1. Mike Ansley
      Probably never came because of the cost of the security for the queen , the queen has probably read what people are saying about the cost & tax money ….. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    1. Irene Davo the reporter said Philip was Harry’s great grandfather….he obviously meant to say Archie and made an error

  1. Archie’s descendants will probably have a similar drama to my not too distant ancestors. Prince Phillip is a genetic cousin I learned from a DNA test backed up the Brandreth-Gibbs family history. Some Brandreth wasn’t Royal enough to keep titles in the region, so she went to Leigh-On-Sea and married a Gibbs, but kept her name.
    A few generations later my ancestors were struggling so they went to Canada. The father of the man who went to Canada was Sir Thomas Brandreth-Gibbs, knighted by Queen Victoria.
    If the power hungry folks were better towards poor people, I would be interested in further investigation of my family.

    1. It is a photoshopped picture of Harry when he was a baby. They don’t have a baby from the surrogate yet.

    2. @Catsnmi2 if I travel to the UK, I would delve deeper. I have some family who have done the genealogy research and toured the pile of rocks at one site (Brandreth), a semi standing ruins (Gibbs Castle) and the buildings that were Brandreth-Gibbs (one is now a duplex and the other has a bunch of offices but still looks like a large manor house). I just don’t have much family connections.

    1. It is a photoshopped picture of Harry when he was a baby. They don’t have a baby from the surrogate yet.

  2. As a fan I am not disappointed at their decision. As they stated the godparents requested to remain unknown. Just imagine how much the press would hound them if they knew who they were. So out of respect for the godparents wishes they chose to honor their wishes.

    1. no dear…it’s not same reason at all…. this one should be special to Harry as it is his first born…

    2. I agree with the above. that they do not know what they are talking about. Don’t they listen to what was said , that the godparents don’t want anyone to know who they are. ppplease shut them and all the haters

    1. It is a photoshopped picture of Harry when he was a baby. They don’t have a baby from the surrogate yet.

  3. Omgoodness that baby is so adorable, so beautiful🤗
    That intimate picture of them with him, I’m finally see what they wanted. I’m rather happy they decided to do it this way, what a special little child may the Lord bless you and your family sweet Prince💕

  4. Everything Harry has done as for as his engagement, marriage, baby and babys’ name has been a contribution to his grandfather (Prince Phillip). Harry stated he wanted to marry early so his grandfather would be there. So hats 🎩off to Harry and 3 cheers 🥂all around. 😘 The 80% Harry and his wife is contributing to the Monarch could be a comparison to the past, so split and continue to grow the Monarch. That’s the goal huh? 😳

  5. The  Duke of Edinburgh  is Harry’s grandfather… NOT his great Grandfather!!! Come on  “News” people. Who are supposed to know so much.

  6. Sandringham is the SAME SIDE of the country and only 4 hours away, if you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t say anything! Oh, and leave them alone……

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