Why McCarthy is worried about testifying on Trump phone call 1

Why McCarthy is worried about testifying on Trump phone call


CNN's Jamie Gangel reports that House minority leader Kevin McCarthy does not want to testify under oath about his conversation with former President Trump concerning the Capitol insurrection.

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  1. Kevin’s pressure to speak about that phone call, will definitely be Trump’s next target. Trump IS loyal to NO ONE.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, everyone on Earth is terrified of Donald Trump. He does what he wants and no law enforcement does a damn thing to bring him into custody. Donald Trump could steal an armored truck and back it into his driveway unloading all the sacks of money bringing it into his basement, and no one would do a damn thing. They would turn the other cheek saying they didn’t see anything.

    2. @Francis Peter – In recent history there have been many people who fell from grace. If DT is really Teflon, then the only solution that some could hope for (I’m not suggesting it) cannot be described on YouTube.

    3. Biden bribed Ukraine president 1billion USA tax payers money to fire Ukraine prosecuter investigating hunter biden and a Ukraine energy company. Do you know what crime biden has committed and admitted too ?
      Dementia Joe is on video confirming what he did.

    4. @TRUMP JR – You should use the phrase “fact check” when you research that little Biden fantasy of yours before you come here and try to pass off bullshit as some controversy. That nonsense was debunked long ago, but conservatives keep fishing, hoping that some liberal will get “owned” because they read don’t read actual information from credible sources. Watching liars posting videos from their moms’ basements and reading Face book posts is more of a conservative kind of thing, I think.

  2. McCarthy will have to tell the truth to Congress in his complicity in the insurrection. Calling him would be the first step on the new commission. He will get caught lying and will the commission put their pants and arrest him for lying.

    1. @Greg You are a complete dumbass.No weapons, nobody was killed.Your source of information totally sucks. I’ll give you a couple of days to try to catch up.Unfrikinnelievable that you puppets still exist.Break away from fake news.Go outside.Get off Trump’s nads.Hate rules your days.Hate is not healthy.You must be on several medications.

    2. @Mark Lancaster But with all the lawsuits, lawyers could not prove wrongdoings of any kind. And there were multiple lawsuits. But when it came to court, they could not prove their points. Bitching about the election is now a thing but proving it in front of a judge is difficult. Even Giuliani had to confess there were no wrongdoings because he could be disbarred when lying to a judge with no proof.

  3. Because McCarthy would have to tell the truth and he doesn’t know how,since he threw out that manual years ago.

    1. @Don nawzd CNN aggregates what other news sources (Wapo, NYT, etc) report. Can you cite any actual affiliations with any Chinese news sources? Or are you just like FOX, opinions without facts?

    2. The Entire GOP Crime Syndicate, is all Lies, and Cheating, that’s all they know how to Do!! Trump Gave them all Lessons, in the art of Being Shady !!!And under handed !!!!

    3. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will just naturally implode. Use your energy for better things 🙂

  4. his facial jowels are in a constant downward mold, they’ve formed skin sags like molten sour milk lava, orange stains sagging, dragging ever down down down.. like his soul,
    like rudy’s sideburns but orange and milky…

  5. He is already skirting over the subject, self serving little creep, I would love to see him on the stand

    1. @tecums3h DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will just naturally implode. Use your energy for better things 🙂

    2. @Sheila Boston Your are correct. I’ll just sit back and watch them flail. Want some popcorn?

  6. I have heard a copy of that conversation. —- the HYPOCRITES will still deny it happened or will spin it.

    1. @David Watson I’ve travelled with the USAF serving my country. And I’ll never stop serving it either

  7. I think GOP members who cling to the Big Lie should be censured by the congressional or gov’t ethics committee.

    1. @Elmer’s Glue Evidently you don’t or you just use Google CNBC WAPO and other leftist orgs for your research. Can you say Echo chamber sir echo chamber. When’s the last time you accessed a reliable news source? My last time I believed a news cast was when Walter Cronkite said Nixon quit.
      Since then it’s been half truths, lies by omission and out right lies by the Blue media. ABC 20/20 lies about exploding gas tanks on Chevy trucks. Couldn’t get one to blow up by ramming it with another car so they rigged it with explosives to get the story. That started it all. CBS WAPO NYT recently admitted they lied about he whole Russian bounty controversy. I’ll give them some credit for walking it back but people like Stelter and Maddow never walking back all the lies they told for 4 years about Russian collusion and never mentioning it was Hilary’s campaign that funded it or the fact the FBI lied to the FISA court about that Hilary funded dossier.

      You wanna talk about the Ukraine call, how bout the fact that the ambassador lied under oath to congress about what she knew and wen she knew it.
      Not prosecuted.
      But yet they prosecuted mike Flynn for a legal phone call that all incoming administrations get and get him to plea by threating his son.

      What about Biden threating to withhold money if they didn’t fire the prosecutor looking into Hunters boss. Also Not prosecuted.
      Isn’t that what they accused Trump of, quid pro quo, something for something or else? Hypocrites at every turn that’s what the left is. and you can bet if they accuse you of something it is exactly what they are doing. Like vote tampering in the 2016 election.

    2. @JAE ESS wtf yo! you are going to give all these democrats meltdowns with all those facts. They might even try to cancel you over it. What’s that famous movie line? Oh yeah ” You can’t handle the TRUTH!!!” It’s not that democrats are stupid it’s just that they know alot of facts about things that simply aren’t true.

    3. @JAE ESS and there you go do deflecting. Like I told you already I don’t care who the president is. I only care about what they do. And all your doing is defending Trump.

      In other words I got you triggered over you outing yourself. Don’t get your blood pressure up so high. Not good for the heart. Also it can cause other health issues like a stroke.

