1. Rudy Giuliani: “If I start driving for Lyft will they also pay my legal fees? Because I can’t even get Donald to take my calls anymore.” 🤣

    1. The best comment – to lift mood is OK even when this comment is far from the subject of hateful-misogynism-in-texas.

  2. Nicholle”s lighting is more mellow today. The ulracapacity of her sultrasagacity is in full regalia…By the way, that’s “community” guidelines, Nicholle.

    1. Very true. Statistically, the majority of voters in America are women. Well, women don’t like it when a bunch of crusty old men write laws that seek to dominate and control young women. So you can bet that the women’s vote will go HEAVILY against the Republicans in future elections.

  3. That’s just the beginning. It’s Inevitable that a bunch of Y’allibans will get together and file class action lawsuits against Lyft, Uber and any other ride share company taking Texas women to abortion clinics.

  4. Nobody’s constitutional rights should be put on sale for purchase by anyone who can find an informant to turn in whoever might be trying to exercise those rights.

    1. worse its not even the deed itself its the INTENT to get one or aid in getting one. So if you say I want an abortion but dont get one you can still be sued. Thought police anyone?!

  5. Lawyers are about to be ultra rich…..they are probably in cahoots with the MAGATS…..It’s always about the money with MAGATS

    1. Yeah, wheres Congressman Matt Gaetz?? Or what about fat faced autocrat Trump?! I could use $10,000!
      How do I turn them in?
      Unfortunately rich lying predators can do whatever they want, they are above the law! There’s no justice in America

  6. There’s already nonprofit group who will fund and fight for any pregnant women or organizatiosn who are sued under this Texas law. Bring it on Texas.

  7. Big mistake to mess with women……..law will be overturned before midterms.
    This is all to deflect the attention from the insurrection.

    Never forget: “Stand back, stand by.”

    “Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the R congressmen”

  8. The only privacy a woman has now is when she votes. No one has to see who she votes for on her ballot.
    Unless the GOP have something planned for that scenario.

  9. You can’t sue an Uber driver because of where a passenger is coming from or going to… Im a driver….I’m sure I’ve probably taken a crack head to a drug deal but that’s not my responsibility

  10. Living and trying to thrive in Tx during these scary times is unbelievable and unacceptable. My granddaughters are of age now where this could deeply affect them. I pray for justice. I pray for the rights of a woman to do what she feels is right with her own body.

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