Why It's So Important To Have A 9/11-Style Commission To Document The Facts Of January 6th 1

Why It’s So Important To Have A 9/11-Style Commission To Document The Facts Of January 6th


Timothy Snyder, Yale University history professor, talks with Rachel Maddow about why a 9/11-style commission to investigate January 6th is important, not just for guiding a near term policy response, but for establishing a factual record for future historians. Aired on 02/17/2021.
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Why It's So Important To Have A 9/11-Style Commission To Document The Facts Of January 6th


    1. @Wingman46 Oh, you’ve been living under a rock I see. Google it yourself, I am not your personal Alexa. Take your meds too, you need them, and call your mommy and daddy to make sure they are the right once

    2. @Wingman46
      The Republican party is actively trying to take over the country. That makes them a threat. So yes, treat them as such. No mercy, or our country fails.

  1. To furthermore restrictions on the freedoms of Americans, just like the 9/11 commission did with the Patriot Act which has never caught any terrorism. Chump should have been convicted! Point blank!

    1. LMMFAO. NOW we investigate what happened and who is really to blame. Maybe while were at it we should investigate the carnage from last summers insurrection as well.

  2. Heck w a commission. Turn DoJ, FBI, and DHS loose w criminal investigations of all involved AND CHARGE THEM.

    1. They are loose. They started hunting down rioters immediately. None of them are being shielded from prosecution either. The question is why the Capitol police’s request for National Guard back up was denied by the Speaker of the House. Who benefited the most from the events of the 6th?

    2. @Mimzy Jinx The Speaker doesn’t have the authority to request or decline NG.
      The president authorizes the secretary of defense to supervise and control the D.C. Guard. The secretary may order the Guard mobilized to aid D.C. civil authorities, but subject only to the direction of the president

    3. A commission gives credibility to investigation and resulting charges and convictions! GOP embraces fascist tactics, and is sadly in favor of autocracy! Fascism, oligarchy, kakistocracy, kleptocracy! Whatever hurts us and increases their power & riches!

  3. Let us pray this commission deals the justice and punishment to aisle 45 and his coconspirators that the Senate was unable to do.

    1. They doctored evidence in last week’s trial. They lied about Sicknicks death. The media backed up the Sicknick lie until it was no longer needed, retracting the story about his death being caused by a fire extinguisher and played down the falsification of evidence. Altering dates, adding fake verifications, manipulating video and clipping speech out of it’s meaningful context in a legal proceeding is a crime.

    2. @Mimzy Jinx What’s the evidence that the recreated tweets were _deliberately_ “doctored” by the House Impeachment Managers? What impact has an accidentally placed verified symbol on a recreated tweet have on the content of the tweet?

    3. @Ruth X because these people are such simpletons that they believe anyone with a check mark their word must be law.

    4. Hear hear. Yet, the 9/11 “Commission” was total coverup. If Timothy Snyder heads coup commission I might trust outcome. Otherwise, GOPTQ, redux.

  4. I never thought I would see a fascist coup attempt in this country. But we did and we have a fascist movement that’s looking for a home, not in this country

    1. Perhaps ironically, during the Cold War, the US orchestrated fascist coups in several of the countries to its south. This time around, it seems that Russia was instrumental in fomenting and nurturing a fascist movement within the US. I’m hoping for many documentaries and analyses and podcasts and even academic research on this in the months and years to come.

    2. “Blowback” is the term the CIA uses to describe unintended consequences of morally questionable covert actions in other countries. Fascism probably suit USA as a glove on a hand, since it really is capitalism and industrialism put above democracy and humanism. Almost half of USA have shown they want such a system, as long as the result is “America First”. So there’s reasons to worry about the future leaders of the country. However I can only guess that the intelligence apparatus is already working on high gear to try to create a system where such a result will become less likely. Weakening the far-right extremism etc. But as with the uprising at the Capitol showed and studies independently, a lot of police and military support a far-right, white supremacist system. Pride about “American Exceptionalism” have turned into foolishness, where there’s no longer any real fear that some other nation might grow beyond the control of the current “Anglo-Saxon” Empire in the world.

    3. LMMFAO. NOW we investigate what happened and who is really to blame. Maybe while were at it we should investigate the carnage from last summers insurrection as well.

  5. The American people ABSOLUTELY deserve to know EXACTLY what happens and WHY and WHO paid for the storming of the Capital!
    And then those responsible MUST be held LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE!
    NO accountability!
    NO justice!
    NO unity!

  6. One thing to look forward to is the inevitable Aaron Sorkin mini-series on the commission featuring Jeff Daniels 🙂

    1. Will they’ll add fake blue checkmarks to every tweet? What assurances do we have that they won’t doctor the evidence in this “Truth Commission” as they did in the trial?

  7. A president it not a ruler but a civil servant of the people for the people and by the people… And never be above the law

    1. @UCzVg7IDjJn1XhhSU0FQDEUw the one example Trump’s lawyer gave of doctored evidence, he said they didn’t use.
      All of the evidence source material they used was public record, and all of the Senators, and everybody, else has access to it.
      The social media posts happened in REAL LIFE ON MILLIONS OF PEOPLE’S DEVICES, so the timeline was witnessed.
      The video editing was to show the language Trump uses, so that they could say Trump said “peaceful” once, and things like “fight” multiple times. Also so they didn’t have to watch days of video.

