Why are fish falling from the sky in Utah? #shorts 1

Why are fish falling from the sky in Utah? #shorts


Wildlife Resources in Utah released footage of an airplane dumping fish in an effort to restock high-elevation lakes across the state. #shorts

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  1. The plane was being flown by Lew Zealand the boomerang fish thrower as he yells ” I throw the fish away & they come back to me!”

  2. we must repeal the state of emergency powers. the province has clearly demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be repealed so we can end this once and for all.

  3. Dropping a fish from a few meters can be fatal depending on how it lands on the water…I don’t get it

  4. Dumbest thing ever to be dumping fish from the sky into lakes. They probably don’t even survive the fall.

    1. No, they’ll survive. Mice can be dropped from great heights and they’ll bounce.

      We humans do the whole pop and squish thing because we tend to be too heavy for all the forces required to happen in the right manner for a bounce to occur.

      The fish in this case have a lot of water around them already, so the churn of everything hitting the water will let most if not nearly all of them to survive.

      Finally. You know how you are able to hear when a fish splashes from jumping out of the water and back in again? That splash isn’t exactly a light impact. The fact you can hear it is proof. If they were doing a graceful dive right back into the water, you would likely not hear a thing unless really close.

    2. @Sage Geas
      Your Premise: Mice, weighing 19g, will bounce. Thus, fish, who are closely related species, and weigh between 2.6kg, and 30kg, will behave exactly the same! Its only 1500x heavier than a mouse! Completely the same physics!

      Your Premise: Humans go splat because they can’t negate the force of their mass*speed against the surface of impact. 4x heavier than a fish, amazingly large difference! completely different physics!

      Your Premise: The fish will be tumbling uncontrolled hundreds of meters above the water surface, landing in awkward, and unnatural ways. Easy impact.

      Your Premise: Fish experience excessive forces from jumping a meter out of the water, which is why you can hear them. Extreme impact.

      Your Conclusion: …. Fish easily survive the impact, because of my premises, and reasoning skills.
      My Conclusion: … .. What? The… F?

    3. @Sage Geas You assume they are alive.
      Once again proving you have no rational thoughts in your brain. You should build your thoughts around provable things, instead of “facts” you make up in your imagination.

      I see fish being dropped from great heights, and tumbling uncontrolled for hundreds of feet, moving at excess of 200km/h.
      Do you see any of them alive after that ? Do you see any of them in the water?

      A quick google search give me 154.321 kN force for a 5kg body moving 200km/h, with a contact time of 0.1seconds over 0.1meters.
      A cubic inch of human femur can withstand 4,000 newtons of force. The fish is mash. You would be mash too.

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