1. Pre-existing conditions… Conservatives dream.

      If Republicans hadn’t wasted $1 trillion… Over the past 20 years maybe USA would’ve been prepared.

    2. @Richard MacLean maybe if democrats hadn’t printed $20 trillion they wouldn’t have spent it. 🤷‍♂️

  1. That was wrong because here in Nevada they are asking for rental reference, if you have a criminal record back ground check instead of getting a statement from the owner of the property of what they owe they are running back ground checks. The place they live has already done that especially a large apt complex. Its stupid what they are putting people through to get the owners money so they don’t get kicked out. They didn’t do this when they gave Kim Kardashian and hubby a stimulus check for their business

  2. the entities they gave the money to is keeping it for themselves and denying the people the money they should have never given the money to these social service places in theses states its nothing but a fail I did this in march and still to this day haven’t received one penny of help I have had to borrow money to not get kicked out on the street but there not going to pay those people I had help me

    1. If they don’t use the funds by the end of September the federal government will take the funds back and reallocate them. That’s what the man said.

  3. This program should’ve been controlled by HUD , they were better setup to distribute the funds to people that were in need.

    1. The dems need to control their voters. If people are given their fair share they evolve into republicans

  4. They initially made it difficult on purpose so the people wouldn’t get it. Similar to what De Santis did and does in Florida with unemployment.

    1. Yep in my state and rental place they basically said “oh this is just a one time thing” and shut it down pretty fast acting like we’d only need a month of help and could just get other assistance if we really needed it. Reenters were extremely hesitant on it for some reason, wouldn’t they rather get payed then not?? Sadly I think many places used it as an excuse to weed out bad tenants.

  5. I have first hand experience with these funds. I work at a non-profit that was awarded millions. First of all it’s all cost reimbursement. So no one has the funds in advance earning interest. Secondly the paperwork needed to qualify is crazy. You need a letter from your employer or former employer stating you have reduced income or no income due to the pandemic. And you have to get a letter from your landlord on what is behind on your rent. Then you have to meet the current income qualification guidelines. Quiting because you don’t have childcare or aren’t taking Covid seriously isn’t.

  6. There is money to be made by evicting all these people. Once the property’s are empty they can raise that rent. Congress forgot to account for the greed the banks and the companies controlling these properties.

  7. I assisted a renter with hers. It took 7-8 hours to complete. I forgot how many pages. It was a wee bit overwhelming

  8. They doing this in my state too plus holding monthly money for low income families in mpls. If they gave it to the state they should have distributed it.

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