1. Not just him. Newt, for instance had a huge hand in modern GQP extremism. So did Reagan and Bushy Jr, both proto-45*’s.

    2. @Progressive Humanist true all of that but Mitch gleefully pushed it over the edge and keeps pushing even though the whole house is on fire.
      But yes…point taken…

  1. McConnell acts like he still 40yrs old and has time on his side. This blindness will be his undoing when the ‘ol Grim Reaper comes calling.

  2. The lies of a rich man is easily accepted than the truth of a poor man. Moscow Mitch is an example.

    1. McConnell’s wife uncle work for the Chinese Communist People’s party. Also,she was trump’s secretary of IDR. And then she quit

    2. @Pew pew McPewface China’s economy and military can overtake US, – they believe in 2028. thanks to Mitch not wanting to play but save his job.

    3. @Pew pew McPewface
      How can you be powerful when you can’t get anything done? When you can’t even agree on basic facts. When half the country thinks the other half is the enemy. When half wants to move forward and the other half wants to retreat to some mythical past. That’s not power, that’s denigration.

    4. @Ulises Schiffino That’s why he married to a Chinese Communist. his wife has ties to both China & Russia.

    1. Air, I understand the Nazi’s started out giving up power to the government! LITTLE SHEEP BOY!!!!

    1. Manchin is a shillbilly for the GOP and Sinema… well she is from AZ.. Any plan put forward will have to be hit with UV light and scanned for bamboo.

    2. @Raging Monk The group that helped her get elected, Hispanic group knocked on 500,000 doors FOR HER, they said no! She lied to them and then when they go to speak to her, she will allow BIG BUSINESS their spot over them even though THEY got her elected…

  3. Make them stand in parliament and physically argue their point until the time has run out to pass a bill like the UK Parliament has too or abolish it! I bet you those republican senators will not want to be present in the capitol in order too accomplish that, They are not going to want to be physically in attendance to spew bs into the early hours of the morning the same as our MPs don’t.

  4. McConnell showed his hand when he recently stated that he’s going to obstruct everything & quickly walked it back because there’s no point in trying to negotiate with him.

    1. He said that IF they eliminate or change the filibuster. Basically you guys are mad you don’t have single party control

  5. If the shoe was on the other foot, McConnell would done away with the filibuster. This is straight BS.

  6. Moscow mitch has a 37% approval rating in his district, but out-of-state donations (including those from russian companies) keep him in power against the will of the American people.

    1. I think you mean his state, Kentucky, not his district, since he is a U.S. senator. However, his rating is even lower than that in most polls. It’s closer to 30% and has been as low as 19%.
      So you are correct. However, approval rating often means nothing when it comes to senators because a Republican voter won’t usually vote for a Democrat, even if he/she dislikes the Republican candidate. But, yes, money is one of the biggest influences, which is very sad.

  7. I’ll tell ya why Mitch has the best of both worlds because him and his Chinese wife made twenty million dollars paving the way for American companies to do business in China.

  8. It could be a vote to cure cancer, if it was Biden’s idea, Mitch would lobby against it. Get rid of the filibuster and Mitch.

  9. Moscow Mitch is living proof that stem cell research has been successful in extending human and nonhuman life.

  10. Mitch is a bitter and spiteful man. His focus and mission (and probably to his delight as well) is to f-up any democratic president and admin. Yet, he is able to do whatever he wants. It makes no sense at all.

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