1. Condolences to all the mothers, fathers families members who are grieving the lost of their loved ones in Ukraine 🇺🇦.

    1. Do you know anything what happened in Ukraine in 2014? Especially about Odessa? Why did suddenly donetsk and lugansk regions “suddenly’ want to fight against Kiev regime?

    2. @XVI – $6,100 could be a death sentence for working poor folks, who live paycheck to paycheck.

    1. @Ann Santos since you DIDN’T agree with him, to my understanding you are implying you do agree with him now

  2. Basically what he’s saying is: If you oppose the war “You’re an Outcast, a criminal at risk of trumped-up charges, or God forbid, Poisoned. Both methods have become the norm in Putin’s Russia.

    1. @Danial Hillmann First of all only men within a certain age range aren’t allowed to leave, and they aren’t putting the untrained people on the front lines for the most part. Also, many of them want to defend their country. The US could theoretically draft men in a certain age range in times of war, so i don’t actually see that as evil when it’s for defending the country (not attacking another country). Also, proof for the second claim? I guarantee it’s more free than Russian media. Your so-called facts don’t really support anything you’re saying.

    2. If the citizens of the world would unite against the the governments of the world we could affect the change we need to stop all this senseless disparity we are facing at the hands of the corrupted people running this world into the ground for profits. It has to stop. Together we can end all of this nonsense and provide a better life for all of humanity.

    3. @Josh C. Actually they do because in a free country you let the free people decide what they want to give their own life for, just like you allow them to speak freely 👍

  3. Misleading headline. Saying “I support the war” to a pollster during a time where disagreeing could send you to jail for over a decade is pretty different from rallying behind it.

    1. @Mad Slick noone has ever mentioned direct help for ukraine. – i can understand weapon, but tbh. im not a fan of the idea of providing weaps to an active conflict. thats no beuno. its just not right, but.. its also not right to attack your neighbours in order to gain control over government or territory. thats an even bigger no-no

    2. @ПризватьНельзя Помиловать except that. no. theres too many jailed politixcal opponents. theyre not conducting illegal rallies when theyre holding a political townshall meeting..

    3. @martin winther yupp, trust me 95% of the world is against putin, though some may not be vocal about it due to political reasons. BTW, sending weapons is direct help

    4. @Mad Slick direct help is sending troops that use them weaps..
      Its not an opinion, its how direct involment is defined

  4. The beginnings of most wars come with varying degrees of patriotic solidarity. This is not surprising.

  5. “As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. @Skateboarding Jesus CNN is the one.the most watch one they’ll be the one to start then follow by others.

  6. I’m sure the average Russian would be very reluctant to admitting their opposition to Putin to a pollster.

    1. when you get slapped in public for saying the wrong thing.. high chance you feel resentment to the attacker first..


  7. Living outside Russia with access to all types of media and information and knowing quite some Russian who live here in Europe, I was surprised to find the level of support for Putin. It is still easily 50% of people that I know. Friends have had similar experiences. While all these people I know have always been friendly and nice, it astonishes me how they can still support these cruelties after all. My appreciation for these people has suffered a lot.

    1. @Sugars Pillay I will never forget that!
      2 days before Iraq’s invasion – Saddam told Australia’s Foreign minister that Australia was indigenous peoples country!
      I detested USA UK & Aust. after that!

  8. All this makes me think about is how I’ve never met a Russian who didn’t give me the speech about what a strong and proud people they are supposed to be…..always willing to suffer for the right cause…..Well, that was a lot of B.S.

    1. Yes it was. Their moto is “We don’t leave our people behind.” They don’t even take bodies of dead soldiers!

    2. @bruh moment here comes the russian troll factory. How much is your salary from Putin? How can I join it? Im short on cash

  9. For some cases to consider about the Russians (or a portion of’em); Would you really feel good about your own country being the Bad Guy in the current crisis after all or would you want to believe anything that shifts the blame outside? Especially if it involved heinous acts. Not that it’s historically or even presently only them at fault.

    1. @Dan Mortenson I never said that example covered for most of’em. Merely just one point of view among many to consider, and probably ultimately a minor one. Then again, always easier to assume the worst or most serious approach out of every comment. Besides, at least I didn’t call’em plain stupid idiots for supporting Putin unlike how some might be tempted to say that, but just as said, one possible reason that may apply to just a few. As many things in life, more complicated than that.

    2. @Kim Cissell Never said that wasn’t the case. Again, what I said may apply to a smaller amount of people. In any case, it’s all tragic. One big struggle among many will be the way Russians may get treated by everyone else after this whole thing eventually ends (hopefully without the planet getting blown up), given people love to lump a group together for the actions of a few as far as attitudes go, after what happened in Ukraine and its people. One way I’ve said it is differentiate Russians and “Russkies”. Their difference? The latter screws over the former.

  10. This is what happens when you let a being that is totalitarian rule for so long, they gain complete control of people’s lives to such a degree that they fear speaking out. Not understanding how much they are loosing. Freedom is rather fragile we should learn from this.

    1. @bruh moment could you and the rest of russia stop degrade ukraine? Thank u. Props to the russians who still can think like a human

  11. Beautiful tie, thank you for your continued support for Ukraine. My distant relatives thank you. My father fought underground for Ukraine once upon a time and died in 1991 just prior to Ukraine becoming separated. Slava Ukraina xo.

  12. I used to live in the US before and during the invasion of Iraq. I saw propaganda work when people were free to express themselves and the press was allowed to have another voice. I can’t imagine how effective propaganda must be when opposition is silenced and the press actively supports it.

    1. @ПризватьНельзя ПомиловатьYour counter claims are laughably. Victory to Ukraine 🇺🇦!

  13. Putin’s approval rating rose from 169% to 183% since the start of the war. It’s a decent rise, but Putin may have to use different strategies if he wants to break 200%

    1. Only in Russia can an approval rating be higher than 100%. You get that? 183% of Russia loves him.

      What an absolute joke

  14. It is only when the horrors of war come to your area that you start to understand it, otherwise it seems like some sporting event. There is this dangerous reaction in many places that people do not want to deal with the complication of events and just listen to confident answers even if they are totally wrong! With only 1 information source you can see how this happens!

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