Why George Floyd's memorial site is surrounded by barricades 1

Why George Floyd’s memorial site is surrounded by barricades


Since May 2020, the site of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis has served as a memorial and place for prayer, but now it's surrounded by barricades and increasing violence. CNN's Sara Sidner has more.
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    1. @Sarah F You have 119 comments with a week old profile. Enjoy your life cleaning the grease from Xi Jinping’s fat rolls

    1. @Grey Whiteman
      Fentanyl by itself is deadly in micro doses, so stfu. Anybody with fentanyl deserves one lengthy prison sentence.

      Not alotta people buy fentanyl by itself, they usually injest it as an additive in other concoctions unknowingly.

    1. Yeah, like whte folks in Alaska are not doing worse. Do you know that anchorage is more dangerous than any blk community in USA. Why your cops dont go there

    2. @I miss 2Pac they’re also not burning public buildings and crying on CNN about it . Worse thing is George was nothing but a fucking crack head that you would’ve crossed the street to avoid but now he’s dead he’s a fucking hero what a joke

    3. @I miss 2Pac georgies dead RIGHT..? goooood…..good…GOOD..!!!! HOWS yo girl BREONNA doing…? Ohhhh… DATS RIGHT

    1. Doug Parker a contributor of a death is not a factor of a person death unless that’s all they died from. If George Floyd had these drugs in his system an died from having that in system according to how much an when he took this lethal dose with out Chavis kneeling on his neck then yes that’s what killed him. However when a person is in destress you have them restrained not in a Manor of holding them just in hand cuff. Kneeling on their throat both hands in there pocket do you know the strain of weight from a man that size for nine minutes come on.

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr It’s something about that they don’t pick up people in the Hood unless you call an let them know 2021 Duh Uber Hello . But after the mix Bitc ..on tictoc mad it fuc…up being a Bitc…to Uber you’ll might have start walking watch your back!

    3. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Your asystomatic if you identify with not who you really are but switch up your ways since your mixed according to who your around don’t pass as phony you’ll be a in breed Forreal! Hahaha

    4. @Caroline Hawkins poor old Floyd murdered himself. It’s sad that he never had the chance to get over his addiction, but it was his choice. He’d rather swallow all the dope he had on him then go back to jail. I don’t blame him. Jail sucks. He gambled, he lost. Look at this maybe, before you continue the junior high school name calling, when you’re wrong..

    1. @J one But true. His family expected him to die from a drug overdose, now because police were present when he overdosed they got 27million.

    2. @Eric Cartman you have no insight into what his family expected other than the statements they made publicly. None of those statements lend any credence to your opinions. Therefore your opinions are groundless and based upon some sort of emotional response that these events have triggered inside of you. You are unable to control your emotions (racist sentiments, feelings of loyalty at all cause to the police, hatred toward blacks, frustration about your horrible job, I don’t know ) and therefore you make these emotional comments. I hope you realize that it would be better for you to channel that energy into fixing whatever is really making you upset in life and improving your happiness (maybe get that extra skill set so you can switch jobs )

    3. ones convicted criminal drug user, I’m confident they never expected much from him and now they are rich

    1. @Shimaz Munshi I got “that” from the actual autopsy results done by a medical professional that systematically analyzed his corpse. You obviously have never engaged in any form of combat training in your life. I say that not to disrespect you, but rather to inform you that if someone is able to speak they can breath. He was going into exited delirium as a result mainly because of the drugs in his system. Ps if you control the head you control the body. George was a massive 6ft 5 inch 260 pound man. Coupled with drugs in his system and that’s nearly impossible to fight with. All basic police academy training has for decades taught thoes practices. Lastly I believe the actual autopsy cleared his neck region from any trauma. If you choke someone to death you will always create observable trauma.

    2. He was a piece of work.. high on drugs.. COVID positive… Resisting arrest.. long arrest record.

    1. @Trump2024 thank you for your support Officer committed murder, plain & simple. Other officers watched it happen & chose not to intervene.

    2. @J. Michael Gunner wow….judge jury AND executioner..!!!!! I hope nobody in your family gets charged with ANYTHING …

    1. Meanwhile liberals are rioting in Portland, Seattle, and now LA, burning buildings and attacking cops. I bet the rioters are thinking they’ll each get $27 million too

    2. Why would they pay anything to the community – that’s the job of city hall. Correct the police and then they wouldn’t be losing such much money. Let’s hope that you have the same experience in your family so you can tell them the right things to do.

