Why Are Republicans Still So Afraid Of Trump? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Why Are Republicans Still So Afraid Of Trump? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Trump says Republicans should ditch McConnell as their GOP leader in the Senate. McConnell followed that by saying he'd still support Trump in 2024. So why are so many in the GOP still so afraid of Trump? We discuss with Bill Kristol.
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    1. Perhaps it is true that “45” is mob connected — that seems to be the only “logical” explanation for the GOP politicians to fear “45”.

    2. @Sue Zbell I’m pretty sure that Trump has pictures of Lindsay Graham doing, ahem, “happy stuff”

    3. Come on! Moscow Mitch – your “robust competition for the 2024 nomination” MUST include your dismissal of trumpery; since Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection on our Capitol … when you condemned Grift Vader of Orange.

    4. Soren Ingram
      reclaim? Would that be like Bill Clinton reclaiming the Democrat party after that have gone far left?

  1. Ever hear of the acronym “DARVO” regarding behavior of abusers?
    Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim/Offender.
    It’s also the root of modern “conservative” politics.
    “The embrace, by working Americans, of policies that hurt their own interests can be understood on the basis of Ferenczi’s model of identification with the aggressor. Intrafamilial child abuse is often followed by the abuser’s denial. Children typically comply with abuse, in behavior and by embracing the abuser’s false reality, under threat of emotional abandonment. Similarly in the sociopolitical sphere, increasing threats of cultural and economic dispossession have pressed working Americans to adopt an ideology that misrepresents reality and justifies their oppression. In society as in the family, there can be a compensatory narcissistic reaction to forfeiting one’s rights that, ironically, encourages feelings of power and specialness while facilitating submission.”
    (The traumatic basis for the resurgence of right-wing politics among working Americans)
    DOI: 10.1057/pcs.2015.53

    “When effortful, deliberate thought is disengaged, endorsement of conservative ideology increases.”
    (Low-Effort Thought Promotes Political Conservatism)

    “If all you had ever felt toward another person were the cold wish to “win,” how would you understand the meaning of love, of friendship, of caring? You would not understand. You would simply go on dominating, and denying, and feeling superior. Perhaps you would experience a little emptiness sometimes, a remote sense of dissatisfaction, but that is all.”
    ― Martha Stout, The Sociopath Next Door

    “You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”
    ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    1. Armchair psychologizing a whole group of people from the prospective of your preferred sources in accordance with your ideology. All these references and you could have just asked someone from the working class what they want instead of pronouncing the nakedly coersive trope of “against their own interests”. However, I will agree that self flagellating to ones own ego is always more enjoyable.

  2. The only reason Trump had real power is because Trump has damning information on all the Republicans. In short, blackmail

    1. Its not blackmail it’s honor among thieves. Donald Trump kept them out of jail or prison by killing investigations into them and their activities and in return they’ll back him to get a share of his voter base

    2. Some from the Russians from when they hacked emails on an old GOP server, plus the contents of the National Enquirer’s safe.

  3. For the last time, they are not afraid of Trump, they are Trump. They are looting in the background while everyone concentrates on Trump, who did the same thing.

    1. @taranvainas : The base is the Frankenstein’s Monster they weren’t expecting and don’t know how to control. They’re learning about Pop Culture for the first time. And being trumpanzees, their first instinct is to literally declare a, “Culture War,” on Fox, now that they’re overnight, “experts,” on the topic. Stalinist Thought Policing is what they came up with. “Small Government Conservatism,” is dead. Now it’s, “Call the cops and inform on your neighbour’s kids, for wearing a mask,” which is a felony, BTW (bogus calls to the cops can get you jailed) and sponsoring, “education,” bills, literally banning the teaching of history that includes Slavery, or the Holocaust. Chilling . . . Fascism, make no mistake . . .

