1. I’m all about inclusion and government officials matching the electorate. But it’s still off putting to seek a person based on skin color or gender as the first priority and making sure they’re good for the job second.

    I just want the best people in as many positions as possible. And that is something we don’t have which means we’re not doing something right.

    1. @Flowers inherHair But what is actually a more accurate paradym… We (Republicans) can’t let the first female federal judge be a Republican nominee.

    2. @Ancapitalist I don’t doubt she’s qualified. However, your argument is invalid because Joe Biden himself said that he was looking to nominate a black woman

    3. @Lana Wachowski Get over it Nazi troll, Black people were not offended by that joke only trolls who support neo-Nazis Domestic terrorists who attacked America on Jan 6th.

    4. @Louis Tully That was back then, times have changed. Get over it. The far-right said they don’t vote for nominates in an election year to deny Obama’s nomination of Garland then did just that under Lying Trump. Hypocrisy is on both side.

    1. @NGS DWT Supreme Court justices aren’t supposed to represent anyone. They simply rule by the constitution.

    1. @SWog If only the other half of our country agreed with you that it may be more than 6 wks before you know. So why not 10 weeks or more in case theres legal issues between mom and dad. What country are you from? So narrow minded, religious fanatic? Why do you care what others are doing. Worry about yourself!

    2. @Duane Hall democrats force abortions on young girls who are the victims of their rape and incest. Also most abortions are committed against African Americans as a part of a racist eugenics program started by democrat kkansman

    3. @John Dough I just reported this as bs because it is. I hope everyone else that reads this does the same. Report >>> Misinformation

    4. @Cellar Doorsure bud, and your argument is still that a citizen can choose whether a non citizen can live or die. Fetus is a stage of the human life cycle just like infant, adolescent, adult, geriatric…

  2. Compare this coverage to the coverage of Kavanaugh by CNN to the Supreme Court. Oh thats right Kavanaugh was a republican and Brown is a democrat. Enough said.

    1. @D Mac She needs to be treated EXACTLY how these disgusting Democrats treated Brett Kavanaugh. Anything less than just that, means we live in a banana republic

    2. @D Mac Then the republicans need to do what the democrats did – find someone to accuse her of a crime. Stick to the formula the democrats used on Kavanaugh and Trump. Accusation of everything and just keep them coming. Except in this case the liberal media will not treat the accusations as shark bait, since they support in general all democrats’. Just look at all of those accusations of Trump that are turning out to be reported false now by those who were once wrong. The accusations against Kavanaugh were BS. All of them.

    3. *I have posted few videos of African indian Women and children not allowed to save their lives and used as human sacrifice*

    4. @D Mac Accused is the key word. You do realize she’s a nutjob right? Biden nominated her for her skin color.

  3. 🤔 I’m watching this closely because I’m running for president in 2024″ if they don’t hate on me I will get it vote for me GREG from Detroit,Michigan. I’m what the government call’s Social Green Liberalist now

  4. I am the first black man to not care what this woman’s skin color is. I should be celebrated for my achievement

    1. I’m the first commentator not to care about the fact that you are a black man but your character wants credit when credit is not due. Celebrate me 🙄

    2. Reply to me I want to know what it’s like to be responded to by a black male on the internet in 2022

    3. @ The ‘Debate Me!’ Channel, so what junior? Been there. Did that. Get a life. One that doesn’t revolve around you pointing out your skin color to make an asinine point. A duh


  6. Senators lie when they say that the only thing that matters to confirm a Supreme Court Justice is qualifications but that was the Scalia days, now the only thing that matters is which President nominated her? So, if you cant say you dont want her because she is black, you can say that she is friendly to sex offenders

    1. Oh Peter, the only way a segregationist bigot like Joe Biden would nominate a blah woman is if she was soft on pradophiles. Republicans selected Thomas years ago. Bigoted democrats lied and accused him of sex assault. Now the same racist democrats want to play the race card in order to sneak in a pro pradophile judge in? Hell no, we oppose bigots and pradophiles while you racist democrat party of slavers worship them.

    1. @Cellar Door I didn’t deny anyone a hearing 😂😂. I don’t think we should be appointing pradophile sympathizers to the Supreme Court though. Wonder why a kiddie sniffer like Biden would nominate someone like that?

    2. @John Dough you elected one president home school.

      Donald: “I wish her well” in reference to Maxwell before her child slave trial where she was found guilty.

      Bravo high ground 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. No person is black or white. There’s only one human race. Instead of worrying about skin color, Americans need to inquire about how many generations people in positions of power and influence have been in this country, as well as whether or not they’re greatly influenced by cultural practices and beliefs abroad, that will hinder further progress here.

    People from all over the world come to the United States and insert themselves into groups based on skin color, without any real connection or care for who they’re being associated with. It is manipulative and wrong.

  8. A supreme justice supposedly interpreting the constitution not implementing their personal agenda.

    1. Or allowing their spouse who attended the Jan 6th rally to influence your decisions on the bench 🙄

  9. Imagine being a diversity hire, but thinking you got the job because of your qualifications. Lol

    1. You must be talking about the country’s most prominent handmaid, Amy Coney Barrett, and her anemic qualifications. I couldn’t agree more.

  10. Ok let me get this straight for all the republican critics let look at facts instead of politian who say what their voters who has no facts.let be honest the country needs diversity

  11. Vote her in and get this over with. You have the majority. Not interested in hearing any nonsense from the insurrection party.

  12. As to her being soft on sex offenders… people are pissed off that they get such light sentences so using the excuse that other judges are doing it too doesn’t cut the mustard

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