Who will be part of Justin Trudeau's new cabinet? 1

Who will be part of Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet?


Freeland will remain as deputy PM and finance minister, but other positions are up in the air.

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    1. @Light Kira – yeah, give me your phone DURING COVID and let’s take a selfie. It’s ok, I can touch your phone because we have magic masks on!

    2. Canadians are not sick enough of this clown since they didn’t go out and VOTE. Remember only 50% participate at vote so leave room for corruption…

  1. Just put them all in the cabinet and then LOCK IT UP. Canadians would be much better off without any government at all.

  2. Doesn’t matter, they will do as they are told or he will boot them! All fed employees need to go back to work. WHAT HAPPENED TO MEDICAL PRIVACY!!

  3. Paradise Papers: According to the papers, Stephen Bronfman, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s adviser and close friend, a Liberal Party fundraiser credited with putting Trudeau into office, moved millions of dollars offshore for former Liberal Party Senator Leo Kolber. The offshore maneuvers may have avoided taxes in Canada, the United States and Israel, according to experts who reviewed some of the 3,000-plus files detailing the trust’s activities.

  4. Cabinets have a different use … pick whom ever you want Trudeau and put them in the cabinet, lock it and throw away the key! Oh yes, you may join them.

  5. During her speech at the Washington meeting, she said Justin was hard at work, I fell off my chair laughing , I think she’s running the show, and he’s her parrot.

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