Who will be in Trudeau’s next cabinet? Here’s what we know


  1. In my opinion, one thing is certain it will be full of inept, unethical and foolish spendthrifts.

    1. You have no sense of humour … All three parties support dual citizens allowed to vote ( 2 ½ million ) .
      All three parties think “ Separatist “ are honorable . All three parties can’t talk monetary policy .
      All three parties have agreed and think its ok , that Canada is a service economy ( 10 % manufacturing )
      Can’t even make what we use ( ROFL )

    1. @Not Politically Correct we use his heritage and proud indigenous support. He is know as chief running stupid.

  2. I understand that there’s a circus touring the Ottawa area before winter. That could be a well of talent for Trudeau to choose from, as they employ a large number of clowns and he leans more toward clowns for his cabinet than anyone else as we keep seeing.

  3. It’s what’s on the outside that really counts these days. Which is great if you’re not qualified for the job. Like if you’re a drama teacher and you want to be Prime Minister.

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