Why GOP Members Must Push Back Against The ‘Conspiratorial Insanity’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. You can’t fix overnight something that took GOP leaders, pundits on Fox “news” and extremely far-right talk radio more than 16 years to create. They’ve groomed and cultivated this behavior, and it will take a very long time to clean up the GOP.

    1. @J C. just vote? We have to demonstrate on the streets to get Biden’s admin to respond to our needs.

    2. @Claes vanOldenphatt They look to be doing it without that, they just started. They didn’t cause this. This bill started May of last year.

    3. Young republicans are being raised on hate. Young republican members of Congress were raised listening to fox, rush, breitbart and so on is it surprising to anyone what we now have in front of us. How do you deprogram those who are being brainwashed as we speak?

    4. The GOP has been moving in this direction for over 40 years. Ever since they decided to get into bed with the right wing Christian fundamentalist nuts, the mindset that “only WE have a monopoly on truth” has rubbed off on them, to the point that they not only think that believing in trickle-down economics is an article of faith, but that their political OPPONENTS are now their ENEMIES. Enemies that must never be bargained with, listened to, or given an ounce of credence or respect. Enemies to be destroyed. Listen to Ann Coulter and her kind: liberals must be rounded up into camps, then murdered, and their children taken away for reprogramming. It’s what their messiah Jesus would have wanted.

  2. Yes, that doesn’t make any sense at all. But this line of thinking aligned with the Republican party today!

  3. Too late………the GOP push back should’ve happened 5 years ago……truth does not change…….truth is conspiracy theories are leading the GOP party right now. Sad

  4. Republicans punishing Cheney for doing the right thing is simply what trump has done for 4 years–punishing those who are honest and rewarding his sycophants. The GOP cannot get beyond trump because they are his cult.

    1. Trump has trained his followers to shout “Fake News!” anytime the hear anything negative about Trump like trained seals in the circus.

    2. Remember when, not long after Donny Baby took over, he said, “Let’s all go around the room and have everyone praise me for my greatness.” And they all DID IT!

  5. These republicans is following a man that wanted them all dead. His followers are all crazy. Start doing the right thing. This is going to be your history. Your family down the line will not want anybody to know they were related to you

    1. It’s because of the MONEY! Big business has ditched so many of them, and the only serious money going is grass roots donations, which are still centred around trump. The GOP has to Lance that trump boil, and they should use the impeachment trial to do it. Or, they’ll degenerate into a Nazi cult. If they do it now, the cult will get over it, as they learn more about trump’s betrayals of them

    1. @David salo All of it is extreme! It is a party that supports the previous presidents actions because authoritarian behavior is fine if they keep power. It’s just easy to see the disinformation of Greene cause she’s uneducated trash.

  6. *”We won with poorly educated, I love the poorly educated!”*
                      – Trump, 2016

    Trump supporters: i dun no wut dat means but make america grate agen 2020!!!1!

    1. Gross and unhelpful simplification. Wilful blindness, projection, intolerance, emotional reactivity, scapegoating , and paranoia have nothing to do with intelligence and everything to do with emotions.

  7. Marjorie Taylor Green is a gift to the Democrats that they need to keep showing as the real face of what has become of the Republican party. Removing her will change nothing. This is not some moral awakening by McConnell.

    1. A T. The squad are the future, if we are to have one. MTG is a relic of the Cold War and fear based ignorance pretending to be “patriotic” while practicing xenophobic imperialism and domestic oppression.

    2. @LivtheDream No, they are not the future. Their hate, intolerance and bigotry have no place in this day and age. As for “xenophobic imperialism” we have the right to control our borders just like every other country on the face of the planet is allowed to do.


    4. @A T Only to Ninnies who are always trying to prove that the other side is just as bad as theirs!
      Did you known that 99% of his didn’t vote for any of them? That’s right, because they aren’t on the ballot
      for 99% of us. They aren’t the face of anything, just four people out of 435.
      This Green, on the other hand, has the support of yahoos all over the country–all you need to
      know is to get a look at how many people agree with everything she’s saying.

  8. People with a conscience should never vote republican until the rot has been excised completely. Mitt Romney abd Liz Chaney are two of five with integrity.

    1. @0 0 You can’t tell squat. Your grammar is atrocious, also. You folks have been wrong about everything. It’s time to stop being willfully ignorant and gullible.

  9. These People have lost their mind. I just pray that their D programmed soon quickly well as soon as possible

    1. EVERY person who pushed the Big Lie should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and most especially all those who made money off it – looking at YOU, Trump and Hannity. These are domestic terrorists and a slightly less civilized society (or perhaps more civilized) would have hung them publicly by now.


    3. @mike briganti You pathetic moron. The big lie is that trump won the election. He didn’t and it’s high time you morons got over it. Why do you magats always stick LOL’s on your posts? Is that the hysterical laughter of the insane?

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