Why Biden Infrastructure Plan’s Popularity May Represent A Political Turning Point | Rachel Maddow


    1. Joshua: Yes. Perhaps that entered Dr. Maddow’s decision to choose them over others. However, they were all big city newspapers. Joe Biden won 91 of the 100 largest counties in the nation. I wonder what the reaction was in the Atlanta (TX, not GA) _Citizen-Journal_ . Or the Washington (IN, not DC) _Times-Herald_ .

  1. 4 years the GQP was hyping “infrastructure week” and did nothing….
    now they don’t want “infrastructure week” and will continue to do nothing.

    1. @Eru Heta President Biden didn’t make any of those promises. If President Biden was actually so bad, why do you have to lie about his policy positions?

    2. @Eru Heta No he didn’t. Joe straight up, in the debates said he was against defunding the police. He is also against open boards. Put the cup of koolaid down and step back.

    3. They were blocked by dems for 4 years. Nothing has changed. Even if it passes you’ll where the money went.
      As for where the money came from, well……

    1. Watch them totally destroy themselves by fighting against everything Americans desperately need and showing themselves for the evil they’ve been claiming everyone else is.

    2. Well, if Moscow Mitch could get away with sitting on an, “emergency,” Covid bill for a whole YEAR, infrastructure should be an easy choice? I’m sure they’ll come up with a racist slant on bridges . . . But, this is why his, “scorched Earth,” threats mean literally NOTHING. The GOP gets their flame throwers out, regardless. They’re not political any more. They’re a Qult. That’s it.

    3. @Ash Roskell They are using the same play book. With the Covid stimulus package they tried to strip out anything that didn’t immediately appear as pandemic related – now with the Infrastructure Bill they are trying to declare parts of the Bill as being non infrastructure.

    1. @TheDiamond2009
      Nice rant that did not address anything I wrote. To use your own words: “You reveal your true colours.”
      Also, the reason why it is so easy for me to show you up is that I am not an American. I am from that Union from which you broke away because Farage showed you photos of refugees and lied about the numbers.

    2. Rick, you need to take a look at your comments closely, the insults, the barbed comments, your veiled sleights, and have a think about it. I was respectful up to the point when you started to sling mud.

      And furthermore, you have being arguing around and about on another thread in favour of a brand of socialism which seemed to change at each turn. I can’t keep up with you, the amount of twists, how disingenuous your arguments are. It seemed to me that you were making it up as you went along.

      As for the EU, I didn’t pay particularly close attention to what Farage had to say. And had I been a UK resident at that time, I’d have found it difficult to decide how to vote. Whereas now, with the value of hindsight, the UK is best out of the EU. It’s a huge, bureaucratic lump, a left wing superstate, a cancer on the world and a busted flush. That’s not my opinion of Europeans, just the left wing state run by unknown, creepy Belgians and the like.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 Hey, how’s it going in Europe? It has been a while since I was on that side of the pond.

  2. Isn’t it interesting how the ACTUAL “do nothing” republicans love to point fingers at the democrats and call them the do nothing party. Mitch has already made it clear that whatever the dems want to do they will not even consider it. My question is why are republican senators even getting a paycheck? Just vote no and take the dough!

    1. @Werld Browzer
      You are nuts. Other than their rich donors, the GOP has done almost NOTHING for anyone. That’s why they manufacture culture wars and emotional political wedge issues and generate fear, and try to suppress votes. They have been robbing you blind for at least 40 years – they give you nothing but fear about things that will not hurt you, and they do little or nothing about those things that might!

    2. @Werld Browzer Thank you for fleshing out my statement. It’s nice to know there are both republicans and democrats that understand they are being under represented. I mean really, blocking 400 bills as something to brag about? How much time and tax money did that waste. Granted, some bills are bad, but not EVERY bill is bad just because it’s a bill authored by a democrat. We all know how legislation is supposed to work . . . and Mitch ain’t it.

    3. It was Humpty Trumpty who came up with the “Do-nothing” brand, wasn’t it? It’s pretty much a dead certainty that something Trump says is the exact opposite of the truth.

    4. @Eric Wood No doubt Trump was a big believer in transference and inventing alternate history. I’ve personally seen it too many times, you’ll get no argument from me.

    5. I’ve been asking Dems this for years. Why do they respond and give these claims validity? I think they’re learning though, the power of ignoring stupid.

  3. *We need to remember that our name is the “United States”. I think it is far overdue for Conservative politicians to start working for ALL the people in these United States and not just corporations or billionaires.* 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. The ironic thing is that what Biden is doing is going to help EVERYONE including corporations and billionaires. According to the world’s most successful hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio, the biggest threat to our economic and social stability is the obscenely large wealth gap.

      The Republican politicians and their corporate patrons have lost sight of the forest because of all the greed. Their motto should be “In Greed We Trust”. But greed is not a virtue. It’s one of the seven deadly sins. And for good reason.

    2. @BitJam You are so right. Notice how the rich have gotten richer during the last four years. Deregulation helps them get richer off the common American worker.

    3. Good luck. Feels like the desire to ‘stop the radical left’ is a bit too strong for any of them to come around and actually try to help normal people that lack substantial net worth.

    1. There always waste in any project you need to not get hung up on it accept that it will happen as soon as you do that you can manage it down to a small a level as possible

    1. Mitch is about to see the filibuster disappear and he will turn into the dust of irrelevance.

  4. These senators the “enablers” as I call them, they should think about the country and the people and follow the constitution.

