful thinking worked in Iraq, Libya, Yemem,… but wont work in China. Pal, you should realy check in with you doc in morning. Get well soon, pal!

    2. @Rigo the kid I hear there is a Q- Anon chapter in your location. That would be Bellevue, am I right?

    3. @Nick Dionne I am so sorry to hear that! I feel your pain!! I still can’t get the picture out of my head of my last friend George just slumping over and dying from this killer virus, as we were sitting playing Xbox last week. SOMEONE HELP US ALL!!!!

  4. I don’t think anyone with a brain believes the WHO report. Their credibility has been destroyed.

  5. skepticism without actually reading and understanding the report, also known as jumping to conclusions

  6. Wait for the western media’s reaction when we eventually found out covid originated from US years later

    1. United States of America will be, Five Lean Years 2020. – 2025. COVID-19, Covid 16, Start eating Coronavirus antibody.

    2. What are the odds of the 30 something high security labs around the world, one is within walking distance from the market. Just like Trumps big lie this one is so big its in our face and we put up with it.

  7. He said “China has always been lying” and asked why the doctor still believes in China — as if the doctor has the same opinion on China like his. What a clown.

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  9. The investigation in China is over, now it’s the turn of the United States. The United States, especially the Fort Detrick Biological Research Base, should open up to international experts to start the traceability of the covid-19 virus. The United States should also explain to the international community whether the large-scale influenza pandemic that broke out in the United States in the winter of 2019 is the covid-19 virus.

  10. I hear sirens all the time, day and night picking up ppl due to cv. The undertakers are overwhelmed. Long lines at cemeteries.

  11. We end the chapter describing the early appearance of an emotional and cognitive structure (or schema) that may play a regulatory role in sustaining a pathway of risk . Moreover, we suggest that children who are at high risk because they have high rates of externalizing behavior problems poor self-regulatory mechanisms, are also at high risk for constructing autographical memories (scheme,scripts, working models) that will guide their future interpersonal relationships ,especially when contextual demands match their representational models .
    Although the literatures on prenatal and postnatal exposure are not well linked, they share the developing organism’s exposure to a parent who consumes alcohol and who may also be abusing it .

  12. “Thank you, Falun Gong Master, for saving my family!” a man in Wuhan said to Ms. Xie, a Falun Gong practitioner, who had called his family earlier to offer help during the coronavirus epidemic.

    Ms. Xie, a New York resident, started practicing Falun Gong in 2008, nine years after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa. She soon called her friends and relatives in China to tell them that Falun Gong was nothing like what was being depicted by the CCP’s hate propaganda.

    One of her friends, Ms. Hu, who lives in Wuhan, quit the CCP without any hesitation. When the two friends reconnected in 2020 amid the coronavirus epidemic, Ms. Hu’s husband also quit the CCP and recovered from the coronavirus. Below is the story told by Ms. Hu.

    “I Regret I Didn’t Quit the CCP Earlier!”
    I called my friend Ms. Hu in Wuhan around 2008. She was very happy to hear from me. I told her about the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong.

    “Please help me quit the Communist Youth League, using my real name, so I will no longer have anything to do with the CCP,” she said to me joyfully. “I know you are kind to me. I trust my best friend!” I felt very happy for her.

    I also talked to her husband and asked if he would like to quit the CCP. He said he didn’t like the CCP and was disgusted by it, but he didn’t want to quit.

    When I heard the news about the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan earlier this year, I immediately called my friend to see if they were alright.

    My friend wept on the other end of the line, “My husband is infected with the horrible virus. There are so many patients, and we cannot get him a hospital bed. He has to quarantine at home. His condition is getting worse…”

    “Calm down and listen to me,” I said to her, “It’s my fault that I didn’t explain to your husband clearly enough about the importance of quitting the CCP back in 2008. If I had helped him quit the CCP then, he probably would not have been in such a situation today. May I speak with him?”

    When her husband got on the phone, I explained to him in detail why people need to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I also explained the ancient view of karmic connections between mankind’s wrongdoing and plagues, as well as stories of people recovering from the infection after breaking with the CCP.

    He said, “Thank you! I really regret that I didn’t listen to you earlier. Could you please help me quit the CCP now with my real name? Do I still have time to do this? I feel deep regret…” He spoke with a weak, but resolute, voice. He then broke down and cried.

    I promised that I would help him quit the CCP. His 14-year-old daughter also asked me to help her quit the Young Pioneers using her real name.

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