Why CVS, Walgreens are facing backlash over their birth control policy | JUST THE FAQS

Why CVS, Walgreens are facing backlash over their birth control policy | JUST THE FAQS 1


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  3. So now I guess we have to call before we go. It’s a shame that it’s going to mostly impact those in rural areas. But, they voted then in🤔

  4. Walgreens is already on my personal boycott list and I’ve never used CVS. Shell gas stations have been on my list since the 90s because of the Apartheid situation in South Africa. (Maybe I should take them off the list?)

  5. Even better solution: Vote with your wallet. If an employee at _any_ pharmacy refused to fill a prescription or sell a product based on “religious beliefs,” I would take my business elsewhere and that store would _never_ see me again. Simple.

  6. Mississippi and Arkansas? Seriously two of the poorest states in America certainly need more kids they can’t support.
    Pure ignorance…

    1. Fun fact : Mississippi has the lowest percentage of homeless people in the entire country because they go with a housing first policy that other states refuse to do.

  7. It’s pro abortion activists only two people who actually have religious reasons denying birth control.

    They been saying to do this on other sites

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