1. @Major Anthony Nelson you live in a tin shed though ,, what companies 😂 ,, rodents 👈

    2. This segment started off really bad with the corny spooky music.

      It’s time the media take this very serious, like our government is

  1. Moultrie’s PR confection was the comedy speech of the week. He didn’t crack a smile while I wet my pants laughing. Are these Pentagon types actually from Earth? They think we are a 1940’s audience with fuzzy black and white TV’s, aluminum foil hats and piles of Buck Rogers comics on the lounge room table. This is how the remote and insulated silos of elites see the people of the world. Where is my piece of straw to chew on.

  2. 👽👽👽.. When aliens reveal themselves, everyone will go out and buy up all the toilet paper..😂

    1. Monkey pox has entered…Guess I better head to Costco TP, Ointment and Masks. Forget food right?

    2. Why should “aliens” reveal themselves when even humans are too afraid to reveal themselves to THEMSELVES? Starts at home.

      …looks at all the republican men in the room…👀

  3. They have their reasons for secrecy due to national security purposes. I believe people should be aware though and take this more seriously. In 1947, the largest army base in the world with the atomic bomb, RAAF, jumped the gun and told the public the truth about a flying saucer that crashed due to the hype across the nation that people were witnessing starting in the beginning of that year. Even being the largest army base in the world, they have not been briefed and thus the absolutely ridiculous weather balloon cover story.

  4. To the extent that UAP’s may present a national safety or security risk; yeah, such sightings should certainly be studied. Be it weather or atmospheric phenomena, or things/objects that are the result of activities by our government or that of an adversary, the more we know the better. I just hope they avoid roiling the fringe conspiracy/alien abduction group.

    1. @Eric Granberg or you could start dabbling in the occult find the evidence hellava lot sooner, whatever its your life

  5. This broadcast starts off with him saying “ oooooOoo” like this is something spooky. That is the problem Congress is also addressing. Reputable military, pilots, police, etc. have reported sightings and some are afraid to do so, because people like this CNN correspondent will think they are weird or “oooooooOooo.” There is nothing really funny about any of this. This phenomenon and sightings needs to be taken seriously. Investigate thoroughly and don’t poke fun at those who have seen unidentified aerial phenomena or experienced mocking because they have.

    1. I was 11 years old when my sister and dad saw 4 of them over our farm..one landed and whipped the willow young trees off in a 50 ft circle..My father reported it and they spent 3 days investigating but wouldn’t tell my dad anything about it… That was in 1951.. I have never forgotten it
      . True story, Thank you… 👌

    2. Because none of this has been proven, so of course people are going to joke about it, you dolt. Once there is irrefutable proof, then we’ll take it seriously. But after eighty years, just grainy videos.

  6. So many of us, in so many countries have seen “something” at some stage in our lives. There is no explanation. Ancient carvings and paintings need some explanation too. But it’s not possible.

    1. As big as our universe is, we’d be foolish to think we were the only intelligent life. They’ve been watching us thousands of years

    2. @trainwreck told ya I dont think they’re coming from other planets or traveling space.

      They’re already here. Inter-dimensional realm.

  7. The UFO subject has been stigmatized because journalists like this fool. His tone and jokes through out the video are hard to watch.

    1. To be sure, his coverage is not nearly as bad as it used to be. Progress! At a snail’s pace. But it’s progress.

    2. I hate journalists like that guy. If I see another journalist behave this way in this channel, I will unsubscribe and tell my husband and kids to do the same.

  8. As a former military drone operator, that worked with pilots and other drone platform operators, that’s not a drone

    1. Check out Thunderf00t’s takedown of this footage and explanation of what is most likely happening.

  9. I was also John Patillo going to refer to Thunderfoot’s reaction video of the famous UFO footage. The sky and upper atmosphere is littered with different types of satellites, drones and natural phenomena that there is no need to replace sightings of angels by sightings of aliens!

    But by all means, they should be investigated: we have witnessed how much damage drones can do if used by terrorists or the enemy.

  10. Chris, you don’t have to pronounce the ‘S at the end of UAP’s… it’s merely “plural”… Btw, this is a concern to national security and always has been, and the little animated saucers don’t help the matter. As for pilots not reporting incidents because of ridicule, they were ridiculed, ostracized and even removed from military service BY the government for even reporting or admitting they’d seen something…

  11. Jesus! It’s “UAP” or “UAPs”. It is NEVER “UAPSes” as the comedian, oh, I mean “news commentator” says multiple times. It’s an acronym. What does he think the “S” stands for? Shoddy work.

  12. there is a law I believe that classified info has to be hidden for atleast 50 years, then it depends on how comfortable and how much truth they wanna reveal at a time..

  13. I hope this research is continued. There are so many reported sightings of unexplained phenomena by both civilian and military personnel that it can’t just be disregarded. Good luck to all the researchers.

  14. Stay skeptical. Even organizations that “study” these have a horrible track record. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Some blurry artifact from a camera that has layers of lenses and plastic ain’t it chief.

  15. I think we can stop uploading about this every 2 minutes now, the people who claimed they had something interesting to say really said a whole lot of nothing and have been proven wrong. Until we get some more really solid proof let’s just let it simmer.

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