1. @Vital Signs Really? He’s a relatively strong GOP candidate, and still has a bigly uuge 300 word vocabulary.

    1. Fox Smith
      Biden: “I have a VP? And what’s a VP?”
      Secret service: “Vegetable Potato.”
      Biden: “Did someone call me?”

    1. Just because it’s on a note card dose t mean he doesn’t believe it. EVERY FUCKING PRESIDENT USES A DAMN NOTE CARD.

    1. @jason fuchs “why or how is talking about Trump a example?”

      It should be “an example”, not “a example”. “A” should be used before words that begin with consonants, while “an” should be used before words that begin with vowels e.g “e”. So you made a massive mistake and this should follow you around for months.

      Also Hoss Eehoss wasnt talking about policies, he was talking about how biden misspoke

  1. “For several decades, the EU has ignored power politics and concentrated on economic integration. But over the past fifteen years, as authoritarian regimes have come to power in many parts of the world and U.S. leadership has declined, geopolitics has come back with a vengeance. With its weak structures, EU foreign policy is struggling to adjust to the new reality.”

  2. The real Challenge not China nor Russia but US how to keep leading keep growth economies. Put China or Russia down won’t help achieve that goal.

  3. Western Allies, Stand Strong and see through in defeating this unnecessary evil caused by a few men ruling countries by distress. Find your bearings, put your game-face on and lets get this done in order for all the countries in the world to strive under Democratic Freedom 💯💯

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