    2. @Ash Roskell I agree: they are fascists. And it is a fascism inspired by Central and South American fascism, based on the ignorance and misinformation of the voters and the despair of being poor. I am European, there are also fascists here, but their voters are educated people with an economy above the average.
      You urgently need to change your educational system, you have to ensure that there are not so many ignorant and so many religious fundamentalists, because they are the base of the Republican party. Here children cannot leave school until they are 16 years old, they are not obliged to study religion (except in private schools, in which in any case they must also learn the same program as in public schools), by law their educational programs they do not censor any subject (Evolution, holocaust, philosophical currents, nudes in Art, etc). They study Citizenship Education, they learn that intolerance towards minorities is illegal (homophobia, racism, machismo, etc). From here we do not understand how it is possible that the majority of Americans consider that the Democratic Party is on the left. Any European will tell you that he considers it a center party, however the republican party has made citizens fear and hate a left that they do not even know. They confuse everything with communism and socialism, this is perhaps the greatest success that the republican party has had. Here it is common to have socialist governments from time to time, and the world not only does not collapse, but progresses. If the left, the true left, had once ruled you, now you would all have free and universal health coverage, you would not have to be rich for your children to go to university, party financing would have limits, large corporations would not have so much influence in politics, you would not have so many religious fundamentalists, your infrastructures would be better maintained, since they are the basis of a healthy economy, citizens would not arm themselves without control.
      I have high hopes for Biden’s policies, I believe that he is leading the country towards a democratic normality, although there are still many things that you would have to change. Electoral system, Constitution, stricter laws against racism, police purge, party financing, stricter laws against slander and Injury, etc.

    3. @Ash Roskell Hi there. I completely agree. Difficult for me to convey in text. My meaning of ‘permission’ was they (GOP) have always been this way … he (Trump) just brought it into the light. Prior to his ugly bombastic pomposity and lack of social/legal consequences is what enabled the GOP to do away with the pretense of their true intent … autocracy. Trump has no ‘power’ never did, he is the ‘shiny penny’. Thank you for writing it better/clearer than I. Have a lovely weekend

  4. It’s not about being afraid of Trump. It’s about being afraid of losing Trump’s voter base.

    1. Maybe if we do the right thing and throw every elected republican into jail and put those racist violent trump voters in camps we can actually heal as a nation!

    2. @J lock
      The normalizing of abnormalities is placing the U.S. on a bad trajectory. Presidents are supposed to decide upon which policies we move forward with…. not design them. That is for the house of Congress, isn’t it?
      ….at least Congress gives our Representatives a chance to voice concerns and consult academia, and debate.

      But each president seems to be taking more and more executive actions, and that is just plain unAmerican; because it denies the American people their representation via the house and Senate.

      I know my take on it doesn’t matter; but i feel like I have a vested interest, having put some skin in the game while serving in the military. What happened at the Capitol Building was just plain unAmerican; those rioters weren’t patriots, and their behavior was definitely that of misguided individuals…. who are clearly of touch with reality.

      The same mentality that led to those who stormed the Capitol Building and those who tore apart our country for 4 years, comes from the same place; the childish mentality of justifying one’s own behavior by pointing at the behavior of another….
      And a genuine sense of passion, paired with ignorance.

      Impropriety is impropriety, regardless of who does it. Rational adults have to be objective and refuse to allow nepotism to be used as an excuse of wrongdoing.

      No groups which uses violence to achieve political goals could be considered patriotic; If they truly were, they’d be trying to build our country up…. not tear it down. Democracy is a very vulnerable thing; and i highly recommend the books “On Tyranny” by Timothy Snyder; its a nice pocket guide to defending democratic institutions. And “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer covers how they can collapse if great care isn’t taken.

      These two books paired together are quite poignant and empowering to even the most average person. And we need to get back to having conversations with people whom we disagree or feel we have nothing in common with.

      I highly recommend people taking the time to watch the livestream of our own government on C-SPAN; to see and hear for one’s self, what’s said and done, without the spin or biases of MSM.
      ….Not to mention the daily transcripts are made available on the Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court websites.

      America isn’t some static state, fixed product; but a dynamic and ever evolving democracy…. because that’s what our constitution outlines for our republic.

      But we need better candidates in general. And an intentional renaissance of some sort to modernize and preserve the constitution with some contemporary scaffolding.

      That’s why I voted for Admiral Bill McRaven for POTUS, and Nobel Laureate & professor of American Development Economics, Dr. Michael Kremer for VP.
      …..And as long as bad practices such as Citizens United exists, untraceable funds will continue to flood our politics; allowing politicians to be knowingly or unwittingly party to foreign influence operations.

