Why critical race theory is becoming controversial | Just the FAQs 1

Why critical race theory is becoming controversial | Just the FAQs


From Donald Trump to Barack Obama, critical race theory has become a talking point. Find out why it's getting banned in classrooms across dozens of states. RELATED:

“Critical race theory” goes beyond advocating for civil rights or banning discrimination. Proponents see it as a framework to examine how the taint of racism still affects Black Americans and other people of color in matters ranging from who gets bank loans and admission into elite universities to how suspects are treated by police.

Detractors dismiss critical race theory as a method for “teaching kids to hate their country” or to promote “public school wokeness.”

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  1. Whites feel that if they teach the truth….they will be held accountable for their history. Also….what did you think was going to happen after Floyd? They’d rather teach blacks “how to cooperate with authority”.

    1. A huge percentage of black people killed by police would be alive and doing fine today if they had just “cooperated with authority”. That is the best solution. Get rid of crooked cops, as well, of course – but certain communities need to learn to cooperate with the law.

    2. Agreed, we should teach the truth. Salves were often sold to slavers by other Africans, often the victims of warring tribes.

    3. @Vynnx A Wait – so black people were no better than white people? But that flies in the face of Critical Race Theory…..how can that be!?

  2. “Creationism is not being taught in schools” when it was.
    “Intelligent Design is not being taught in schools” when it was.
    “Critical Race Theory…”
    Sorry, I read the book by Bell. CRT does not belong in schools.

  3. Becoming?! USA TODAY is hands down the most shameless propaganda press in the U.S.S.A.

    It would make Provda blush!

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