  8. You know, something went wrong with the highest office in the country when you actually have to THINK which incriminating phone call someone doesn’t want to discuss under oath.
    Here’s a solution: Isn’t it time to put 45 under oath?

    1. @Bob O’Sullivan No… We didn’t. That’s why soldiers in the Civil War and World War were put up for war crimes. That’s why the bombs we dropped are now known worldwide as one of the worst atrocities in our history. I recognize what Trump and the GOP are about. All they want is money and power. That doesn’t mean they’re winning, though. That’s not winning. That’s not real strength.

    1. @Snitzy Plixx I was hoping you’d ask… also, made is such a strong word… ok it was around the ides of March… NBD… and we were in buenos aries… also NBD… we dined at the most amazing Chilean restaurant (ironic I know!). He was such a gentleman, paid for everything in American dollars which the waiter just loved!!! Then we went dancing on the playa with amazing flamenco dancers that we met at the bar after dinner. Omg, they were so nice!!! Then we had an orgy where no holds were barred and everyone went down on each other, but you know what? No hair keisters? You know why? Cuz we were in Brazil! Miss you already! Thanks and kisses!!!

    2. @Snitzy Plixx interesting that your so well versed in the prices of those exact items.

    1. @Corey Ham McCarthy is the holdup. Pelosi has conceded to 50/50 the bipartisan panel of Dems and Reps evenly with equal subpoena powers. But whereas the Dems want to focus ONLY on everything that lead up to and on the 6th of January, McCarthy “believes BLM” played a role and wants all protests in 2020 included. Obviously they had nothing to do with the 6th, but some of the GOP people at fault are part of the decision making process for oversight.

    2. @Talent Caldwell OK, thanks for the information. Eventually Pelosi will just have to push something through it seems.

    1. @Milton Bradley I know what they all mean. Even know where they came from and how they are being used now. Too bad you trust the companies and corrupt.

    2. @Diablo 6 9 You are wrong-headed on this and cannot justify what the MAGA traitors did on 1/6/21 although you will try to compare it to protests by BLM. You people are destroying America with you inability to accept reality.

    3. @Diablo 6 9 Given that last sentence I now realize you just seem to cobble words together out of nowhere and lob at people (free of context, deference, or regard). Moving on….


  9. McCarthy does not want trump to be reminded of the phone call. It will spark trump’s memory of the time he stood up/against him.

    1. Nah, I’m sure McCarthy has… um… made that up to him. Remember right after inauguration he flew down to kiss the pinky ring and leave his testicles in a jar on Trumps shelf.

    1. Remember what Rudy said awhile Back, The Truth isn’t the Truth any More !!! So what’s Next, their getting away with what ever they Want !!!!

    2. @Roger Hegemier they already do that. If they wanted to surprise us, they should do what they say they are going to do.

    1. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS – they crave attention and when they don’t get it will just naturally implode. Use your energy for better things 🙂


      THERE ARE 33,367,795 Coronavirus Cases and 593,995 Deaths in the UNITED STATES

      Last updated: May 07, 2021, 01:00 GMT

    3. ​@Peter Kariuki, agree. Remember he said he can pardon himself. We will see the law he made from his mouth is apply in the court. LOL.

  10. This is perfect. There is probably a record already of what was said , so if McCarthy lies under oath , he will be guilty of perjury. Sad thing is , these people are caught lying and committing felonies all the time but nothing happens to them , so they just keep on going. There needs to be some charges and arrests made.

    1. @Rich Beatty Our website gives you excellent sources. Democrats only pretend to help the poor and working class. Democrat and RINO politicians are the only ones taking huge $$ from the billionaires, whilst Trump supporting politicians are lucky if they get peanuts from them. The billionaires use their media to make you think Satan is like a cartoon, whilst they themselves actually worship Satan. They are old world pagans (Satanists). Former elite banker, Ronald Bernard, said most elites are Luciferians (Satanists). He said they hate humanity. He said their main motto is divide and conquer. The bible is actually a beautiful thing but infiltrators make it look bad, and many atheist infiltrators are now priests and likely even the pope and many televangelists. Jesus said his second most important commandment is to love thy neighbor as thyself. That’s a wonderful thing.

    2. @Aaron Rice FOX only has conservatives on their network because it gets them lots of viewers, which brings in lots of advertising dollars. FOX plays both sides. I like Newsmax and the OANN channel, but I don’t even trust them much. Mike Lindell of My Pillow has excellent computer evidence of election cheating going on and Newsmax cut him off during and interview whilst Mike was trying to tell about his proof.

      Also, it’s obvious the RINO judges are now siding with the Democrats so that election cheating cases get thrown out without even being heard.

    3. @TeachOthersDaily You guys sure love former dems calling people rinos! I watch news from overseas to get a real sense of what is really going on. When i was growing up you didn’t know what political party news anchors supported. As far as election cheating goes…either the democrats conspired with some lifelong republicans, China, and a dead dictator from Venezuela or…wait for it…Trump lied! How often can you defend this former democrat and reform party member or even why?

    4. @Aaron Rice The major media all over the world is controlled by the same billionaires. When you were growing up, the media was still controlled by the evil billionaires but the news anchors were able to hide their own corruption at that time. Because people have figured this bool sheet out, the media blatantly and openly lies, hoping they can fool at least half the voters into stupidly helping the Democrats and RINOs, and hoping that election cheating helps them too. They don’t even care that tens of millions of us know they are evil crooks. They are also probably scared of ending up in prison for their treason.

  11. The transition from McCarthy’s corruption and Gundrey’s fart/bowel movement ad for me was pretty much seamless.

  12. Seriously, America, we have got to continue to get our vote out! I will vote! They fear us and that’s why this is happening. We must vote!

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