Why does the U.S. have more COVID-19 vaccines than Canada? They invested more say Moderna co-founder 1

Why does the U.S. have more COVID-19 vaccines than Canada? They invested more say Moderna co-founder


Modena co-founder Derrick Rossi says one of the reason the U.S. has more vaccines than Canada is because of the amount of money they invested.

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    1. Yea that would be something, I’d wonder how many disruptive entities would show up on the trip? He’s obviously got a taint.

    1. We will pay twice , or even thrice for vaccines as supplies of what we have paid for are not delivered. Trudeau will simply throw more money out the window rather than demand we get what is rightfully ours.

  1. Better question: Why did we fund their research and then get charged 120$ a dose when the cost is 2$? Zoonosis is due to commercial agriculture. Density and proximity increases multiplication, load and risk of mutation.

    1. Commercial agriculture is one cause but as big if not bigger is deforestation, urbanization and general development of land that pushes the animal kingdom into closer proximity to humans.

    2. @Ron Knox Ultimately we are not stronger than mother earth. We all die before any real harm can be done that can’t be undone. What was made is eventually broken, and so on n so forth….

    1. I should stop using common sense when I read video title, I was sure they would compare the population ratio

  2. As you can understand, we signed many contracts, but the suppliers are not committed to it. It’s Canada’s way of being polite. Something like Toronto signing the contract with bombardier to deliver street cars. They are not bound by it and like my Rasta brothers would say, they soon come.

  3. Canada become a country rely on other country for research and manufacturing. This proved very costly in this pandemic and possible future crisis like war, pandemic or natural disaster. Hope Canada learn from this, but I doubt politician and common Canadian will learn anything, they will move on to their usual routine after this pandemic. Environmental radicals will continue push for one ridiculous regulation after another to drive out high tech company and manufacturing industry. Business environment is becoming so toxic that no company is willing to invest in Canada anymore.

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