1. You would think right?

      Trump is doing major damage to the GOP and individual Republicans then you have Garland putting them back on their feet and given Trump the biggest gift of all.

      And President Biden saying that he’s going to stay out of it if it was the other way around if the shoe was on the other foot all of the Republicans would be seeking the death penalty it Biden did half of what Trump did.

      Look they’re trying to impeach President Biden based on the accusations surrounding his son that’s crazy.

    2. @Truck Taxi Joe Biden is everything you wish Trump was corrupt criminal politician compromised by foreign countries with a crackhead son you are brainwashed by liberal media please educate yourself

  1. The pot calling the kettle black – abuse of power – the Mango Mussolini is still the same double-speak liar of days gone by…

  2. I’ve been wondering this. A special counsel would still make sense if it was only to insulate it from criticism of conflict of interest. But it would also make sense if the investigation isn’t just two separate cases of stolen docs and Jan 6. If they are connected then it might expand into places like congress and SCITUS and if so it might need to be protected from actions the house may take.

    1. I personally think it’ll be used primarily on congresspersons that ask the wrong questions. 
      “You can’t question ppl because of a text on J6” or something.. 

      Just like Nancy did, it’ll be an excuse to remove ppl from asking questions.
      100% legal skirt.

    2. @Lawn Chair lol… bingo!
      This is an excuse to attack ppl asking questions of Joe.
      It’s perfect, he’ll just point a finger and accuse them of participating in the imaginary insurrection.
      Just like when Nancy removed republicans she didn’t like on her pet J6 committee.
      Now the DOJ is going to be in open revolt against the house. 
      The DOJ is 100% partisan and a tool of the DNCCC..

    3. @Keoki Ciervo we definitely need to keep that committee open. Just change leadership, then toss the democrats you don’t like off it. Nancy set this precedent, bless her heart. Next, subpoena your political opponents.
      If your political opponents don’t stand before you under oath while you are free to lie? Arrest them. Again, thanks for the precedent Nancy.
      Why would the republicans not use this tool? Seriously.. it would be stupid not too.

  3. Federal prosecutors are so thorough and they are so competent that everyone knows and is working with the assumption that an indictment means a conviction. Then of course a conviction means jail time. Of course if Trump is facing jail time he would throw everyone else under the bus to negotiate out of it.

    1. FBI and doj protect Clintons and obidens for decades! Long list of 71 mysterious suicides need to be exposed!

  4. If this was any other citizen you would already be doing life in prison. Tell me about justice in America again?

    1. @Mister Hat👈 voted for Bumblebiden….just saying….I mean really…Biden=the epitome of strength wisdom clarity and is certainly not on the books for being a racist nor corrupt??

    2. For what exactly? Trump has to be the most honest man on the planet. Anyone investigated as much as he would surely have been convinced of something. I would have been and everyone reading this would have been too.

  5. There trying to right the ship, and the only way to do that is to leave no doubt about the impartiality of the justice system.

    1. Yes, because is there no bottom to the damage that the orange baboon has done to this country and its institutions?

    2. They have got to be 100 percent sure when they pull the trigger because if he gets off on a technicality they may never get him

  6. For one Mafia family, it took years to set up a solid RICO case before this went to trial. This insurrection has touched people all over the country. A handful of U.S. Senators, a couple dozen U.S. Representatives, members of state congresses all over the country, some states has the number one RNC ensnared, many elected individuals in the counties throughout the states are complicit, too. Many of the people around our disgraced former President are neck deep in the Trump cesspool. But the most egregious person was Donald Trump. No other person has the temerity to just go for it. If we have a strong enough net, we can bring in a whole lot of people I just mentioned.

    1. @John Doe if that’s what the American people believe then its extremely unlikely Republicans would ever have another President in our lifetime

    2. @Keith Crowell LOL ….. there won’t be any corrupt republicans, like in the impeachments, to save Chump from the criminal justice system and indictments this time. Nor will Don the Con get a pass like he did in the Mueller inquiry because he was sitting the the White House.

  7. Trump is always talking about a ‘witch hunt’. Doesn’t he ever think, ‘maybe I should stop breaking the law’ or being dastardly and I won’t be hunted?

