Why Is This Former Democratic Senator Trying To Help Millionaires Avoid Taxes? 1

Why Is This Former Democratic Senator Trying To Help Millionaires Avoid Taxes?


Five months ago, former Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp called estate tax loopholes "one of the biggest scams in the history of forever.” So why is she now going on TV to make the case against reforms? 
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  1. Fix the tax problems by taxing every dollar that comes into a business no matter what kind of business or where main office is located. Make the percentage the same for all companies and individuals religious or not.

    1. @OriginalPiMan what’s the difference to now. You think poor people aren’t getting hurt from the wealthy people’s windfalls?
      If it is going to hurt the poor it would make that hurt a little less knowing it hurt the wealthy too. But it goes back to the wealthy think they are so much better than others.

    2. @Cliff Roebuck
      The solution to there being loopholes in a nominally progressive taxation system is not to make it regressive.
      Taking 20% of a rich person’s income would hardly be felt.
      Taking 20% of a middle income person’s income would be an imposition, but a manageable one.
      Taking 20% of a minimum wage worker’s income would be cruelty.

    3. @OriginalPiMan but that isn’t how it works, nobody that’s earning less than $250,000 will be paying these taxes. The other myth is that they pay taxes on all that money but they don’t, they only pay tax for the earnings above the $250,000.

    4. @Jillian Copeland
      The OP said to make the rate the same for *all* companies and individuals. It’s that flat rate I’m arguing against.

  2. This is actually why trump ran. jr cried so hard about the death tax daddy ran to shut him up.
    Halloween 2017 ,jr teased his daughter about giving her Halloween candy to” kids that didn’t work for Halloween candy” she nearly cried.

  3. In simple terms…..GOP protecting their big donors so they brainwash their cult into thinking it’ll affect them!!

  4. It’s interesting that rich kids receive their money without either having to pay taxes on it or work for it but your average joe has to work for as well as pay taxes on their income.

    1. @Cliff Roebuck When people are well trained at what they do they earn more money and pay more in taxes and depend less on government.

    2. money is taxed when earned or spent they are not supposed to grab it from your wallet because it was fat in their opinion.

    3. @Melanie Cotterell You know little about the tax system. The rich should pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes, no more, no less.

    1. The French monarchy and aristocracy discovered the dangers of obscene wealth and an unfair tax system in 1789!

  5. Both party vying for voters and supporters. One likes to help the poor, and one likes to help the rich. Guess who is of the two??

    1. They know they won’t win re-election, so they are spending their remaining time kicking around the American people and their fellow Democrats in an attempt to earn favor with the uber wealthy.

    2. To these old-school politicians it’s not about doing the right thing or helping your district. It’s about securing your next paycheck.

    1. Always has been. The f…king rich needs to pay NOW!!!!!!! I’m tired of not having anything cause I have to pay taxes and going with out. lF it wasn’t for us middle class and poor this country wouldn’t be was it is today.

  6. My favorite idea for the wealthy is to make the rich pay the exact amount the working poor pay for their Social Security “contribution.” that is 6.3% of every dollar they earn, no deductions, no loopholes. That would pay for every social welfare program imaginable. We would probably have to lower the percentage.

    1. Yup. Raise the cap. The wealthy benefit more than anyone else from social security. Without it they wouldn’t be able to avoid massively confiscatory taxation.

    2. Your payout is proportional to your input, mostly. As it should be. But I will get absolutely nothing for my thousands in contributions and I will gladly accept that. More reason to not work.

  7. They tax the crap out of my extremely small investments as well as my pay, and if I don’t pay I’m either charged more or literally charged with a crime and threatened with jail.

  8. Let’s tax inheritance as income, as if the person receiving it actually worked for it. Or better yet, considering that they didn’t work for it, let’s tax it FDR-style.

    1. Inheritance often requires years of unpleasant nasty work that would be worth 100 x the inheritance if compensated,

  9. So maybe a certain online retailer could start paying at least _some_ tax, as opposed to the zero-rated exemption they currently enjoy…
    It’s Amazon, yeah the same Amazon that succeeded in creating the US’s wealthiest individual and still making him wealthier every minute of every day…
    I’d argue that Amazon would be the one business that would be the least impacted by any type of tax…
    Bezos’ personal net worth is already north of $200 billion

  10. History has demonstrated over and over…obscene wealth, and the seeking of it, inevitably leads many into corrupt practices or a sense of entitlement….along with some pretty frivolous or indecent behavior. But the strangest thing, is ….there are those less wealthy who go along with it, and think it’s something to be admired. Go figure.

  11. And that, my fellow Americans, is how corporations gain power over the American people, eventually leading to tyranny and ultimately, authoritarianism.

  12. The tRump tax cuts blew a whole in the deficit like Bush’s as did Reagan’s and with that always comes a tanking of the economy.

    1. Bad orange man! Bad bad orange man! Very bad orange man! As Joe Biden destroys America with the open border to over 180 countries come one come all get your free Biden t-shirts covid-19 welcome ! you won’t be held up being tested because there’s so many of you coming over! Bring enough Fentanyl and heroin! Whoever’s in the mix we don’t care as long as we get the Democratic vote! Signed Joe Biden Nancy Pelosi and the Gang! Oh and demonic liberals

  13. There are a lot loopholes in the tax laws that millionaires take advantage of that should never have been there to begin with and there greed drives them too try and keep all of the money

  14. “Why Are the whole GOP and This One Former Democratic Senator Trying To Help Millionaires Avoid Taxes?” – there, fixed the title for you. @MSNBC

    1. paying taxes should be avoided or mitigated at all income levels but especially at the very highest levels. It is their money not ours.

  15. Getting around that argument is easy peasy… you just put in an exemption for actively used agricultural lands used by the original family or their direct heirs. That final caveat will cut out families who have sold out to big agra.

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