    1. That would require putting country over party which is anathema to the current Republican party.

  5. My son used to say no to everything when he was four but Mc Connell is a bit older than that.

    1. @Nicholas Gallanis no my mortgage has an end date our deficit doesn’t and every month my principal goes down our deficit goes up and I will pay for my mortgage not make interest payment and leave principal for my kids to pay

    2. @Joel Rivard Joined Jul 1, 2020. This channel doesn’t have any content, this channel has no videos, this channel has no playlists, this channel doesn’t feature any other channels, this channel screams foreign troll with a magaphone. lol

    1. The whole idea is to go to FDR levels of rebuilding roads, bridges, buildings, transport, etc, giving much needed jobs, preferentially to American workers. We’ve seen it work before in our history, making us SO prosperous that we were able to outmanufacture the whole Axis Alliance of WWII. And, president Bush even acknowledges that the Obama/Biden administration saved our economy after the Banking Crash of 2008, so we KNOW Joe has the experience and knowledge to do this, and do it right. You would have to be anti-American to be against a good recovery package? The sooner trump is jailed, and taken out of the GOP’s equation, the sooner they can get back to politics, instead of behaving like a fascist Qult. I only wish that one word of my last sentence was an exaggeration ✌️👍

  6. That train map makes me so happy. Finally connections to canada and decent rail networks with major metropolises. I might be able to take a train down to portland and vancouver now, which is 100% better than driving. Also the prospect of a single train network connecting from San Diego to Vancouver to Montreal to Miami is just nuts. I think Buttigieg will be remembered as the guy who actually gave America a passenger rail system if this goes as well as it went for China.

    1. @Eru Heta : You forgot to say, “Whaddabout,” madam. We can count on Republican investors in the oil industry to put up their prices, to try to make Biden look bad. Your problem is that too many people got switched on to politics and they know how things work. What they’ve learned is that trump’s Qult doesn’t 😉

    2. @Eru Heta food has been on the rise every single year from the time it was introduced into the markets. What’s your point?
      And are you talking about petroleum oil? That’s gone up because of the lack of sales from last year, but don’t worry because we’re moving into a direction where we’re no longer going to need it. We are outgrowing oil the same way we outgrew steam engines and horse and Buggies.
      Progress is beautiful isn’t it!

  7. this is turning out super kewl … progress at last … a big hand dealt in a new age deal … it’s as quantum as the times we live in … change has come at last …

  8. Reagan: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the (GOP lead) government and I’m here to help.'”
    Lol. Fortunately, there is now Democratic government, at least Federally, and competence is back.

    1. Reagan; One of the most croup and outlaw administrations. Over 200 people involved in the criminal justice system.

    1. Rick, I was basing it upon your earlier comment that shares would be distributed and held in equal ownership, which suggested complete equality to me. But if you’re suggesting a merit-based version of socialism, how does it work in practice? Who decides how much the professor is worth compared to, say, the guy who sweeps the floors? Do you decide? Or is it me? Or is it those in whom we place our faith, the Big Government, which would necessarily have to be authoritarian in order to retain the status quo?

      And what if I think I’m worth more? What if I have unique ideas and skills, where do I fit into the equation? I might have to leave the country in order to fully realise my potential. What you would find is that those would can add real benefit to your economy might choose not to do so elsewhere, where they can realise that potential.

      You’re essentially putting all capital into the hands of government and expecting them to manage it on your behalf. After all, I won’t be in a position to truly profit from the fruits of my labours, my ideas, my human capital.

      It’s lowest common denominator economics. It will fail miserably because there won’t be the incentive to produce, to work harder, to invest capital, to nurture, to invent, to progress ideas. Not many people will buy into it, or at least the ones who do won’t be the creators.

    2. For what it’s worth, it’s a great idea in theory. In practice, it’s a different matter and you would destroy your country.

    3. But I think we’re closing in slowly on the point of all this: you’re relying on the world buying into it, which means a New World Order, a global government. That’s where we’re heading, yes?

  9. What is wrong with the GOP politicians?
    The whole educated world knows about the state the american infrastructure is in. It is falling apart.

    And now a hughe opportunety comes forth, the republicans are against it….
    I just dont understand.

    1. Where did the ribbon come from?, the scissors?, and what foreign entity is doing the purchasing, a lot of unanswered questions.

    2. Yes – we saw that in the Obama years – oppose, oppose, oppose, and if you lose, take credit.

    3. @Terell Jackson what he stated was true. during the obama years, republicans constantly blocked many bills, blocked judges and other appointees. he wasnt saying obama was blocking everything, he was saying republicans constantly blocked all democrat bills.

    4. There should be a new rule – if you didn’t vote for it you don’t get to be in the ribbon cutting photo! Go to your corner bad GOP.

  10. And McConnell says its a Trojan horse😡! People remember this in 2022! Biden’s is doing the right thing WHILE repubs r trying to tear his goals of helping USA people & USA jobs with infrastructure😕! All 50 DEMS better STICK together& pass this infrastructure bill.😡

    1. @We The people Well that explains why you blindly obey authority figures and the wild, self-contradictory fantasies they spin up to keep you busy.

    2. @Lisa Ortiz I love how the maggats think Biden is both senile & the greatest political cheat of all time. Go Joe.

  11. *”Infrastructure is EASY!”*
    (Donald Trump said that before doing absolutely nothing about it his entire four years)

    1. What’s Obama did nothing,& created nothing, He even admit it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. @Edgardo Rosa swing and a miss. You clearly just immigrated here or just rolled out of a dungeon somewhere and think you NOW know something about politics 😁🤡

    3. @Edgardo Rosa
      Yeah right – nearly half a trillion in infrastructure projects under ARRA – and lots more.

    4. What about his stupid wall, he said it was all built didn’t he? The sad thing is his followers believe there was a border wall that disappeared when Biden became president.

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