Why Are Airline Passengers Behaving So Badly?

Video has surfaced showing a man being duct taped to his seat aboard a Frontier Airlines flight. It’s the latest in a string of incidents of passengers behaving badly during commercial flights. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke to Sara Nelson from the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA about what’s behind these incidents and what can be done to prevent it. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Why Are Airline Passengers Behaving So Badly?


  1. The kids known better than the adults since adults are not behaving like adults after we were seeing some adults are behaving badly on a commercial airliner.

    1. Yea thanks for breaking that simple freakin narrative down for us 😣🙄🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣 Wtf!!

    1. @Oppressed Speaker of truth I’m kinda on their side on this one… attack on Capitol had very little relevance to BLM & Antifa(cist) group… but then again I’m Canadian so what do I know? Maybe I am totally wrong.

    2. Flight Attendants are people too respect and decency apply no matter where, side note
      i have to commend this person for supporting not only the health care workers who risk
      it all to keep us safe but also as an activist in BLM and equality in ther workplace.!

    3. @Aerial Arboreal You know how Section 8 is used for housing but is code for crazy? Well they are doing it again. BLM is Bureau of Land Management. Not elected but appointed.

    1. @Insignificant360 Yes, the delta variant will be a boon for the democrats! The more republicans get sick and die, the better it is for the cult of Biden worshippers!

  2. No alcohol at the airports. No alcohol on the airplane. If security think you’re too drunk to fly then they make you wait before letting you through. Problem solved.

    1. This is not due to alcohol, this is just their new normal behavior, being caught on tape. What a shame!

    2. @Steppenwolf I totally agree. They don’t need booze. They feel ‘entitled’. People have lost their way since trump showed his ‘entitled’ behavior. It’s sickening to say the least.

  3. Republicans will say that it’s my right to get drunk and jeopardise the safety of everyone on the plane.

    1. @eddyvideostar … while the republicans “back the blue” while assaulting them, injuring them and saying…. those were just tourists, while 💩 and smearing it saying “this is our house”.

    2. @eddyvideostar <----- Hey I recognize your name weren't you the 2019 nomination for best gay porn star? Love your work

  4. Result of trumpism , disrespectful, nasty, childish. People respect your brothers and sisters. Peace, light love to ALL💖

  5. Airlines have always served alcohol..this is a new phenomenon.. People are getting dumber and angrier.

    1. @Stu Sanderson Read, study, and apply the Bible, then get dumped upon by other Christians (who disdain your dignified show) and pagans, then proceed to prostrate, *part them,* and let them — *really literary* come in between both cheek cracks.

    2. @eddyvideostar Say what? Oh right, I forgot. His crazy cultists always try to troll my comments, but fail miserably. Shouldn’t you be sending him all your money, or did you already do that?

    3. @eddyvideostarWhy is the right wing says its fake news unles it comes from Newsmax , Sky AustrLia , or Oanon ?? Have you heard of Wion ,Dw , and Al Jazera ??

    4. Exactly Fad Freddy! We’re adults. We can’t blame alcohol (they already did that during Prohibition and that didn’t work either, did it?)

    1. Well, that is what we were led to believe was correct behavior by the right wing politicians ever since Trump got elected; and they still love him, which tells their kids that they highly approve of con men, liars, adulterers, and criminals. So this is what we get as a society.

    2. @D.E.B. B you are EXACTLY right. It’s the blind leading the blind! Stupidity. I thought so much more of the U.S. before trump came along. It’s really sad. We have lost our way.

  6. Because 74 million Americans believe consequences are wrong and they should be able to do whatever they want…

    1. @A T uh huh and your proof that it’s according to you people who vote Democrat, which by the way is hypocritical of you because your first post you said; “No. We won’t interject politics into a non-political story. We’ll do no such thing. Please stay on topic.”

    2. @A T It’s obvious where the problem is to the rest of the world. Unfortunately there is 74 million elephants with red caps.

  7. It’s not “Airline Passengers” who are behaving badly. Every case we’ve seen so far have had a simple characteristic in common: MAGA. It’s MAGAts who are unruly.

    1. A resourceful entrepreneur should start “Air MAGAtt”..
      No air marshals and mandatory firearms!

  8. Because the Chump cult thing made the least intelligent among us feel entitled to be the biggest A holes they could dare be!

    1. Isn’t Chump the biggest u know what you’ve ever seen, yes of course he is and that’s the point, he’s the biggest they are the biggest

  9. Don’t just arrest them. There are penalties for interfering with a flight crew and these people need to get charged and convicted for the crime.

    1. The unruly passenger pays whatever losses and extra expenses are incurred by the company and the other passengers if there are delays, diversions + civil suits for mental suffering.

  10. Passengers who behave like that should be placed on the “No-Fly” list for a minimum of 10 years. That will get people’s attention!

  11. GQP has made it part of their culture to “own” those that they disagree with, are different, or won’t let them do as they will because its their “freedom” being infringed.

  12. In the 3 years before covid shut down the bar/restaurant scene, I had noticed a huge increase in unrealistic, abusive customers.

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