1. If you disagree with a judge’s ruling, you file papers explaining why you disagree, and seek relief, from a higher court if necessary. You do not abstain from the process so as not to “legitimise” the process. Except when you realise that you have no legal standing to oppose the judge’s ruling!

    1. Slap on the wrist? All Americans get to stay out of prison pending appeals… on crap turns out they don’t.

  2. I love how Bannon’s attorney doesn’t know what he meant when he says strap in because all hell’s going to break loose

    1. @N Q Jan 6 is endless entertainment for me, watching all the dumbest people in the US record themselves committing crimes and then still trying to deny it was them is absolutely hilarious to me🤣 Also been hilarious watching 8-900 of u get locked up for it🤣🤣🤣

  3. they believe that in their heart, and no amount of evidence will change their mind. Caught on phone, caught on camera, caught in emails… blinkers on.

    1. Big deal. Bannon was on trial for contempt of congress. In the end, he won.
      Sometimes you just don’t get what you want. It’s not a crime to think things.

    1. @Passing through Time Actually everybody cares about it except you apparently. Therefore I give no credence to what you say. Cheers

  4. “Believing” you did the right thing is meaningful ONLY to you. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

    1. It also applies if you are a cop. If they believe they did the right thing then they get qualified immunity and get away with their crimes.

    2. @jorge gonzalez-larramendi they are all bad if they commit crimes. That’s most of them because my dad was a cop and I’ve seen what they do.

  5. The judge could have sent Bannon straight to jail. Instead he let him lose to file an appeal. The Trump appointed judge actually gave Bannon a pass.

    1. @sgRvtl LOL Justice is NO ONE HAS BEEN INDICTED UNDER THIS LAW IN 40 YEARS and she was acquitted. Also Trump gave him immunity and also the law states you have to knowingly know you are breaking the law to be fond guilty which is not the case here. The appeals court will over turn the verdict. You clowns LOSE again!!!!!

    2. @John Hill oh man you really need to do some research. There are so many incorrect statements here. Bless your heart.

  6. “If Bannon talks so freely about the January 6th insurrection, yet doesn’t want to talk about it while under oath.” Good question. “Because he is Steve Bannon.” is not an appropriate reply. Bannon is guilty as hell of insurrection. 4 months prison is a slap on the wrist.

    1. If they charged him with insurrection they might have been able to put him away longer. As it is the max possible sentence was 6 months, so it’s a substantial amount of the max.

  7. I don’t know why the courts took it so easy on this trader.
    He should have got the 6 months and 200,000 dollar fine as recommended
    He’s convinced he’s innocent.

  8. So the committee was supposed to change the way their subpoena process works, and use the method he suggested to get him to testify 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. @Cryst C O On cue… At least you’re following the Rep no-substance/just-insult playbook.
      A view from [thankfully] afar

    2. @Cryst C O I see the needles stuck…
      …or perhaps you attended one of those schools where it was agreed that the dictionary had too many bad words, so they banned it!

  9. So, the lawyer refused to participate in court proceedings but now wants to file an appeal because he didn’t have a chance to defend himself…WTH?!

    1. Yes! They both went to court & laid down after making a big scene on camera then took a fair punishment bc they know SB was wrong.

  10. It’s amazing how people who believe the only way to fix the system is to act lawlessly now want to rely on legal process and law to escape accountability.

  11. “People are very upset…” No. We’re not. We’re happy that justice has been serviced. More of the same, please!

  12. Its actually refreshing to see this interviewee conduct himself respectfully and making an argument in a calm manner. What a difference that makes.
    On the flip sude, that Bannon should equate his conviction for disobeying the law with the impending judgement of voters at a free and fair election is, quite imply, insane.

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