1. @Chris Cherry My still unanswered question is what were all those Canadians doing on a plane from Ukraine to Iran?

    1. Us west Virginians are happy to accept the new counties. We have the most lenient gun laws.
      We have no AWB bans
      No auto bans
      No mag bans
      No red flags
      No limit on ammo or guns
      We have a stand your ground law
      Castle law doctrine
      Conceal carry without a permit at 21.
      Open carry once you are 18
      Back ground checks are not required.
      You can buy and order guns from the internet.
      Sell weapons without a permit
      Serial numbers aren’t required to have.
      We also have a law where you do not have to tell the police you are armed.

    2. Ken Gage who said they were Obama supporters? Why do they need to be linked to any President? Last I checked most neo-nazis are

  1. The iranian dude in the beginning is probably just a crisis actor, i think he played in love guru. The stinkmop scene.

  2. When they started burning the American flag, I thought I was watching scenes from Seattle, Boston, or New York City.

    1. @Robert Telford 2 things…why would we care and are some of those countries ones our tax dollars helped! just saying……with Trump we come first.

    2. @Little Nat hahahah🤣🤣🤣 Trump doesn’t care about any of us. Manufacturing sector is still in decline. Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Our infrastructure is garbage. Getting healthcare is terrible, we pay the highest for prescription drugs, What has he done? In Japan they have a bullet train that takes you from one end of the country to the other in 2 hours try taking the Amtrak from New York City to Florida and see how long it takes. And oh did Mexico ever pay for that border wall?

    1. @Leonard Puccio of course not but the fucking queen of England ins’t your queen either but she is still called queen elizabeth

  3. “Crisis in Iran”?
    That’s because the US and our directors in Israel are wanting it to be a “crisis”.
    Leave Iran alone, Rhys never attacked us, and if they supposedly did, it was fake news.

  4. Um, maybe because there was unprecedented protest in the streets against the Iranian government this week? Could that possibly be it?

    1. He is not. Powerful but not a dictator. The Iranian political systen is quite complex. He is actually not happy with the current president, who doesn’t seem to listen to his advice, but he can do nothing about it since he got elected. If it where up to Ali Chamene Ebrahim Raisi would be president now not Hassan Rohani. He was also against the JCPOA (better known as Iran Nuclear Deal) but couldn’t do anything about it other than complain and come out afterwards to say he was right about the US not being trustworthy when Trump reneged on the agreement.

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