1. “If you vote for the other guy then you ain’t a breakfast taco!” – Dr. Jill Biden

  2. The United States pays for 20% of Israel’s military budget while Israel has a space program, universal health care, and still runs a budget surplus for six of the last ten years

    1. @Deborah Gordon people are obliged to follow the truth, they can think what they want but not spread lies 🙂

    2. @Tom Henry there is no plo anymore and in the video it’s said all funding has been cut years ago since truml

    1. “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to make us pay for the wall”
      – Mexico

  3. Finally a story about Joe “Anchorman” Biden.
    Everyone is tired of the 5-7 Trump videos a day.

    1. @AJ they are struggling because trump is the only thing they talk about and it’s a giant echo chamber

    2. @Bama Fishing well again, no. Trump is just the only story you pay attention to. And I use the term “pay attention” veeeeey loosely, when dealing with the right.

  4. I think pessimistic isn’t the word. Extremely disappointed and frustrated the same as the American people. Keep voting Democratic see what you get

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