1. Do you think voters will be able to separate the atrocities committed by Vladimir Putin and Trump’s continued overtures to him? – Chris

    1. @Trump Hater
      Ok, cool….👈😁…

      EVERYBODY is paying
      attention to Ron Klain’s e-mails…👈😁…


  2. “The worst thing about Trump isn’t what we’ve learned about him, it’s what we’ve learned about our family, friends and neighbors who support him.”

    1. @Karla McCullough report the useless bot. The insolent termite that responded to you has been using 4 accounts to spam the same messages, probably more.
      Admittedly, it kinda funny to see trolls think they are relevant, though. It’s super easy to identify bots like that.

    2. @David Guelette Then you should know threatening people because of who they voted for is wrong. From one old guy to another….

  3. For a guy who denies colluding with the Russians in 2016, Trump sure does talk about colluding with the Russians a lot… 🤔

    1. @Michael Whitted
      EVERYBODY is paying
      attention to Ron Klain’s e-mails…👈😁…

      Sorry….👈😘…for you…

    2. Everybody is paying a lot of
      attention to Ron Klain’s e-mails…👈😁…


  4. It’s like a grown man peeing in the pool and instead of being removed, he keeps coming back to do the same. Normal people would avoid someone like that, but Republicans keep swimming around him and complimenting him on the golden color of the water.

    1. @Sam Lombardo You should be more concerned about trump’s crimes than worrying about someone’s laptop.

  5. If we as citizens did what Trump did we would be in prison daa sad to see how Trump laughing at all USA

    1. Everybody certainly is paying
      attention to Ron Klain’s e-mails…👈😁…


  6. The problem is the “norms” are just that, “norms” until someone ask, is it a norm, or is it the law, then watch out as each “norm” falls!

    1. @J. Noble exactly!!
      He’s up and down this thread with the same reply 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Hey Satan release any dirt you have on 45. You can have his firstborn’s soul. Though the exotic animals he’s slaughtered have should already marked it null and void. 🙄

  8. Trump: “I know 2 magic words that will always fix any trouble you find yourself in, no matter how deep or damning: HUNTER BIDEN!!!”

    1. @Michael Bray Matt Gaetz, in a congressional hearing, said the password is biden02, lol…

    2. @The Potato Fuhrer You know you are an influencer when the potato fuhrer comments on your post!!! Tell more about the emails, are you saying Russia has hacked them? Also, please tell about the potato thing. Something about payments in potato, I don’t remember.

  9. If this was 1940, while Churchill and Britain were fighting Hitler – with secondary support from the US, led by FDR – Trump would have asked Hitler to release some dirt on FDR Jr.
    And when asked about Hitler’s night and day bombing of England, Trump’s only comment would have been: Genius.

  10. Thought the average American had common sense but looking at the admirers Trump still has after what he did on losing the election makes me really wonder.

    1. @Antoni Wojciech oh yea I just saw it. How embarrassing. He needs to be in a retirement home.

    1. Now you can give billions and billions of military hardware to the Taliban without any consequences. So cool!

  11. “Why Donald Trump asking Putin for dirt on Hunter Biden can’t be ignored” so let’s #ConvinceItForward

  12. Trump was always longing for “the good old days”, when America was “still great” One thing that I liked about those days was that treason was punished by hanging, Let’s bring that back.

  13. “At this point” that’s great.

    Anyway, this doesnt show he’s “dangerous” it shows he’s unaware or deluded.

    The media would refuse to report the “dirt” just like they did all the other stuff we know about him. And anyway, how much more dirt on that freak could there be.

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