Why Matt Gaetz Is A Product Of The Modern Republican Party | All In | MSNBC


  1. I bet Liz Cheney is enjoying a drink or two. She’s savouring every moment of this prime example of sweet karma.

  2. Gaetz sounds like the type to be more upset about reporting he had to pay above everything else right now.

  3. I called it…whoa a whole ten years ago??? The GOP threw the smart guys out 30 years ago!

    1. @MegaHellsy Sorry, your sad little quip won’t make Biden any smarter. He is truly a dolt (that’s why Obama kept him hidden) and he’s spending our country into oblivion. And you know it.

  4. If Gaetz wants to marry the love of his life, does that mean in Florida a man could marry himself?

    1. It’s crazy but him he really was the last sane republican it feels like. Yeah I disagreed with most of his positions but man I wish we could go back. Paul Ryan was going to step into his place but saw the crazy train coming and noped right out and I don’t blame him.

    1. Yes ,well he needed to keep it secret for a few years otherwise people would’ve thought he was sick😉

  5. Exactly. The problem is not just one person or one action but the entire party or even society creating and allowing them.

    1. and voting for them, don’t ever forget they voted for them,
      stepped back a hundred years and voted for bigots

  6. ALL IN – hands down the most respectable mainstream show. Chris you are a genius and Mehdi you are perfection. Make the rest of the hosts feel your authenticity. Ari, don’t worry friend, you aren’t far behind.

  7. Mehdi’s breakdown of Boehner to MAGAts is spot on. Normal people have been seeing this coming since Gingrich’s Contract on America.

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