    1. Herbert, ROFLMAO! You really think that? The evidence of Dastardly Donald (so sorry, couldn’t resist using this delicious new name for the mental midget no offense intended to little people) and his crimes against the American government and people is abundant.

    2. @T SERIOUSLY???…. Insurrection, Stole Docunents, Tried to tamper with an election, caught on tape in Georgia. Took money from his inauguration fund. OVER charged Secret Service, to stay at Trump Properties and others to stay at his properties. Which is profiting of the WH, while in office.. Laundering money to Ivanka as a consultant, while she was in the WH. Fraud, Money laundering, wire fraud, falsifying documents, tax evasion, bank fraud, insurance fraud… Is this not enough!! He has like six investigations going on, because of his corruption…

  8. Hearing Mr Trump call attention to “this horrendous abuse of power” is taking projection to a whole new level.

    1. @Shane Best please enlighten us on how trump would have been able to keep fuel costs down at this point in time?

    2. @Billy Goat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok enlighten me how he lost due to cheating…i assume we are going to the 2000 mules vault?….wait let me get my popcorn..this should be awesome

  9. I hope he is looking at these congressmen who encouraged the insurrection. These people should be indicted! These idiots spurred on the participants of 1/6, Cruz, Hawley, Jordan, Green, Bolbert, Gomer, just to name a few. They do not deserve to serve (if you can call it such) in congress. People lost their lives that day, many were injured and threatened. Don’t these people deserve justice?

    1. @Paul Jasmine interesting perspective; however, what do u think would have happened if the rioters had breached the door?

    2. @warleswil
      Taken from 6ABC.
      According to the DOJ, approximately 640 defendants have been charged with entering or remaining in a restricted federal building or grounds, which is a misdemeanor. More than 225 accused rioters have been charged with the more serious crime of assaulting, resisting, or impeding officers or employees, according to the DOJ, with 75 of them facing charges of using a deadly or dangerous weapon or causing serious bodily injury to an officer.

      So according to the DOJ, hundreds of rioters entered the Capitol. Funny how only Ashley Babbitt was shot dead.

    3. @Paul Jasmine So we can agree that if the rioters had breached the door at the time Congress was being evacuated there is no telling how the clash would have escalated. Sad she got shot but I do believe it was due to the timing of the attempt to breach the door at the exact time Congress was being evacuated.

    4. @warleswil
      From what you are insinuating, chances are the democrats would have lost the fist fight that would have ensued.
      They, Nancy, never released the video of the rioters in the Capitol. Not sure the Republicans will now that they have control.

  10. Trump should have stayed in his TV lane and left running the country to people who aren’t sociopathic narcissists.

    1. @Cheryl B ” you seem to be deficit in your reading comprehension” 🤦‍♂️ it’s actually; you seem to be deficient in your reading comprehension”

    2. Me too. It’s way broader. Trump’s control over the government is more complete than any of these pundits can even imagine.

    3. @Cheryl B sure because dean was so correct on Trump’s Russian collusion( Mueller came up with nothing even though he hates Trump!!!) He came up empty on impeachment too, but THIS time we should trust him

    4. The bigger case by far is the likely dozens of people who will be charged in the fake electors scheme. The other one is simple…Trump stole the documents, refused to return them, obstructed, lied, lost or sold top secret material. It’s a slam dunk!

  11. Viewers: “Just what has been publicly broadcast would make an open and shut criminal case against Donald Trump.”
    Media: “So, you’re saying there might be a case”

  12. Hearing Trump talk about an abuse of power, is like hearing Tucker Carlson talk about the lack of integrity in Journalism.

    1. You gotta be joking, when dean speaks it’s nothing but bullshit coming out. Wrong on collusion and impeachment, wrong on this

    2. I was in college and got to watch live when Mr. Dean testified to Congress about the Nixon tapes. He was and is a true Patriot and has always spoken truth to power. Much respect for Mr. Dean.

  13. This makes me hopeful . The sooner Trump is out of the picture the better for the American people! We need to get on with the buisness of this country !

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