Why Legal Experts Believe Trump's Legal Problems Are Only Beginning 1

Why Legal Experts Believe Trump’s Legal Problems Are Only Beginning


Danya Perry, former deputy attorney general for New York, talks with Rachel Maddow about why so many legal experts are predicting more indictments to follow those filed tonight against the Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg.
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  1. Charge Donald Trump he’s the owner of the Trump organization, the attorney general of New York need to stop beating around the Trump bush

    1. Let’s hope and pray the orange man gets his DEW!!! And all of the rest of his lackeys!!!

    2. @Beals Dorris they wouldn’t of fought tooth and nail which took yrs btw just to get his taxes set up a grand jury squeeze his money guy and trump kids it takes time to get big fat fish at top so u start bottom up you’re just becoming impatient

    3. @CJ K
      No. As Don The Con’s own Lawyer (who just a couple of days ago was thumping his chest and saying that he felt embarrassed at having to litigate such small potato charges) Ken Fischetti said Today “this is just the first blow”. Basically saying “there are more blows coming. Because that’s just how Investigations into The Big Fish like Trump Works. You Indict the company and a somewhat big fish. Like Weisselberg. Then you get the somewhat big fish to cooperate so you can bring a superseding Indictment against a bigger fish. Then you do it again and bring another superseding indictment. And again. And as many times as it takes to Build your case along the way, until it’s Bulletproof, and working your way up the food chain to the Biggest King Fish. Donald J Trump himself. This is far from Cy Vance and the SDNY “running out of Straws” legal genius. This is just the tip of the Indictment Iceberg heading towards the SS Trumptanic. As the Late Great Yogi Berra said:
      “It ain’t over til it’s over.”
      Ps. By Indicting The Trump Organization itself? Cy Vance just hit Donnie Jenius where it’s gonna hurt the most. His Wallet. He’s already Leveraged to the Hilt and his properties have been hemorrhaging money for the past year or two. Loan payments to the tune of $1 Billion smackerolas are coming due in the next 2 years. So I’m sure that any financial institution that is still doing business with Don The Con has clauses which would let them call the loans, paid in full, should The Trump Org wind up in Legal Jeopardy. This indictment against the Organization itself could very well Bankrupt Trump Personally.
      I Rest My Case.

  2. he has had legal trouble since becoming a legal adult, what Fred couldn’t buy his way out of, they countersued worthless family.

    1. The question is why are we investigating untaxed gifts when the real concern is over whether the President of the USA had been bought and, thus, extorted by hostile foreign powers?

    2. @Kermit T. Frog IANAL but I expect it’s the Al Capone strategy – we know he’s corrupt but what can he be charged and convicted of?

    3. @jb888888888 : The Capone strategy is significant. Vance appointed the ex mob lawyer Mark Pomerantz earlier this year which is going to bring a lot of experience and a laser focus to the game that should make anyone associated with Trump money and businesses twitchy.

    4. yep he has been under indictment his whole life this is the way he lives and sadly he wont face any consequences in fact he will play the victim and still get millions in donations from idiots that actually believe his lies still .

    5. And tampered with investigations through handling witnesses and destroying evidence…. they seem to be masters at hiding proof even when things are done out in the open enough for eye witnesses.

  3. If Alan Weisberg got indicted, there’s no effing way the orange stable genius Trump is innocent.

    1. Judge: “How do you plead?”
      Weisselberg: “Not guilty”
      Trump Atty to Press: “Weisselberg declared Not Guilty”

    2. @Julie Ring That’s what I’m waiting to hear – the reaction from the financial world, and how soon that might come.

    3. @Julie Ring Trump can get plenty of money from Russia though… And don’t forget the idiots that buy into the grift.

  4. Trump defrauded a University, Charity and investors. Time to RICO the Trump Crime Family.

    1. After frauding Americans through his university, that’s when he had to go to life imprisonment. America left him free and he came back to hurt them again and the entire free world.

    2. @Beals Dorris I’m not holding my breathe. If it happens it happens. Trump has more aces up his sleeves than any crooked card player.

  5. Remember when Donny said if he lost, he might would have to leave the country? Is this why Donny thought he’d have to leave,because all his crimes are catching up to him?

    1. He can leave, but he can’t hide from his creditors, insurance or the mob. There’s NO WHERE he can run

    2. Don The Con also said
      “If I lose to sleepy Joe Biden you’ll probably never hear from Me again.”
      MFer Lied about that too!

    3. Ivanka: Daddy, are we going to prison?
      Trump: No, pumpkin you are daddy is going to Russia.

    1. @Andrew Enriquez
      Excuse me, but wasn’t that you Retrumplicans that wanted to hang your own vice president for no reason?

    2. @LF313 That internet tough guy you confronted truly wasn’t much since he vanished without even replying. Ironically it sums up the modern republican identity. Noisy and playing the victims but ultimately they are nothing but hot air.

    3. @Alexis Rivera That is the entire point of “Lib Owning” – which is the only coherent platform that Republicans have nowadays. During the Cold War, conservatism actually had one platform that they could mobilize behind – and that was threat of communism. Since that threat went away, they had to rely on culture wars, identity politics and “Lib Owning”.
      Take a look at GOP leadership in Congress. Just trolls and enablers, personality cult figures whose entire identity is just the support for Trump. Nothing of a substance, no big (or small) ideas on how to improve the life of an average citizen, just Trump and lib owning,
      And they wonder why majority of last two generations skew towards the left, they blame “liberal colleges” and “Fake News Media” as radicalization agents for the left…

    1. @FreeEdwardSnowden … You caring more about Hunter, who is not an elected official, over the corruption and LIES of Chump? Yes, this is why you guys are poorly educated cult members. Why didn’t Chump investigate the Biden’s when he was President? Instead he tried to pressure Ukraine to investigate Biden.

