Why Good Economic News Could Be Bad | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Why Good Economic News Could Be Bad | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. before the virus we were all having a standard of living supported by what could be considered slave labor. Thus, yes people are disposable as long as the economy is good, always been that way, always will be that way. So everyone needs to chill and get of the high horse here, mmkayyyyy.

    2. @Science is hard Bernie could have changed that, but people chose slavery…and some are still even choosing Trump. What good is a democracy when everyone is a Clorox gulping inbred ignoramus?

    3. @James Dean Truth is hard to handle isn’t it leftards….Obey your master’s to oblivion…#obamagate

    4. @Tony Farebrother Fake news regurgitater ..Democrats for the working people, lmfao you have got to be a paid leftard troll..#obamagate

    5. Glock Coley why have you stopped so low as to use fake news, that proves you are lying.. only Trump use that and he lies every time he does. this is a fight over who we controls the power and money in the economy. Trump and the elites behind him have managed to grab even more wealth and cutting and benefits of the what was a growing economy for everyone else. The elites use any and all politicians. The Republicans seems to have reached a new low and have abandoned any shred of having polices. It seems that the Democrats may be responsive to human needs , I said may. They also have a lot of elite money behind them. Thus is not fake, this is how the American has been run. Of it was not for the men returning from the wars and expecting their share in the 40s and 50s and the elites worried they would lose control then, that there was a shift in who benefitted from economy. But certainly in the 80s and behind, those elites have fought hard to get more and more. Under Trump health care, education , infra structure, military personnel have all lost out, the debt has soared, hugely wasteful military spending has increased, and the rich and powerful like Trump pay less and less and hire illegal immigrant and labour outside the US. to undercut American wages.

  1. I’m telling you now, if a second wave comes trump won’t shut down this side of election, no matter how many die

    1. @David Wilson Says the leftard hiding in his mommy’s basement…. Obey your master’s morons, they will bail you out ….#obamagate

    2. @bill Your whole perception is formed from lies,misinformation and authoritarian propaganda..Everything you posted is all wrong and just plain fake news…You owe President Trump for your pathetic little existence…#obamagate

    3. @jnwestray78 I call it being brainwashed by a bunch of people that want to destroy America people that you leftards support, people that has lied and used you for almost 4 years now.Nobody with a shred of common sense takes a demon rat seriously they are to be MOCKED and made fun of…#obamagate

  2. “It could take to the end of next year …” for the economy to recover !!!! It took more than 4 years to recover from the subprime crisis and this “economist” is trying to sell his story that this crisis be over end of next year at the least. May be for himself.

    1. the Republicans chose to not stop him during the impeachment, this is 100% the republicans fault for not impeaching him when they had the chance , now republicans will pay in history as the republicans and republican president who caused 100,000++ innocent deaths because they did not impeach a corrupted president when they had a chance …. Moscow Mitch McConnell has stabbed all Americans in the backs by refusing to protect America citizens from a dictator tyrant Tyranny president , VOTE 🗳

  3. Powell: “That’s a risk we really want to avoid” This phrase covers everything Baby Donnie’s has done since 2016…

    1. IIF THIS HAPPENS! Rest assured, baby D. will retreat to his favorite place for anonymity and comfort!!!!! RUSSIA

    2. And even now, Obama is experiencing a complete nervous breakdown over latest unsealed documents with even more coming. BIGGEST POLITICAL SCANDAL IN OUR HISTORY.

    3. @greg j Ah, the obligatory projecting of Trump and his self-blinded followers. Okay, you’ve done your trolling; you can go back to drooling on the floor awaiting the next post.

    4. @greg j, 🤣🤣 yeah, I’m sure he’s shaking in his boots. Why don’t you inbred maga mutants care about actual crimes Presidents have committed, like your pal, trump?

    5. @Over It Yup! He sure is quaking in his boots and that’s why Obama’s Federal Judge buddy is delaying final ruling on Michael Flynn despite landslide of evidence which quickly caused Federal Prosecutors to drop all charges and case. Counter Evidence which points direct finger at Obama, his entire staff and FBI. Anyone well versed in U.S Political History is calling it ‘largest and most widespread corruption scandal in history’. It’s so bad that AG’s team will be busy for a long time, rounding up perpetrators and evidence.

    1. Please we need the Lord more now than ever please everyone let’s all of us use common sense and don’t listen to Donald Trump cause he doesn’t give a dam about you he’s looking out for his self not you

    2. @Rodney Shinkfield, I BELIEVE!!! That is I believe god is practicing social distancing. Facemask, rubber gloves, and 6 feet apart, please. 🤣😂

    3. @Gold Silverstone, in other words, you weren’t given a CHOICE. Be truthful, and confess your indoctrination.

