Why Biden May Have Trouble Cracking Down On Domestic Terrorism | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. The biggest hurdle will be Trumpists in state governments putting up road blocks to federal actions in their states.

    1. empanel federal grand juries through the local US Attorney’s office, charge criminal civil rights violations – they were created for just this kind of ‘people’

    2. Trump did win in 17 states, I live in one and these Trumplicans are die hards. To unite these red states is more than a hurdle. There are nearly half of us here that don’t believe their way but we are subject to state laws.

  2. Do what Canada did and name them as terrorists to start with. Name the enemy. Free speech is NOT covered by the First Amendment if it is hate speech, harmful to someone or a group or incites violence.

    1. @atheist28403 well you could Google free speech cases. Basically it only protects you from government retaliation. You can’t claim 1st amendment protections in school or work as per a ton of failed legal cases.

    2. @Joe Lapoint Just looked him up, he’s not being charged with inciting violence or calls for others to be violent.
      If you have any actual examples, a link would be nice.

    1. The following is some information that may help you understand. Also, if you read the First Amendment and why our forefathers included this in the Constitution it will become more clear.

      Categories of speech that are given lesser or no protection by the First Amendment (and therefore may be restricted) include obscenity, fraud, child pornography, speech integral to illegal conduct, speech that incites imminent lawless action, speech that violates intellectual property law, true threats etc:

      Basically, the First Amendment allows us to speak our mind and stand up for what we believe in, by expressing our grievances in a responsible, productive manner; not to cause harm on others to get what we want.

  3. They are really talking like this is just happening. American history says that domestic terrorism has always happened. Supremacy never convicts its own.

    1. @Rush Blue they dont. Its the establishment with the power of the eletes along with big tech, big pharma, corp, war hounds. You thought it had something to do with trump? 😅 trump is your obsession. Its part of your indoctrination process.

    2. @Rush Blue Technically, that’s true. But the birthplace of the KKK is reported to be the state of Indiana. They didn’t start out wearing the pointy white mask at first. The white mask had the appearance of what you’d see on a scarecrow, sans the hat accessory. It didn’t take too long for the Klan to develop the latest style for their headgear. They were quite popular in the political arena during the early 1900’s. The Twittler zombies who attacked the Capitol wish those days would return. Quick reminder: Don’t think the feds won’t come knocking on your door with shiny handcuffs for all sympathizers of domestic terrorists. There is no escape.🦉😱😵

    3. @Jeffrey Turner right. Those hairless hateful people are scared because of the way that America is becoming. It’s going to be a great country of people of color being the majority and the KKK can’t handle this being the minority situation. It’s fear.

    4. @Jeffrey Turner technically, the KKK was created by 2 racist white boys who were angry about blacks being set free after the civil war and having the right to vote. When the Union soldiers pulled from the south and left the freed blacks with a choice, the racist white boys put on rice sacks to persuade blacks from voting. The same reason why the Capitol building was attacked.

    5. @Rush Blue You make it seem as though you wouldn’t mind having people become afraid of white people!! Just like they did all over the southern states!! Is that the America of your dreams? I certainly hope not. Stay safe. You know the feds are watching.👀🦉👁

    1. @Guillermo Rosell hmm even an “orange nazi” didn’t need an army … but you clowns sure do lol

  4. The FBI can designate extremist groups as national terrorist threats – there’s just no law to make it concrete.

    1. Even Canada labelling the Proud boys as a terrorist organization is more about punishing anyone who provides aid to them.

      They still free to meet and recruit, until they break the law there’s not much that can be done, they’re no different than an MC ie Hell’s Angels or Quebec’s Rock Machine.

  5. Title appears somewhat misleading as from the content it appears this “trouble” would apply to whoever was president.

    1. What do you think 20k troops are for? To arrest dems? How about that wall around the white house? To keep them from escaping?

  6. Take the responsibility out of the FBI and create a separate agency like was done with ICSE. Strictly no GQP hires. Otherwise, maximise diversity.

  7. I don’t know why it’s so complicated going after domestic terrorism, i mean they’ve gone after street gangs on a state, local and federal level all they have to do is apply the street gang laws already on the books to hate groups

  8. Do them just like they did to Black Civil Rights groups in the 60’s. Give them the COINTELPRO treatment. But they won’t because there are Domestic terrorist sympathizers in local and federal law enforcement, in the judiciary and in Qongress

  9. “Humans are credulous animals. From credulity, there is often but a short step to hostility” – Mark Rowlands, 2008.

  10. So my safety and for blacks Asians Muslim Americans our life’s been threatened isn’t that much concern for law-makers in America😒👍💩🍄

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