    2. @TruthSeeker08 …. And how do you know for certain those emails and text messages are legit? Why didn’t Chump investigate the Biden’s when he was President if there was “plenty of proof?” Why did he instead try to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation of Biden? What you are doing in not research. You are just believing anything you see on the internet because it reinforces your position. What is your source? Does that source have libel laws limiting what lies they can spread? You are not a truthseeker. You are just another poorly educated cult member believing misinformation on the internet, nothing more. If you are really seeking truth…answer my questions.

    3. @TruthSeeker08
      1) Google: Biden won the election.
      2) Click on images.
      3) Scroll until you see pictures of Biden winning the election.
      4) Look at them.

      There’s plenty of proof but you have to research for yourself instead of blindly believing everything Chump tells you to believe.

      Disclaimer: If you are a poorly educated cult member you will still say Chump won the election and fight reality.

      Your poor education is showing.

    4. @TruthSeeker08
      1. Google: Unicorns
      2. Click on images
      3. Scroll until you see pictures of unicorns
      4. Taste the rainbow

  6. “IT ONLY TAKES A SMALL SPARK TO EVENTUALLY BURN DOWN A WHOLE FOREST”…this is just the start of the Fire Storm coming Trumps way….

    1. @Mike Smith I think America is doing 100 time’s better under Biden, not much covid, jobs coming back, and he’s creating an infrastructure programme to make America’s crumbling infrastructure better, so in fact your talking bollox.

    2. @Paul Brown
      I tell you what get your passport fly to BWI airport..I’ll pick you you up loan you a bullet proof vest & take you for the grand tour from Baltimore to DC &NYC to Chicago then from there we can drive out to Portland Oregon up to whashington state..Then tell me how great Biden is…lol

    1. Nope, that would only make him a martyr to the sister lovin douchies! I want to see him in cuffs!

    2. @Kevin O’Connor 🤮 the Trump Cult needs to put down the Kool-Aid and take off their tin foil hats

    3. @Blue Dog We will see. TRUMP 2024!! Dont have a meltdown when it happens now. Subconciously you already know it is going to happen, lol. Prepare yourself snowflake

    4. @Kevin O’Connorlike I said not a chance! If you people who so obviously want to be ruled by a dictator, then what are you doing here? You don’t even seem to have a grasp on what the presidency in this country means let alone have any basis in reality! By 2024 the Republicans will have moved on, at the moment some still have their tongues up his butt, however that is only for the sake of his imbecilic voting base ie people like you, but that won’t last! At his most recent rally people were walking away in droves as he rambled on repeating the same worn out old garbage his voice and appearance noticeably disheveled, AND he will be challenged by other Republicans who will trash his one term loser presidency no end! But hey….who knows, maybe Marjorie Taylor Batchit or Matt Gaetz will carry the baton for him, that will be good…..won’t it? Bwahahahaha!!!!

    1. @MKultraInstinct Ah a tRumper. To quote your zero hero, if you are a nurse you are “rude and nasty”. tRumps fav if you don’t agree with his lunacy.

    2. @William Fowler maybe you are right, but they are investigating tRump Corp more because he has done this repeatedly and now that he LOST he can’t hide behind the presidency. Wah, wah 😫

  7. Dole out the pain and punishment slowly to all the Trump clan and their enables/co-conspirators….Show him the compassion and mercy he showed all the people he has hurt and caused the death of during his miserable life…He needs to be held accountable and punished for once!

    1. Ahhhhh, the perfect Lefty distillation.

      No rhyme or reason, just misdirected anger and bitter vengeance to the core.

    2. @Jay Larsen Yeah, cuz racism and fascism is just good kind-hearted loving at its core, right? Did you send Chump money? Probably

    3. @Joe Ciavarini – Racism, being affected by and having views, that are influenced not only by our own racial identity, but by our perceptions of racial identities different than our own, is a universal human trait.

      Fascism, is gaming control of the state by hook or by crook, and then using that leverage to bring all spheres under the control of the state. Is the media and corporate big tech, more in synch with a Republican Administration or a Democrat Administration?

  8. Sounds good. Otherwise I thought America was taken over by trump. But they are getting rid of him

    1. Don’t believe it Elara until the orange liar is actually charged this is all just smoke and mirrors . The losing POS of a FORMER POTUS incited a riot and people died and still nothing has happened to him only his gullible fools have faced any charges .

  9. Tell me his kids are involved, that’s terrible to say. But the older kids he raised he raised crooked as He is.😡

    1. Trump’s useless DNA have been riding his smarmy coattails their entire lives. I can guarantee they have criminal exposure.

  10. Let Weaselberg rot in prison! Taking the fall for the don never made much sense to rational people.

  11. I am tired of hearing about Trump’s “potential“ legal troubles. I want to see him perp-walked into prison. Somebody needs to start throwing indictments around.

    1. @Terry Lazar It’ll be in the upcoming movie The Orange Mile. “Orange Man Walkin’!”

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