Why Disinformation Online Is Easy To Produce And Tough To Regulate 1

Why Disinformation Online Is Easy To Produce And Tough To Regulate

The New York Times' Max Fisher joins Morning Joe to discuss new reporting on misinformation online and how it is booming.

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Why Disinformation Online Is Easy To Produce And Tough To Regulate


  1. Like Youtube always showing me Republican ads when I watch liberal sites, including CNN and MSNBC.

    1. Use youtube vanced in play o app store it blocks ads and it’s youtube alternative ! Communism has taken over big techs and sadly there is nothing we can do

    2. @ᗰᗩ ᑎIᘜᘜᗩ That’s for phones. I will never understand how people can watch anything on a phone with the little bity screen. I am an anti-phoner. I hate the things and would never have one.

    3. @Lucius Kiirus if not for phone and Internet there would be no world wide protest for George Floyd or Cuba ! Even if you hate it you can’t deny the power these tech companies hold !

  2. I see a pattern. Humanity keeps creating destructive things it cannot control. That’s one for apocalypse bingo

  3. Give a stage and a voice to every single person in this world and the gospel of stupid will spread fast.

    1. @Moist Peanut “Give a stage and a voice to every single person in this world and the gospel of stupid will spread fast.”
      Now its a dumb quote.

    2. @Moist Peanut I really want to explain why it’s dumb. But, I know you will find another way to downplay the point. That just how stupid people work.

      But if it’s any consolation. I’d still give you a platform. I’d just speak against you all the same.

  4. People getting paid to spread misinformation online…you mean like Dennis Prager, Ben Shapiro, and Candice Owens? The story is true but not shocking or new.

    1. How convenient it’s just them you mention. Funny also those people actually have references to PROVE what they say.

    2. @Wisconsin Man I don’t feel like writing down the entire litany of right wing grifters – these three are the most egregious.

    3. @Wisconsin Man They do not have ANYTHING to prove any of their claims. Every last thing they’ve claimed has been 100% debunked.

  5. To knowingly cause death and contribute towards ignorance in exchange for financial reward is an exceptionally depressing development in human evolution. The online industry needs to take full responsibility for its lack of responsibility.

    1. I’ve been saying for a while youtube needs to turn off comments. It’s the biggest spreader of disinformation and propaganda on line.


  6. Very hard to hear the first guest. Perhaps do a sound check first?
    Then he came on again.
    I still have no idea what he said. Sounds like he’s in an echo chamber.

  7. Not really make multitooning illegal. Done. If you have one avatar, you can’t hide behind different aliases. And makes it pretty much impossible to have an conversation with one self steering the discourse.

    1. There is a script for you to use my Comrade. You can find it in a book by Americans called “1984”.

      Where only the state holds the keys to “a truth”. Here is your 25 pounds of tootsie pop as agreed. Good work, comrade.

    2. @Coin Exchange I liked 1984 Ehm everyone and his brother knows Orwell I liked a brave new world too both rather good novels and stark warnings what not to do. The originals where better than the translations of both of them.

      I am not really a communist. Albeit I see the validity in an egalitarian approach and shared social values paired with an merit based system of education.
      Personally I would go with another system that I call anarchocapitalism dunno it’s just the working title so far.
      A consensus protocol based technokratie. If you wanna boil It down to an easily digestible soundbite.

      Oh and if you think that communism is bad than you are brainwashed by your government and should consult an mental health specialist. Deprogramming is painful but possible. Get well soon.

    3. The problem with that then becomes: people will be too afraid to speak out against criminals because they can’t do it anonymously. Corporations would also be given their own online aliases, just like they are given their own personhood, and the gap in power between multi-networked corporations and individuals would grow even faster than it already is.

      The only real solution is to train people to better evaluate the _content_ of someone’s message rather than who said it, that way they stop using apps and services that are constantly feeding them garbage.

  8. I knew something just happened here. There’s a sudden uptick in the kirk bongino shapiro kiddy trollbots.
    Some are actually easy to find knowing this. There’s trolls that have no clue what they’re talking about. Can’t report them for lying so they’re getting away with it.

    1. seriously though, the reason you see more mixed comments than usual is because Youtube put this video under their “Top News” section which is shown to everyone rather than just subscribers.

  9. Do millions of automobiles wear out? What happens to the depreciation? Where is it subtracted?

    The economics profession has been spreading misinformation about economic growth by ignoring depreciation for decades.

    What is NDP?

  10. US Covid deaths 627,370 New Zealand 26. US has 24,129 times more Covid deaths than New Zealand.
    In 3 days it will be a year since New Zealand’s last Covid death. Watching International media is like stepping back in time.
    Stop looking in the mirror for answers and start following countries that lead the world in pandemic management.
    If New Zealand is FREE then WTF is the rest of the world up to?

  11. Social media has given everyone a voice which unfortunately means there is no stopping misinformation. Anybody in the world can intentionally go viral with misinformation which is downright scary

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