      Why isn’t Trump sueing them for falsifying evidence?
      They went on record with that evidence, and it should be easy to prove if it’s true…
      Just another one of Trump’s misdirections, like the election lawsuits that didn’t have evidence either.

    2. @AL- BOT They added a blue check to a tweet to give it added authority. They alter the date of a tweet in order to connect it to the 6th. They used hearsay when the person they were quoting was in the room and objected. Raskin literally had to withdraw the evidence and admit on the record that it wasn’t true. This is real. Deal with it.

    3. @Mimzy Jinx THAT CHECK MARKED, TIME CHANGED TWEET WAS THE EXAMPLE THEY DIDN’T USE. And if you watched the impeachment, and saw the picture, you’d realize Raskin was just researching, and skipped over a bad one.
      There was no hearsay.
      Trump’s lawyer gave many accusations, with no examples.


      Watch the impeachment.
      Trump’s lawyer shows exactly how competent he is.
      He didn’t even know if he was under oath.

    4. @Mimzy Jinx you have to think about the reality of trying to manipulate Tweets that happened in real life, on devices all over the world.
      Trump had millions of followers, and I bet every news outlet and government had someone monitoring and screenshoting every one of Trump’s Tweets.
      Even the people who weren’t Trump had followers. Some of those followers used the social media posts to turn in the people they were following.
      Twitter, and other platforms would have a database or public archive of these posts.
      The House Democrat Impeachment Managers used public archive, and the Senators had access to the source material.

      The “hearsay” was a Senator with a BS objection, that he tried twice, about someone else’s on record statement.

      Why isn’t Trump filing lawsuits for defamation?
      Why isn’t the Senator who objected?

  8. “Last night, a man stole my Prada purse at gunpoint. After it happened, I told him, “I’m calling the police mister.” He responded “Mrs. Bowers, please don’t. That won’t promote unity and healing. And we need to come together after that horrific robbery we both just experienced.”

    I’m kidding.That wasn’t someone who robbed me. It was the Republicans who aided and abetted Donald Trump’s domestic terrorists who swarmed the Capitol in hopes of overturning our democracy. Instead, they just posed for selfies in silly costumes while criming. Yeah, they’re that stupid. Oh, and they also killed some people. Yes, the same folks who are all about “Blue Lives Matter” and “Respect the Flag” disrespected the flag to end a blue life. It’s almost as if they don’t REALLY believe any of the things they say. Which is why I side-eye any calls for bipartisanship from them now. “Oops, our attempt at a bloody, treasonous insurrection failed. So let’s just forget the whole thing. Bygones and hold hands.” While they regroup on their latest app for white supremacists.

    Remember after 9/11, when everyone was all, “Let’s not go after Bin Laden for that lapse into terrorism. If you do, he’ll just do more terrorism. Instead, let’s just send him a Gwyneth Paltrow vageen candle, and work with him towards unity and healing?” Yeah, I don’t either. But the insurrection at the Capitol never would have happened without 2 things: 1 Donald – and the rest of the Republicans’- lies about the election. 2, something not getting nearly as much attention: Christian nationalists. The riot was full of them. But then again, so is any gathering of white supremacists. There were Dominionist prayers before, during, and after the Capitol’s windows were smashed. The mob was invoking their “Thou Shall Not Ki//” mascot, while they were ki//ing.

    So what is it now? “Render unto Caesar – a Molotov cocktail!!” Or ” Onward Christian domestic terrorists?” Frankly, I blame in part the gimmick called “Religious Freedom.” It has taught us that the laws that apply to so-called “everyone” don’t apply to conservative Christians. That makes us….oh, what is the word? LAWLESS. Because when I hear the “Well, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley didn’t actually storm the Capitol” defense, I’m reminded of how popular the “Well, Bin Laden didn’t actually fly the planes” defense was after 9/11. You know, cause Charles Manson never actually ki//ed anyone either.

    Criming is so much more tidy when you get others to do it for you. Because pretending to care about pretend election fraud, to overturn a REAL election, is inciting REAL sedition. And when the Christian Nationalists you inspire namedrop you while they’re committing domestic terrorism — congratulations!!
    You know your reckless encouragement worked.”

    –Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian

    1. WOW that’s a lot but I loved reading it and you should be some kind of writer the part that Bin Laden didn’t fly the planes was brilliant that’s them letting white privilege go for so long all I saw on January 6 was domestic terrorists and the fact that no one has been charged with that is the real crime I raised my hand a while back to defend the constitution from both foreign and domestic just like everyone of those government officials that was there and they DID NOT nor have they still 30 thousand black people do that they would be considered domestic terrorist and treated as such a racist system ran by a bunch of racist people

  9. A commission? So that Trump and the GQP can say sorry in about 3 years and then do it again? Come on, charge them NOW.

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