Why COVID-19 vaccines shouldn’t be directly compared 1

Why COVID-19 vaccines shouldn’t be directly compared


A Health Canada official explains why COVID-19 vaccines shouldn’t be compared and what makes the AstraZeneca vaccine a ‘good option’ for Canadians.
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    1. Except that it WASN’T refused. Europe is actually complaining that they are not getting enough Astra Zeneca doses. Get your facts straight.

  1. Tell the public how many of these COVID deaths would have occurred anyway due to previous conditions and illness. Most of the reporting seems to be bullcrap.

    1. @Maggie There are thousands of doctors speaking saying the same thing you are not seeing it because anything you see on tv and all doctors speaking out have been taken off the internet . Just govtocRebel News still on you tube for truth.

    2. @Mark Javier Any news channel that does not agree with your perspective is a shady channel. Get a grip on reality already, you make yourself look foolish

  2. …… you stupid government had been doing nothing BUT compare them.

    Also, anyone who’s smart should know you shouldn’t take it considering how quickly it was developed.

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