1. hehehehe…….Shshshhhhh…..they dont want to hear about that. They also dont know about how democrats are voting republican’s yet, its ginormous, the numbers are through the roof!!

    1. Boost ? Some maybe. His voice is known worldwide so there should be some impact but he is also a former guy.

    2. All Trump loving magats crying on CNN. I’ll be back here to record your tears of sorrow after the election

    3. Barack Obama . The BEST POTUS in the last 50 years . Would blow away ANY REPIGLICAN if he was allowed to run again

    4. @Olalekan FeyisetanYou better start crying now, going to be a long night for you on Tuesday.

      Emerson College’s final survey of the state’s midterm elections found Vance leading Ryan by 8 points, 51 percent to 43 percent. Vance’s support improved 5 points from Emerson’s poll of the race last month, while Ryan’s support fell 2 points.

      Only 4 percent of respondents said in the new poll that they were undecided, but Vance’s lead increases to 9 points when their preferences are included.

      Spencer Kimball, the executive director of Emerson College Polling, said in a release that Vance was leading by 13 points among men and Ryan was leading by 10 points among women in mid-October. But Vance has since expanded his lead among men to 18 points, and Ryan’s lead among women has narrowed to 1 point.

    1. @Turkey Sammich ha ha your orange master lost both popular votes and he lost the house and senate during midterms keep dreaming

    2. @Brupe Boring your sleepy grandpa has created the worst economy in 40 years, you’re delusional if you think anyone in the democratic party is gonna be president again.

    3. You lot are absolute clowns. Your politicians can’t even describe what a woman is. The left has lost the compete plot since Trumps win in 2016 😂😂😂😂😂

  1. Remember those innocent days when it was considered controversial and scandalous that Obama wore a tan suit?

    1. @Thweeting Thwits What do you mean? The reset worked. Like Joe said in 2011
      “Americans ranked Russia as one of the top five countries threatening American security — two years ago. This year, only 2 percent of the entire American population say they view Russia as a threat. All of this leads to one very important conclusion in the mind of one Vice President that I think is now beyond dispute: the reset is working. Working for all of us, working for Russia. And I would presumptuously suggest working for the world.”
      ~Joe Bisen

    2. @Frank Bandera Seems like that might be taken just *a bit* out of context. Perhaps just possibly Russia wasn’t beating the war drums at that time? And perhaps the presidency of a certain successor to Obama might have emboldened Russia in the interim?

    3. @Don Really? What was taken out of context since Barack wanted to reset relations with Russia after they hit a fairly low point and the “invasion” of Georgia? What about what Joe said?
      “Unleashing Russia’s full potential will be a boon and an opportunity not only for the United States and for Russians, but again for international commerce and peace and justice.”
      ~Joe Biden

  2. Acording to the law it is illegal to lie in a selling ad. Why is it not illegal to lie in a political ad. Why is it not illegal to lie in a political speech. This is perverting the the freedom od speach…..

  3. “Since we don’t control the air, our good air decided to float over to China’s bad air, so when China gets our good air, their bad air got to move. So it moves over to our good air space. Then, now, we got to clean that back up.” — Herschel Walker

  4. Well said, Mr. Cillizza. Obama’s energy and skills have actually improved post-Presidency but as you say, it might not be enough for the Dems. Very concerning mid-terms, with over 100 GOP candidates in support of the Big Lie. It feels like America has turned into a 3rd World Nation in one decade, politically.

    1. Yeah, the only difference between a democrat politician and a republican is who’s knees hit the floor first when their donors walk in the door.

  5. My family supported mine before, but not now because of targeting, both credible and verbal threats and harassment.

    1. 🤔Statesmen can agree to disagree 🤔 without name-calling, and with style 🤔 class has no color ⚖ and Justice ⚖ has no creed ⚖and no political party ⚖ the message and the messenger matter ⚖for Justice to be served. ⚖
      Get the message ? 🙂 Imposters don’t, do they 🤔

    2. nope, not really, and if you had your ear to the ground you would have heard how democrat voters are hard swinging towards republicans when they vote. People are tired of inflation, crime, and open borders and what comes with them.

    3. @Mr Rey So – 42% identify as Independent voters. The others are roughly 25-30% of the voting public each D&R.
      The real question is ; The Independent vote.
      Swing voters only swing so far. We’ll see that as true if moderates do well.
      Inflation is WW – People are tired of changing direction and regressing as a civil society. Zig-Zag and reversal don’t cover great distances as the crow flies. We could do better.
      Who can gitterdun in a Democratic Republic like ours ? I don’t think it’s the hard right but right of center that matters most. Lose that and you’ve lost, period. A single term is really a failed presidency.

  6. Honestly, he’s been the best Democrats have ever had. He fascinates me when he is on campaign trail I can listen to him talk all day

    1. 🤔In my lifetime, I’d say that’s true but – JFK did not achieve his full potential – so there’s that. I suppose Camelot is an older idea than I am 😂 but John was Gone too early. I’d vote for Obama again – for a different office under Term Limits – which I favor.

  7. Barack Obama…. an outstanding Orator…!!! And one of the BEST Leaders, ever.. !!!👍🙏👏 And, yes, an exceptionally good President !!!💕

    1. @Liberals haveitallbackwards you do realise Obama doubled the nation deficit right? Not to mention the pointless Wars he got America into. Killing countless civilians.

    2. @Ricky Miller
      I was saying I miss Trump. lol

      Yes I agree, but Obama didn’t exactly get us into the Iraq war.
      But Obama PROMISED to end the Iraq war in 2012! Then, after 8 years of his Presidency…. still fighting a war in Iraq. lol

  8. Former President Obama had two highly intellectual parents, so it’s obvious that he has inherited their DNA. What has always intrigued me about this great man is that he was not born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth, unlike the previous Joke/Disaster. Since his father abandoned him at an early age, nevertheless, he was raised with a strong support system from his maternal grandparents and his Mother. As such, he had all the characteristics that prepared him for the presidency, a former Harvard Constitutional Law Professor; decency, honor, humility, a love for family/friends, a fun personality on a personal level, but a very professional one on the business level, a love and respect for his Country, a knowledge of the common person, including his/her struggles in life, and so much more.

  9. President Obama is the most gifted oracle to sit in the White House. We run out of superlatives trying to describe Obama in front of crowds. I am a recovering Republican who escaped GOP-ism before Trump. Even as a Republican, I had nothing but great things to say about Obama. It was all the attacks from the fringe right that prompted me to flee the GOP before it became the GOF (Grand Old Fascists) party.

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