Who's Really Leading The GOP: The Mainstream Or The Trump Wing? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Who’s Really Leading The GOP: The Mainstream Or The Trump Wing? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


As House Republicans meet for their annual retreat, they face the question who really is driving the messaging inside their party? How much influence does Trump still have over the party? We discuss that with Juanita Tolliver and Matthew Dowd. Aired on 04/27/2021.
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Who's Really Leading The GOP: The Mainstream Or The Trump Wing? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson : Not when the alternative is Nazis, no . . . You still don’t get that, do you? You’ll regret it if they ever take power again, and you’re living under Fascism. I wish I was exaggerating . . .

    2. @Maxton Harley flixzone + new troll account sounds like a recipe for an app that can steal your password, money maybe identity theft.

    3. @Ash Roskell Ah yes, cult members are good at taking reality and twisting it to fit their own preconceived views. The most common tactic used by DNC cultists is the Whataboutism. Another one is invoking Poe’s Law, which you did here. That tactic kind of loses its punch when DNC cultists compare EVERYTHING to Nzis, no matter how big or small, which results in your points becoming laughable because you apparently can’t discern between what is merely objectionable to what is an outrage. EVERYTHING is an outrage for you — if it involves anyone except the Dem establishment. And that brings me to the blinders cult members wear — cultists never EVER criticize anything to do with their group; as far as their group is concerned “it’s all good” even when it isn’t.

    4. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson You mean like whatabout Hillary?? Whatabout Obama! Whatabout Benghazi!! Oh yeah, those are Republican whatabouts!!! They don’t count? Reflecting one’s behaviors on another is a typical Republican tactic.

  1. im sure they will be rolling out a substantive and meaningful legislative agenda for their party going forward………… in two weeks….

  2. When I picture a “republican annual retreat,” I see a bunch of people stuck outside the building because they’re all pushing on the doors that say “Pull.”

  3. If the Republican voters are depending on Trump’s personality… well… lets say that he doesn’t have much of one… Screw anything with skirts is about the whole of it… screw everyone else out of money is the other 5%.

    1. Yes and no. We Democrats need worthy opponents. A balance of power provides a healthy democracy. The Republicans must rid themselves of the trump disease, if they can’t or won’t then you are right on target. Let them eat their own.

    2. @Jason Dixon As usual can’t have a mature intelligent exchange with a simple minded trump worshiper.

  4. She’s so good! The way she can say that BS with a straight face like that without bursting into laughter because she knows that’s not true.. Animal House is the PERFECT way to describe them!

    1. @Schuyler Ebbets In January hubby and I both. Had nothing to do with Biden and what he said. I listen to science..

    2. @Schuyler Ebbets : Has Ron Watkins (AKA Q Anon) told you then? Biden’s, “Deep State Plan for Covid 20.” When they release it, from that, “Chinese lab,” flown over here by Dr Fauci, all the decent folk will be vaccinated and immune. 24 hours between your first sniff and your final cough. Around 25% of the adult population; a useless, trumpian quarter, will be eradicated. And the last thought that will go through their dumb, Trolly heads will be, “Wish I’d taken the jab, and not been scared of a needle . . . Uuughghhhh . . .”

    1. Bs its the frauds in office Biden his goons an obama an pelosi to destroy our country for Soros.

    2. @Linda Campbell so you are saying that Biden runs the GOP? Hmmmm! I think he is from the other party??? lol That’s a Republican comment for sure!!! NTS.

  5. At the end of the first minute of this video, I burst out laughing at the phrase, “fringe elements in their ranks that threaten to swamp their agenda.” From their own party convention last summer we learned that the Republican agenda consists of NOTHING but Trump adoration, a skill at which the fringe elements excels. If they wish to declare their own independence, they have a very long way to go.

  6. When you get that many liers who have stewed themselves in their altered reality for so long you get “Leadershit”.

  7. Former 45 stzrted then moscow Mitch an McCarthy are the runners now of the lies 45 told. I do believe they both converse with 45 and this is how 45 will continue his influnce. We must get these two out as they are seriously jeopardizing their party.

  8. “focused on substance and the issues….” Did you see the face of the guy behind her when she says that? He’s trying not to laugh out loud. Cheney is probably trying to make something true by saying it’s true. That’s “trying.” But it’s indistinguishable from “lying.”

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