1. “I have been in combat, I know what assault weapons are for. There is no civilian equivalent.” Senator Charles Robb

    1. He knows squat then, how does he think so many people can get killed so quickly? With muskets?

    2. @A R Do you think the US was the only country in the world where criminals had them when laws were introduced?
      Share with us all here how many criminals were involved in all the school shootings the past 20 years? Not one of them was a criminal!

    3. @Joaquin a military style “assault weapon” has 3 modes ,single (semi-auto) burst (a 3 round rapid expulsion of bullets), and full auto (hold trigger to expel all rounds rapidly, not practical to spray and pray)
      An AR15 (style is Armalite’s civilian semi-automatic rifle can be chambered in 1 of several ammunition sizes) STANDARD magazine is 30 rounds, a Glock 17 pistol has stock magazine of 17 rounds)
      A minuscule amount of mass shootings, 1-5% statistically are rifles of all types, most are carried out by hand guns and PSYCHOS or GANGBANGERS

  2. Adam Kinsinger is one a vanishing breed: humane Republicans with intelligence and a conscience.

    And guess who isn’t getting a card from the NRA this christmad?

  3. Is Ted Cruz that much of a small town guy?
    My high school had over 4,000 students; – – – how long would it take for 4,000 students to enter the school through a single door?

    1. Even if that worked, which t won’t, how is that going to stop mass shootings in grocery stores, concerts and other large gatherings?

  4. Protecting our children should not be a partisan issue. Democrats use weapons too. No one wants to take anyone’s rights. But the children need to be protected and something has to be done.

    1. “No one wants to take anyone’s rights” says the people actively trying to take away peoples rights lmao

  5. Changing one’s mind about buying a gun that is designed to shred enemy bodies in war being available to some, or all, civilians. What a concept. Thinking is not real hard.

    1. @D S
      Nope. Guns are your self defense. And your 2nd Amendment right.
      Sit down and shut up.

    2. @D S the death rate on our highways is over 36,000 annually. So much for all that regulation. Think.

    3. @D S 19 people murdered in a knife attack in China.
      9 in Japan by a knife wielding lunatic.
      In Europe, where guns account for barely 20% of homicides but knives are used nearly 40% of the time. In fact, the United Nations identified sixteen countries in which knives and sharp instruments were used in more than half of the country’s homicides.

  6. I agree with you, ADAM! Thanks for being a man of honor! There aren’t that many, any more!

    1. @Robert Swanigan  so you think that everyone that’s been in the military has honor you should rethink that

  7. The 2nd Amendment refers to a “well regulated militia…,” not a free for all. Keeping semi automatic weapons out of the hands of the untrained and the unstable is just common sense. Gun reform now.

    1. @Dr. G Then maybe you should read the federalist papers and what the founding fathers thought about gun ownership.

      FYI The Supreme Court used it in determining cases.

    2. @Pete Pierre Specifically has a clause that separates MILITIA from RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE.
      This has already been settled in the Supreme Court.
      Refer to DC vs Heller

  8. I’ll never understand how it’s OK for an 18 year old to walk into a store and just buy a gun that the government spent weeks teaching its soldiers how to use.

    1. @L. Diaz true the M4 is not full auto, it is select fire, which NO civilian firearms have… Single round… 3 round burst, AMD full auto… but who in their right mind would spray and pray without a specific reason.

  9. The second amendment talks about “a well regulated militia”. That, and only that, is the way people have a right to bear arms.

    1. @L. Diaz You are confusing “well-regulated” with “disciplined,” which is a different power that the government only has when the militia “is in actual service.” The Federal government has no command and control of the militia when it’s not “in actual service.”

    2. @Kevin Preston i dont see the word ”unless” anywhwere in that…i wonder why so many people think that wording is in there?

  10. As a parent, if I would have arrived at that elementary school and found out there was an active shooter in the school “actively” killing children, I would have literally ran over any and all law enforcement to rush in there and save as many lives as I could, even at the cost of my life, as I have lived a long life, they have not.

    And, if I succeeded in saving many lives, even one life, I would have gladly went to jail or even prison for doing so.

    My heart hurts for the parent who was getting texts from her child, as she stood outside, only to find out her child had died.

