1. @JD 23 good luck…I guess MAGATS need a win after so many losses and meltdowns…unfortunately there are only a handful of Republicans left that have a spine…and they are being pushed out for having one.

    2. Let’s hope not. Biden and Harris are two total machine corrupt life time politicians along with Nancy pelosi….. they are the worst three leaders at the same time in us histoey ….. it should be anyone other than one of these career corrupt idiots

  1. After all we’ve seen him do, the very fact that this vile creature still walks free, is still eligible to run again and could possibly even win, is irrefutable evidence of how fucked this country is. It just boggles the mind 🤦‍♂️

    1. @BeSmart VoteBlue
      You just want: *”I wake up every morning, look at Jill and say, ‘Where the hell are we?”* — Joe Biden Bahahahaha!

    2. The fact he’s still walking free should tell you you’ve been sold a pack of lies, use your 🧠!

    1. true not when he already has his asset in the white house. gee putin got everything he wanted the moment biden rocked up hey

    1. The problem is that McCain needed someone like Palin. Palin was insane, but she was very popular among the Tea Party crowd that has morphed into MAGA. While McCain didn’t really want that kind of insanity, he needed to have it to get the sort of fundraising he needed to be competitive at a presidential election. Most of his monetary support came from her sorts of supporters, not the centrist types McCain personally appealed to.

    2. @Jam Brenn choosing that running mate – or not choosing one – and having a woman he knew nothing about was pretty revealing of the president he would have been . Certainly he would have been better than Trump – but if he had never given Palin that vehicle – there never would have been a president Trump. McCain had a lot of wonderful qualities – and you certainly never had to question his loyalty like these crooks today but he was not up to that job . it showed

  2. You’ve had your run stay in Mara logo playing golf and getting on your wife’s nerves 🇺🇸😁🇺🇸

    1. Don’t you remember, Trump said if Pence wouldn’t go against the Constitution and steal the election I lost, You will not be my friend anymore…More amazing is this traitor is allowed to run after his attempted coup.

    2. You should acknowledge the truth that this current administration sucks. They were wrong on inflation is transitory, high gas prices won’t last, every American would be out of Afghanistan

  3. I guess that’s one of the perks that comes with running for a second term; you get to pick the clowns for the Bozo ride. Cruz would make a great flip-floping “yes” man for donald to order around and blame failures on.

    1. imagine thinking he was impeached still LMAO!!! gee mate this last 6% of idiots here in the exclusive club for idiots here on Clown news are really stupid hey LOL

  4. Because of that ‘very important factor towards the end’ that he mentions, I have a very hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he’s even eligible to run. Or still walking around free, for that matter.

    1. @KGS _71 Yes, stupidly, I did. Now I know better. If you have enough money and connections, and a complete lack of any kind of moral compass or human feelings, you can get away with anything you want.

    2. Biden won’t be eligible to be my brother’s 5th grade teacher by the time his term is over. At least Trump can string a fucking sentence together

    3. @Jeremy Terkelsen His own pretend sentence maybe. There’s a reason why it’s called word salad.

    4. @Catherine Womack of course, neither our esteemed president nor our equally qualified VP would ever stoop to the depths of making a convincing word salad . . . oh that’s right. They aren’t mentally capable of doing so.

  5. My pick would be the great Marjorie Taylor Green. My second pick would be the awesome Steve Bannon.

  6. When Trump says he had a really good relationship he means he’s finding a bus to throw you under 🙄

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