      Ps. Why aren’t candidates required to go through a preliminary TS security clearance screening/background check, prior to being allowed to campaign? I know my opinion doesn’t matter but Trump/Biden, and the ridiculous degree of celebrities suggested for the presidency isn’t the direction our country needs to go…. that’s just plain idiocracy? And anyone who identifies as a “party member” or anything else as opposed to being an American first and foremost; is a severely broken individual, and part of the problem.

    3. @Sean Breen
      Objectively…. America is less safe as a direct result of trumps actions and lack thereof; being a near constant national embarrassment, and security risk.
      ….he was a poor excuse for a commander in chief, who violated his oath of office within his first week.

    4. *_Trump is highly skilled at the art of the con.  “Con” is short for confidence, and it is based on gaining confidence or trust from the potential victim.  The skilled con is an expert at “baiting” the rube . . . telling the target what he wants to hear as the “bait”, inspiring trust or confidence.  Trump is truly a dedicated master baiter, spending a great deal of time each day master baiting his base._*

    5. @Katherine Raven Katherine, McConnell has been involved in government and politics since he was in grade school. How could he possibly make that kind of money as a civil servant? Did you say he’s corrupt? I say he’s corrupt.

  5. I think they are scared of trump because he has dirt on them and they don’t want it going public

    1. bingus bingus. You are totally correct. It is incredible how reputable news stations have been hyping up “the Trump legal drama” for over 5 years. They truly don’t seem interested in real events, positive news or world events. Can’t they accept that Donald Trump is NO LONGER POTUS, has actually become a boring subject, and is not worthy if constant news coverage.

    1. @Jody Carter Better than building a wall to no where at like a milliion dollars every ten feet.??? Yeah tell me alllll about it Repub.

    2. @Alex Hamilton You should argue with Jody then. They seem to think that the exact opposite is true, and also a valid insult. Seems like you two have some in-party fighting to do. You can’t both be right, so have it out. Last person standing wins empty validation from strangers and a brief respite from metathesiophobia.

  6. I can’t shake the notion that, before he ran in 2015, he got so much dirt on all of them so he could wield his power over them.

    1. It is more that Trump took over the GOP electorate. He gave them what they really wanted to hear, which, prior to that, most GOP politicians had not delivered because they didn’t want to stoop that low.

    2. I am sure the Republicans are afraid they will never be elected to office again. They are allowing their fears to overtake them. Our world is changing and our country is changing right along with it. People are opening their eyes and demanding more from politicians. The tricks that politicians played to win will no longer work. However, we need Republicans and Democrats in our country. So, Republicans need to find out how to show people why they are worth electing or they need to change how they are so that they can be re-elected. It will all be okay somehow. Having faith and keeping putting one foot in front of the other will get us all through this. The one thing I dislike is how people run President Biden down when he is obviously doing things to help America and the people in our country. So, it is not time to put him down … it is time to either work with him to help heal our country or to shut your mouths!

  7. That’s why the turtle is always hiding his head in its shell and only sticking it out when nobody is around, or when it feels safe enough.

    1. I’m a Republican voter. We hate McConnel. We’ve been trying to get rid of him for years.

    2. @Conservative Beastmode YES 1 month old troll.


    3. Republicans don’t have plans or policies other than give to the rich and wait on the Democrats and disagree with whatever their plans are

  8. The reason why he has power is because he speaks to the fear and loathing that lives in their hearts.

    1. You mean the biden administration telling everyone there going to die from covid or there going to die from climate change, or the war Biden is starting now?

    2. Come on! Moscow Mitch – your “robust competition for the 2024 nomination” MUST include your dismissal of trumpery; since Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection on our Capitol … when you condemned Grift Vader of Orange.

    3. It has been scientifically proven conservatives are fear based and reactionary. The GOP controls their base through fear, they are a bunch of sheeple.

    4. @Hunter Roberts did you learn that in gender studies where they teach you about the 20 Male and females genders?

  9. They are weak-willed, brainless politicians who can’t see the light coming at them at the end of the tunnel.

    1. My Skibunny
      OMG you just described the Democrat Party. But But , their is no light at the end of their tunnel 😀

  10. LOL…he had a chance to dump mitchie but he backed him. How quickly his muddled brain forgets…stuff.

  11. Can you imagine having 30 million, 80 years old and you won’t go home. Power is a powerful drug even for elderly.

    1. Tony Ray
      So well, hopefully if you are lucky to live until 80 you will be able to find your way home, or anywhere else 😀

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