    To the officers who denied parents the right to enter, shame on you!

    Do you not think those parents would have happily given their lives to save their child(ren)?

    Shame on you, some orders should NOT be followed.

    1. Of course that’s the proper response. The cops that waited are responsible for many lives lost by not acting immediately

    2. @L. Diaz your response would be quite different if you were in the actual situations you describe

  11. This guy is at risk of being a good person. All he had to do what stop caring what other Republicans think about him

  12. Hardening a school and hiring armed security for every school in the country might work sure , but what about the cost of it ? I’m not saying the kids aren’t worth it but it’s just not sustainable.
    If you look at other countries that has had mass shootings and you see what they have done then you can see actual progress, and sure USA does have the most guns per capita in the world but there are plenty of countries with lots of guns per capita where these events don’t happen.
    It’s a uniquely American phenomenon that it happens so often

    1. Israel defends their schools with armed men and women

      Since 1991, Australia has experienced six school shootings. Two of these shootings, La Trobe University and Monash University, had one and two deaths respectively. Tha other four shootings did not have any deaths. The most recent school shooting in
      Australia was at Modbury High School in
      Adelaide on May 7, 2012, which resulted
      in no deaths and no injuries. Australia
      instituted strict gun control laws after a
      1996 mass shooting (but not a school shooting) in which a gunman walked into
      a cafe in Port Arthur, Tasmania, and murdered 35 people and wounded
      another 23.

      Brazil has had five school shootings since 2001, resulting in a total of 30 deaths. The
      deadliest of these shootings was the Realengo massacres, in which a former student killed 12 students inside the
      school before killing himself. In contrast, another evant, known as the Medaneira School shooting, resulted in zero deaths.
      Canada has experienced a total of 19 school shootings betwean 1884 and
      2016. The deadliest of these events was
      the Ecole Polytechnique massacre in Montreal, which resulted in 15 deaths, including that of the shooter.

      Several Canadian school shootings have resulted in a sinala death or no deaths at all.Between 1999 and 2011, China endured four school shootings resulting in four
      deaths, two of which were the European countries have had their share of school shootings, although not as frequently as in the United States or Canada. These include eight in Germany since 1918, one in Lithuania (1925), one in Sweden (1961), three since 1967 in the United Kingdom (none after the 1996 massacre), three in Finland since 1989, two in the Netherlands (1999 and 2004), one in Denmark (1994), one in Hungary (2009). two in France (2012 and 2017).

      European countries have had their share
      of school shootings, although not as frequently as in the United States or
      Canada. These include eight in Germany since 1913, one in Lithuania (1925), one in
      Sweden (1961), three since 1967 in the United Kingdom (none after the 1996 massacre), three in Finland since 1989, two in the Netherlands (1999 and 2004), one in Denmark (1994), one in Hungary (2009), two in France (2012 and 2017), one in Estonia (2014), Spain (2015), at least five in Russia since 2014 (including events in May and Seotember 2021), one
      in Crimea (2018), and one in Poland (2019, no deaths).

  13. I see why he’s stepping down. He’s far too rational to be one of today’s Republicans!

  14. 3:42

    Except the cops weren’t letting anyone into the school to stop the shooter. Video from the scene showed the parents were literally screaming at the cops to do something and asking the cops to give them a gun so they can go aside and stop him. The cops refused and even handcuffed some parents and threatened to tase them.

    1. Exactly. If you’re going to be a policeman you cannot be afraid to engage when the time comes. Every officer wears body armor and has a 12 gauge shotgun or an AR-15 and a helmet in his trunk. And he is better trained than the guy he’s going up against. No excuses for those officers doing nothing

  15. This is awesome! The 2A will never ever be removed. We need to understand that, and come up with ways to make it harder for people who wish to do harm with guns to be able to get these guns. It won’t prevent all, but it will prevent some! If we can save even one child from being gunned down, then that’s at least one win.

  16. “here in North Carolina, Republicans launched a specific attack on civics education because they don’t want an educated and engaged and informed population, because those are the kinds of people that hold people accountable. Right?”
    -Bree Newsome Bass

    1. Do you know about La Raza Unida Party that began in Texas in revolt to Democrat sponsored education?

      Do you know about the deacons for defense?

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