Why It May Be Time For Biden To Enter The Fight For Filibuster Reform 1

Why It May Be Time For Biden To Enter The Fight For Filibuster Reform


“The president has a responsibility here. It has been nearly four months since he spoke to George Stephanopoulos and said he supports a reform of the filibuster. I’ve heard nothing from the president since,” says Mehdi Hasan. 
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  1. Dont you love when the news tells us when it’s time to do something? Instead of just reporting news?

    1. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. The most important, the First and Second amendments, are the ones the Dem’s seem to hate. I care about those FIRST. So does every Republican.

    2. It’s time to make being a democrat illegal, it’s the only way to stop cultural Marxism and degeneracy.

    3. @Zucotti Manicotti

      No, nope and nah

      Haven’t we learned WE DONT WANT ONE PARTY RULE!!! Idc if it’s Rep, Dem, Commie, etc

      We need to coexist and build, not tear apart and tear down

    4. @Dan The Animator It’s time to dismantle the democratic party. You worried about a one party system? Create a new party, the democrats are treasonous, and must go.

  2. The democrat mantra: I can’t get my way so I’m going to destroy the rules to make it happen.

    1. @whyso curious False..you must be like 12. You need ID, to enter almost any building in NYC, to drive go to the doctor, open a bank account, deposit funds, cash a check. Yes you need ID and there is nobody you know that dosent have one.

  3. I wear glasses to look smart while feeding you word salad every night because I’m an unbiased talk show host that works for MSNBC so that means I’m safe from being called a racist by random twitter accounts with pronouns in their bio 🙂

    1. I’ve noticed that too.
      I bet the tone of his voice isn’t so tough when corn pop enters the room

  4. “Only a quarter million latinos eligible to vote”. Don’t we have like almost 2 million new latinos crossing the border right now, and being eligible to vote by 2022, even if they’re not citizens and even if they can barely understand English. Nah, that doesn’t sound shady at all, right.

    1. What law are you looking for? These people are coming in illegally. You have about a 150000 a month coming in” legally” ,the rest about a 150000 to 200000 coming in illegally.

    2. @Kainesgrim just calling out the anti-American Democrat Nszi.
      Everyone is.
      Are you a Nszi too supporting Democrats racism and violence?

    3. @Kainesgrim clearly I don’t.
      I know who I am. I don’t tolerate Democrats overt Nszi ideology, racism, violence, and anti-American fervor.

    4. @hegyak laws dont matter any more. dems. do what they want. example, physically blocking certified republican pole watchers from entering the polling locations during the elections

  5. I can’t believe how MSNBC have people from England making opinions on our voting rights let’s look on history

  6. Are people tired of this nonsense yet?

    Clearly…a particular group who wants to change EVERY RULE to suit them, and resist any attempt at restricting cheating, is cheating!

    Thank GOD most people are now seeing this naked fascism for what it is. .The truly scary part is the inevitable backlash.

  7. Nancy Pelosi’s hate for the Republican Party is what started the Democrats movement for a one Party Government and MSM is carrying the torch….

  8. “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” Ecclesiastes 10:2..

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