    1. @Now ur a problem It was a reply to “Citizen 4″
      He thinks people who strongly dislike criminals (like George Floyd) are” RACIST “.
      I was just changing the definition for him.

    2. @Shimaz Munshi Watch the 4 different body cam videos of Saint George saying I can’t breathe prior to him being taken to ground, he was complaining about not breathing because his drug addled body was coursing with fentanyl and combined with heart disease, and the chinese virus, he was a goner. Autopsy showed no signs of death by knee or digital strangulation. Sorry the narrative isn’t racist cop but it is, scumbag dies from being a scumbag. Cop is going to walk if he gets a FAIR trial, but if diversity decides verdict with fee fees instead of facts, he will have to win on appeal. Suck it ez haters!

  1. “Neighbors worry Floyd Memorial site is becoming a battlefield.” Lol it’s not just a battlefield, that whole neighborhood is a war zone

    1. @Lolstalgic Sorry for the loss of your parents, especially at an early age. Thank goodness there was someone willing to adopt you, and I hope it was a good experience (I’ve heard horror stories)

      I’m off to work, have a great evening (depending on your time zone)

    2. @Ms. Kitty Thank you for that. My point is people put their emotions first when it comes to these situations, and I’ve dealt with enough personal stuff to know a real tragedy from a fake one. Did Floyd deserve to die? Probably not. But does it justify all this destruction, mayhem, and additional deaths of black AND white?

      Hell to the no.

    3. @Lolstalgic You’re absolutely right! NO ONE deserves to be missed, or abused. We can’t allow our personal feelings to get in the way of what’s right or wrong. The judicial system, and laws were created for a reason, and that is where judgement should take place. Although, it doesn’t seem fair in certain circumstances, we must abide by it. We’re all human, yet live differently.

      I worked with this guy some years ago, and he was married. He was very nice, smart, articulate and handsome. He always talked about his family, and he loved his 2 boys. He had pictures of them (and the wife) in his cubicle. I was right next to him, and I often over heard he and his wife arguing. He soon started coming to work looking dis shuffled, and not his bubbly self. Long story short, his wife was having an affair, and they soon split. He wound up homeless, and our boss tried helping him, but he soon started drinking, and he lost his job.

      Unfortunate things happen in people’s lives and when you don’t know them, or the “WHY”, we tend to “Judge”.
      By me knowing him, I couldn’t judge him, but when I saw another homeless person panhandling, I would call them a bum (so wrong for me to do)…….

    4. They need to…. Free fentanyl however were out of narcan…. Use at own risk but use a lot….. please

  2. So essentially what they said is we have 24 demands we get them or else we burn the city down and murder people awesome

  3. They’ve already tried to break into the court house, a bank and a man has died because police weren’t allowed in.

    1. Only problem is it covers a 6 block radius where People live and run businesses who have no say to the Lawless autonomous zone. The Minneapolis City Council and Mayor need to remove the barricades and provide a safe living and working residential area for those inside. The zone needs to be abolished now.

  4. Good thing the BLM movement finally helped out the black community with all the money they received.

  5. “No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures” -George Floyd Autopsy

    Derek is about to be acquitted. And the sweet smell of fire will fill the air this summer… Again

    1. @Roy Harper I’m sorry his family didn’t get justice, but one day those cops will pay, because karma doesn’t have an expiration date.

      I certainly hope Chavin is convicted of murder, because that’s exactly what it was, MURDER, and I don’t feel that way because he was black, I feel that way because he MURDERED HIM! The other cops that stood by and did nothing should be convicted as well….

    2. Maybe I should take up camping in the summer and ignore the left and their politics of devastation.

    3. @Roy Harper I don’t have an answer for you, other than seems like the only video is the bodycam video, but if a bystander would have been there, that might have made a difference, but like I said, I can’t tell you why.

      George Floyd’s murder went viral because of that bystander’s video, and he recorded it live, that’s how it was shown over the whole world, because of social media.

  6. Put a bunch of people who idolize “hood mentality” in a group someone’s bound to get shot. Don’t matter what race they are!

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