Why Black Women Will Be A Force In The Coming Midterms

Why Black Women Will Be A Force In The Coming Midterms 1


  1. All the black women I have known are strong, probably what attracts me in friendship. Black women have been fighting their whole lives for equality and that builds resilience. I’d love to see more black women leaders. 🙏❤

    1. If color of skin is NOT significant, why do people keep bringing it up?

      “We must believe in a future where color of skin is no more significant than color of hair”

      Equal opportunity, NOT equal outcomes.

    2. @Bat Boy I want a focus on POLICY and their political positions. I don’t want diversity for diversity’s sake…but we DO need to get a more representative mix of people in Congress…the 80+ year old white people need to GO. (Nancy, lookin’ at YOU!)

    3. @John Nemesh – Great comment! We have age limits for surgeons and pilots, and we already have overt age discrimination against the young, (you must be 25+ to be a representative, 30+ to be a senator, 35+ to be president, which is partly why our government is so old), why not have an old age limit? At least have a cognitive test, or something.

      I think it is insulting to the young, to say they can not be leaders. Let us decide. I’ve seen some VERY VERY bright young people, we could really use in government.

      Ps: Sorry, for my bias. But Nancy gets on my nerves. And needs to go, like 5 years ago.

    4. @Bat Boy color is an issue because America is decades behind where it should be due to racist denying education futures to people of color.

    5. @Akitsu Maru – As a dark skinned Hispanic male, I’m aware of the collective implicit bias against women and POC. However, it’s widespread, and in minds of individuals across the nation, institutions and organizations. But I never let it hold me back, in those times where it may have been a factor. It’s insidious and hard to safeguard against.

      Watch this animated video: What is you brown number. (On the humorous side).

  2. It needs to be the driving force in the med terms. Women of all color need too be the driving force.

    1. Thank you, why does it have to be “black women will be a force in the midterms”. why not just “women” with the best ability. Even black women would agree with this.

    2. @Eagle 1 1st of all, besides college students, it’s young men of color that do not vote. That is the vote that can help with a great deal of problems going on in the community. If men of color vote. Republicans are counting on this vote every year not showing up. And up until 2020, it has worked out for them.

    3. @A. Barker So true, things could be changing though, Trump got the biggest black vote by a Republican President ever in 2020.

    4. @Eagle 1 true be 2 from 1 before doubles a vote in mathematics, not in true results. it’s only a small percentage. Voter suppression will subtract all those inroads.

  3. That speech sounded like my home.. Canada. We get ALL of that AND a Democracy that works And a Capitalist financial system that has RULES and LIMITS! Just like our personal rights are limited by our responsibilities… SANITY, you should try it..

  4. And they’re even coming into country music.
    I bet they’ll raise the bar there, too.
    Shirley Chisholm is smiling.
    I am, too.

  5. Thanks to Morning Joe for giving another opportunity to Alexi after the stupid canceling of her for log ago tweets! She deserves it!

    1. If it’s ok for PizzaGaetz with his history appalling behaviour including unpunished DUIs as a youngster then it’s ok for her. I don’t particularly like her old comments though. Hope she’s truly reflected and learned.
      On a side issue, here’s wishing good health to her partner TJ Ducklo who could do with all our prayers for one battling so much so young. 🙏🏿🇬🇧

    2. @DaleMerrick She needs to fully understand the importance of using common sense while tweeting.

    3. @John Brown Since her tweets were public, they did come back to haunt her. Also, she was busted in 2019, for the same thing and had to apologize. Zero sympathy.

    1. As a mother of three Asian children… Im not. She doesnt get a pass for being a black woman with racist comments against Asians in homophobic beliefs.

    2. @ANGEL sorry , I heard she had made some inappropriate comments. were they older comments? people’s opinions do change.

    3. @Edge Fan – She made some insensitive comments about gays and Asians when she was 17 years old. When this was discovered, she apologized and got fired from Teen Vogue.

      We are not mind readers, so we don’t know if a person is biased, prejudiced, a bigot or a dyed-in-wool racist. That is why we pay attention to behavior (words and actions). And we can’t ignore the indicator of casual insensitive remarks to race and gender. Which is ironic since she is a champion of black women.

      Off topic:
      Many people want to defeat (implicit) bias, which is mistaken as racism, with real racism of their own. And I think this might be occurring with her (and this show) if they are not careful.

  6. Power is what they bring to the table….make the voting law fix irrelevant by bringing the whole neighborhood,thanks gals…

  7. On the validly stupid side, Alexi is exquisitely beautiful. I am more impressed by her smarts and the perspectives she brings to the issue. We need good thinkers more than good looking talking heads.

    1. @J M Nah she ant. She speaks about black issues just to get attention. She has zero interest in black people in her personal life.

  8. Mika is literally her saving grace. If we can’t forgive a kid for being dumb at 17 we are lost

    1. @Bat Boy it’s about supply and demand. Plenty of people would like to hear stories highlighting women of color in politics. Supplying the content for that demand isn’t a bias it’s an acknowledgement that these women exist.

    2. Bat Boy I think she learned for sure. You can see the emotion on her face. She just got a save a lot quicker than the rest of us because she has friends in higher places. But time will tell if she reflects and puts herself in others shoes

    3. Alexis Mitchell it’s not supply and demand. I hate when people put economic terms on social issues. It’s about justice. The plight and stories of black women who helped build this nation NEED to be told. Period. I can’t think of a greater woman than Harriet Tubman.

    4. Alexis Mitchell in my opinion there are women that should be celebrated but the state of black women in the community now is moot. We need to re-examine history and black womens role in the country and building it and her relationship to white men throughout the countries history. She had the closest proximity to him for hundreds of years, and that relationship carries through politically into today. The babies born from him and torn away by him and sold up the river that were his own kids. The whole story should be told and then she can decide who she wants to be. Black women need to tell their own survival story from beginning 1619 to 2021

    5. @Alexis Mitchell – my role models are not based on the race or color of their skin. I am not aware, nor care, how many Hispanics are in congress, nor that there has never been a Hispanic president. Obama is an inspiration. It didn’t matter the color of his skin. It shouldn’t matter at all.

  9. We will we what happens in St. Louis, because this city has dogged me for being born and it’s unforgivable to steal out futures like they do.

  10. She’s a very intelligent and articulate commentator. I’m really glad she’s back on the air.

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