WHO warns against 'fatigue' in Africa's Covid-19 response 1

WHO warns against ‘fatigue’ in Africa’s Covid-19 response


CNN's Zain Asher speaks to Dr. Matshidiso Moeti, the World Health Organization's Regional Director for Africa, about the continent's coronavirus response.

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    1. last year in March then they heard there was 8 cases in the african continent. they secretly wished we would be wiped out by the end of the summer.
      this planet does not exist without black people in it. they pretended to care.

      I live in Kenya, East africa just now and I am living my little quiet life. we have our casualties just like every continent. They went from blaming China to thinking ” oh maybe then the african continent will disappear”. sorr to inform everyone . we are here to stay

    2. @Ignatius RyD still fighting Ebola, bubonic plague, AIDS, oppression, faults, shortcomings! It’s a dangerous place without this pandemic, it will always try to kill you, but Africans still survive. C-19 is a form of SARS, it’s already been here. And will continue, despite this miracle age of yearly vaccination. (Always one year behind, the current flu, or mutation of SARS…we can’t vaccinate away disease, and we will never defeat death.) If you pick up an Armadilo in Texas, you can get leprosy….that’s biblical!

    3. Talib Kweli Parker can folk stop talking about continental africans as if they do not have voices of their own.


    1. @Thomas Haas and it being more contagious doesn’t mean “life will suck for a couple weeks” it means more and more people will die and get sickbut people like you don’t care and haven’t thought about others around you,the people that have lost others from this virus.And people like you walk around like it’s some sort of game even though others are really suffering from this.

    2. @uno reverse when you get the flu, it sucks for a couple of weeks. Same idea. WuFlu = flu from Wuhan = Covid.

      Identifying something from its origin isn’t racist. Saying “Chinese people gave this to us” would indeed be racist though. And if you still think I’m racist after that explanation, let me use a little leftist logic here – I can fix this by saying “I IDENTIFY AS not a racist”. There! All fixed! Not a racist because I said I don’t identify as one.

    3. @uno reverse actually…everyone who WANTS a vaccine, at least in the US where I live, can get one. So its not really MY job any longer to shield YOU from YOUR fears. If YOU’RE afraid, stay home and/or get vaccinated. 14 months into “14 days to stop the spread” – I’m just done. And so are many people. And because anyone can get vaccinated, we SHOULD BE done.

      I’m not wearing a single mask UNLESS SICK, after August 1. That’s my limit.

    4. @uno reverse oh…one more thing. You’re correct. If Ebola went airborne then it would be apocalyptic. Fortunately, this isn’t Ebola so that doesn’t matter at all. However, it would never make it around the world BEING as deadly as it is…as we’ve seen by its attempts to spread widely. It burns out quickly because the hosts are too busy……..dying…….to be out spreading the virus.

    5. @Thomas Haas “identifying as a racist” not how the world worksand comparing covid-19 to the flu is idioticbut figures you’re probably a republican

  1. “Good news” is to be treated with skepticism; “bad news” shows that Covid-19 is still active.

  2. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone declares the president ‘as someone who cooperates with a very grave evil, he is not properly disposed for receiving Communion.’

  3. Just send everyone to our southern border and allow them to come into the United States…..simple!

  4. I personally don’t think the same that happened to India will happen to Afria and hope it won’t. Africa seems to have done quite well throughout all this. Hopefully it stays that way.

    1. @ShiftyeyesNV I don’t know if that is true or not, but don’t they have an increase presence of Chinese moving to Africa and have people that travel to their country quite often?

  5. “WHO warns against ‘fatigue’ in Africa’s Covid-19 response” thereby motivating us, the people of America, to redouble our efforts to rapidly find out at any given moment, including even while On-Line, who among us are unwittingly contagious (i.e. pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic) in order to #ConvinceItForward for them to call their doctor and to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines in hopes of stopping this pandemic instead of having more #MourningInAmerica. Thus, we’re hoping for the best while preparing for the worse-case scenario of the #UKvariant strain(s) mutations and others like the South African, Brazilian, Californian, Texan (BV-1), & #Cluster5Mink mutations rendering current vaccines no longer effective.

    Those brilliant people are too smart to develop like te rest of the planet!!

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