  4. Drivel, the American economy was snowflake prior to the virus, workers living on next paycheck, now no paycheck, there will be no major recovery because demand and confidence will not be there.

    1. @Liberal in Oklahoma Cry all you want but there will be major indictments and arrests. The real problem is that the corruption is so widespread and deep, investigators will be busy chasing new leads and piling up evidence for a long time but take heart as they got another 4.5 years to get it done.

    2. @greg j Hillary is not going to be indicted (shouldn’t that have happened by now in any case?) and neither is Obama. What might happen which, could conceivably be your worst nightmare, is Biden( well, yes, he has to win) appointing BHO as a SC justice to replace RBG. There is nothing constitutionally to prevent a former president ending up on the SC.

    3. greg j nevertheless the virus is here and what has your leader done? No testing because he does not want the populace to know how dire the situation is thanks to the orange orangutan in the WH.

  5. Why aren’t Trumps sons shaking hands with the protesters and talking with them face to face. Instead they are in their basement bunkers talking how fake covid-19 is
    One said it will go away in Nov.

  6. Never thought 2020 would end up being an apocalypse year, weird weather, killer hornets and a virus 😐.

  7. We have already established that the rich and big business, who own this country, will not do anything to stop the Covid-19 outbreak, trump has consistently bungled the handling of the pandemic, giving us all the losses of the lock down with none of the upsides. Testing, tracking, and tracing with quarantine of positives very early was an option. Not anymore because millions of Americans are out spreading Covid-19 now. Everything trump touches dies. trump wants to stop testing because it’s not 100% accurate, and because it causes the number of positive cases go up. trump knows that he has convinced people that those daily reported numbers are real. They are not, they are test reports. The real numbers are much higher. trump is the most hated

    1. @greg j Obama certainly doesn’t look like a breakdown. Did you see his stellar commencement speech?! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

    2. Oh, my facts are pretty straight Vera and I am glad Obama is feeling better now and he should, especially after his fellow Deep State buddy ‘Republican Lawmaker Lindsey Graham’ went over to his house to console him. “There there Baraccky!” I won’t let that terrible old woman bother you anymore. She’s just about done exposing all of us for the dirty rotten SOB’s we all really are but she’ll soon be leaving town.” Terrible old woman being ‘High Powered Defense Attorney Sydney Powell’. The one person who dared to walk into the Lion’s Den known as the Deep State, and stole the bone belonging to the biggest Deep State rat of all times ‘Barrack Obama’. I’d love to be a Movie Director and make a Movie about her as it would box office records.

  8. Michael Strain. “We shouldn’t bail out state pension funds” then why should we bail out big business, if you are a true capitalist they’ve failed because of lack of contingency? Well you can’t buy stocks and shares in state pensions can you ? Screw you little guy.

    1. Gavin Sherlock Exactly— and that’s why I was Hoping Bernie would have made it in,,, even if he had trouble due to for instance, a republican senate, his Ideas would still be there on full display for four years helping to educate the public and move more people in a positive direction to then be able to hopefully eventually legislate in a way that would Help The People and NOT corporate America and Rich people.

    2. Gavin Sherlock, I agree, Corporate America always get’s taken care of first, whether it’s tax cuts or bail outs. A lot of Pension Funds took bid hits in the 2008 Wall Street generated economic crash. It’s Capitalism run a muck.

    3. Also people aint going to be confused how the economy is doing , they can see how much money they have , its not like Dow Jones has any meaning for average Joe and Jane , their wages , benefits or welfare , those are not tied to Dow Jones .
      This should finally show what a bogus thing whole stock market is , 1/4 of Americans lose their jobs , companies lose their customers , but Dow Jones goes up .

    4. @VictorNewman201 Bernie is a scam artist communist pathetic old man..Bernie is a puppet for the deep state all theatrics,zero truth…#obamagate

    1. That’s correct, and the working slaves had the biggest tax increase ever in the form of extra import duty for imported goods.

    2. @Uffi Sachs and if you think trump did it your wrong ask yourself who is in charge of the house

    3. @rand wise Surely you are not blaming the House to impose the penalty tariffs on China goods! Trump is still praising himself with that, beating his chest and padding his shoulders.

  9. Recession truly he means depression like never seen before in the history of us not counting the banrupcies is thousands of businesses.

  10. The Fed would just dump trillions of dollars in the stock market like he’s doing now!

  11. What happens to this so called booming economy when we have a pandemic relapse and the hospitals that are barely catching a breath get overwhelmed again? What happens to consumer confidence?

  12. TRUMP on reopening: “So if it doesn’t work…it doesn’t work!” Trump could care less, he thinks American lives are disposable! 🥴

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