1. @M Hall Wouldn’t it be a bummer to spend your retirement in prison though? I am sure Al Capone’s rear-end sniffers had a lot of LOLs until right before he got caught in Uncle Sam’s mouse trap🙂

    2. @J Coopes – Trump will never see the inside of a prison cell!
      Who’s going to jail an Old, White, Rich, Influential, Powerful, Ex American president with over 1/3 of the country backing him?

    1. @Jan Elliot Last I heard, it was about $300 million in donations, not counting the money the courts forced him to return for scamming his base.

    2. @Mays Ville – Of COURSE!
      He’s a lot smarter than people realize.
      How many other people do you know that could have avoided facing consequences for their crimes as long as Bone Spurs?

    1. @Rodney Boehner I guess you haven’t heard- Michael Avenatti’s in jail- for among other things FRAUD…

  1. The judge is right, why should he get involved cause you did’t do your job.The judge is saying do your job or shut up.Indict him or be quiet.

  2. People that are still sending trump money after everything that’s happened and especially the legal problems he’s facing now are beyond fools.

    1. @DC Bunker I kinda like BLOWING my $$ on police, firemen, roads, bridges, military, libraries, schools, parks….NOT as good of a return on investment as sending it to That Orange Fraud Guy tho’

    2. @DC Bunker Goes to making a nation work, comon ‘Comrade’ troll. We all just cant have our problems launch themselves out of a 10 story window and magically go away…

  3. I love listening to Michael Cohen. I can understand his Glee about what is going on since he was used as a mark to cover all the crimes. So great that all the crimes are coming back to be processed with the other people too!

    1. Can’t wait for the Stormy🍄 Daniels bribery trial when she gets to testify under oath about the affair and the hush money arrangement. Can’t wait to see Donald try and squirm out if it……what’s he gonna say? She’s lying? It’s a hoax? It’s a witch hunt? I never met her? She’s not my type? Keep it up Donald, you’re only sinking deeper and deeper into a quagmire of your own lies. 🍄

    2. I’d love to meet Michael Cohen in person. It would be hilarious. He would be such a fun guy to hang out with. 🤣

  4. Wake me up when he’s actually indicted and goes to JAIL. Every time I think “Ok, they’ve got him now!” 🙄 … nothing ever happens.
    I’m sure there’s hundreds if not thousands of everyday citizens that have done time for FAR less than the shenanigans he’s done! Teflon don, indeed 😑

    1. @Luna 333 It took over two years to prosecute Watergate, and that was an afternoon jog in the park by comparison.

      Most people in the know think the Fulton county case will be one of the first to indict turmp. It’s one of the simpler ones, for sure.

    2. @mile_high_topher LMAO Not even close … BTW You FORWARD Braintrusts really need to move beyond 1974 ,,, even if you do have a 1941 relic at the helm …..

    3. Get after him before he is fleeing the country with the whole crooked family! Shut the borders including the Mexican one !! With love from Holland 🇳🇱

    4. @mile_high_topher Thank you. I appreciate that information. I guess it just seems forever and many things he’s being investigated on. I will keep an eye on the Fulton county case.

  5. Trump does not want to go to prison but I think Jack Smith has the opposite in mind. As long as Trump is free, America and democracy is in danger.

    1. Much as I’d love to see it, above that I think he’s batting the bs and obstructive tactics out of the way to get to the cold, hard facts which he’ll then make an impartial decision on according to the law. That is literally the definition of justice. Much as I’d like it to be in trump’s case, revenge isn’t.

    2. @Chris Gorszczyk The video was mostly about Trump that’s why. But I think both are very dangerous to America and democracy

  6. He’s so correct when he says Trump has a playbook, the only thing that changes is the severity of the crime.

    1. FFT has been doing whatever he wants his entire life. Why not? No consequences for him eh? Oh yea a slap on the wrist here and there but comparatively speaking….. nada.

  7. The days where prosecutors are scared of indicting the rich and powerful are hopefully coming to an end. The law should apply equally to everyone regardless of wealth or position.

    1. @Spindrift Beach – Trump will never see the inside of a prison cell!
      Who’s going to jail an Old, White, Rich, Influential, Powerful, Ex American president with over 1/3 of the country backing him?

    2. Yeah well they don’t. Trump will not face any consequences for his actions. It’s laughably naive for anybody to think otherwise. Anybody who does think otherwise doesn’t understand how the game is played.

    3. @Æthrya maybe, maybe not.

      We haven’t had an ex president like this before.

      Hopefully they will be able to atop him from running for office, at the very least.

  8. This is beyond insanity. The lesson here is, you can commit any crime you want, and not be held accountable, let me say that again AND NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

  9. If Trump attorneys say they found two more documents, they actually found 200 more. That’s the way they roll.

    1. 200 more Documents makes more sense than just 2 Doucments, in Trump storage locker!! Trump is such a lieing F’nnnn Chump!!

  10. You’ve more than redeemed yourself in my mind Michael.
    Even if Trump is out of politics forever I still do not have the time of day for any Republican.

    1. @Evil Spock Liz Cheney did the right thing eventually but she didn’t stand up to Trump while he was President.

    2. Yeah, even if Trump is ousted and exiled forever, I reckon we still need about six or more years to rid Congress of the MAGA lunatics (ie Gaetz, Greene, Hawley)

  11. This traitor needs to be locked up for good! America is so tired of hearing about his crimes! NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ABOVE THE LAW! EVER!!

  12. I’m genuinely surprised he has a chance at running again even though he wants to shred the constitution… 👀

  13. Until he’s indicted or arrested this is just so much theater. His friends have no interest in holding him accountable. Crime pays for these entitled men. And they have each other’s backs.

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