1. BREAKING NEWS: Putin has formally offered to be the Special Master, since he’s already reviewed all the documents and could expedite the process.

    1. Other people are nothing but props to him. For sociopaths, “other people” don’t really exist, except in some theoretical way. He literally thinks the world revolves around him.

    1. @gibbeys I’m not kidding. See what you did there? Every time I ask for one example of anything that is claimed about Trump, its just “Oh there’s so many” Ok so give me one! You cant can you?

    2. @Jason O’Leary President Trump is everyday news 📰📰📰. This has made him even bolder, and powerful. They know he knows they’re lying 🤣😂😂😂.

    3. @Rolen Rodes let’s try “facts for dummies” for basic Trump supporters. And “Believe their actions not their words” for anyone who goes to Trump rallies.

    1. @Acer Maximinus it’s sad, but true. the erosion of safety, economy and prosperity has all happened under full Democrat rule.

  2. Please stop referring to his appearances as “speeches”. It’s senseless rambling. Wasn’t he there to support candidates for office in PA.

    1. @Bryan because he is the leader of a fascist movement and I swore an oath to defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  3. Lesson in life my mother taught me: “Just because you got away with a very questionable fart once, doesn’t mean the next time you won’t sh!t your pants.” Still holds true today.

    1. I hope you don’t mind, butt I just jotted down your Mother’s words of wisdom for future use! Your Mother’s a Rockstar in my book!

  4. Thank You Zoe. Yes it’s weird. But we can’t haul him in till after the elections. He is such a beautiful disruption of the republican platform.

  5. Honestly, Trump’s rhetoric is so much crazier now that I have to wonder if ordinary Republicans aren’t also thinking “it’s really weird.” Can you imagine the chaos if Trump were actually elected again? Heaven forbid.

    1. I’ll run for the border and seek political asylum. No way will I stay in my homeland under such tyranny! Why didn’t HE leave the country? I’m old and poor and will starve before I’ll tolerate that kind of ‘leadership ‘ FDJT!

    2. pretty soon he’ll accidentally extend his hand in a Nazi Salute – and nobody will be able to deny his true colors
      Orange swastika

  6. Pennsylvania thanks Dump for helping to elect Shapiro and Fetterman who will represent the citizens of our state over the Dump.

  7. He has to be paying some of them. I say that because the same African American man (white shirt with black lettering and sunglasses) Has been at all the recent rallies in different states. It’s been like a “finding Waldo” book

    1. How long does it take for everyone to know this is true? Everyone should understand that calling the emperor without clothes presages his anxiety, unforced errors, and self destruction. Just apply what kids say: “if that’s me, then what are you?”

  8. They should arrest him and not let out as he can cause so much trouble by creating a distrust in law enforcement and the law. He’s guilty, so he’s trying to vilify the ones that he fears.

    1. Ok. And under what law would we be able to do something like that and thus end up denying 330 million Americans their civil rights when/if they find themselves in front of a judge? This is a process. If it happened in any other 1st world country the process, slow as it is, would be the same or almost the same. YT comments are so low rent & reactionary, especially when the British jump in – which is almost all of the comments – the ignorance is beyond belief. I don’t know why I put myself through it.

    2. @Rock Forester Trump committed clear espionage – (and incitement of insurrection) for which both are felonies and those perps were arrested and sentenced… THAT LAW, numbnuts.
      Ye asked and received thy reply

  9. I cringed in embarrassment when HRC called this man and his supporters
    *deplorables.* Then I realized that she was only being generous!

    1. @oltedders yeah HRC means Hillary Clinton, why did you need to mansplain that to me when it was very clear I was aware of that?

    2. @El Spoocho Because you said you’d never heard of it. You need to get out and arounnd, cause it’s been used since yonk years.

  10. It’s sickening to see 45’s contemptuous face and/or hear his lying voice. Our DOJ needs to lock him up – and shut him up – already!

  11. I love watching interviews with Zoe. She is the absolute best – intelligent and very well spoken. Always speaks to the point. Clear and concise. When she can’t publicly answer a question she will say so, she does not beat around the bush or try and change the topic.

    1. Like your favorite English teacher or librarian. Wish we had more public servants like her…..kind of the opposite of the snarling bullies and snake oil peddlers the republicans seem drawn to.

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