Why no money to revitalize downtown Calgary? Premier Smith explains

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith says Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek did not provide a "priority list" with her asks for Budget 2023.

"It just so happens that we didn't receive a priority list from the City of Calgary," said Smith Monday.

Smith said the number one priority from both Edmonton and Calgary was public safety, a key component that was delivered on in the budget, according to the premier.

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  1. Maybe mayor Gondek should learn how to budget better, instead of having her hand out for more money all the time.

  2. Affordable housing in Alberta!!! Lmfao! 18 years ago it was 1200$ for a private room! Keep dreaming!!

    1. All the houses we built in the last 30 years went to the highest foreign bidder. It was all about shareholder value and GDP growth. Anybody under 40 is screwed for life. There’s not enough time to correct things. I hope you all enjoy your diversity and multicultural society.

  3. In another ten years those buildings are going to be more empty as the last of the viable bitumen is hoovered up.

  4. I would think a city the size of Calgary with proper management should be able to support itself. When a shop owner is going broke he loses his business when his shop is empty the city of Calgary needs compensation for it. Maybe the city should have been there in support for the business owners that are now part of that vacancy rate. The rich dictators that set mandates leading to lost livelihoods now want more tax dollars generated from the lowly peasants and handed freely over to them to build there down town utopia. Go figure. Calgary is not our capital, it was stupidly built on a flood plane in a valley no need to say more. It’s a bad investment would you build knowing it will end up underwater.

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