Why MyPillow CEO decided to pull his ads from Fox News 1

Why MyPillow CEO decided to pull his ads from Fox News


After Fox News rejected a promo from MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for a live streamed event that seeks to prove that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election, Lindell has pulled his ads from the network. CNN's Brian Stelter has the story.

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  1. This guy is a good example of how being associated with Trump, can ruin your business.

    1. Left wing media lectures us that Trump is so toxic that a racist like Joe Biden who spent a majority of his political career oppressing blacks be the norm.

    2. All he has to do is change the name/label to read “Your Pillow’ for Democracy.”
      ( you wouldn’t know the difference).

    1. all businesses are out to make a profit. What makes Fox different is that it’s Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda mouthpiece

  2. I would NEVER EVER buy one of these crappy pillows! The only good pillow is a feather pillow. All this crap about the last former guy is embarrassing.

    1. I unfortunately purchased them right before he came out for Trump. And the pillows suck. For real. They have been thrown away.

    2. I wouldn’t buy these pillows simply because of who owns the company. Mike is as deluded if not more so than Mango Mussolini.

    3. His pillows are nothing but crap! I had to sleep on one at a friend’s house about 10 yrs ago and I had a major headache & neck ache from it in the morning! I found out later my friend through it in the garbage!

    1. @Andrew Sadler Goebbels and the Reich would loved Faux & Friends and their blatant disinformation propaganda campaigns.

  3. Well it’s time to stop worrying about my pillow and his new slogan should be my missing brain 🧠, Because it has a much better ring💍, Thats not too insane ! 🤪🙃

    1. @Amy A. Of course they will… call me an optimist but with each disappointment and with their numbers shrinking from covid deaths… I still think this bus can be turned.

    1. @Andrew Gillum 2024
      Get a new troll plantation script read goleeeboi khabrahov Bogatishev skabeeva
      Earn that extra bonus ruble and bowl of solyanka komrade 😂👍🏻😂

  4. I hope he has his tuxedo rented for Trump’s “Inauguration Party” on August 13. He is the one who keeps telling everyone that is the new “magic” date. Ridiculous.

  5. Anyone notice that Mike Lindell seems to act like he’s on some serious medication, literally the guy talks like he is in a constant status of brain fog.

  6. Lindell’s too extreme for “Faux News.” I’d say Don’s political career is heading for the “big sleep.” More “nightmares” ahead for Don and his minions!

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