2. Mitch is in charge of the Republican conference in the Senate, and *Rand Paul is an eye doctor* . *BOOM!* — drop the mic

    3. @Hez E I think it’s a boot. I have seen it in other videos too. Bunch on nonsense. Also using another name.

  1. What happens when two malignant narcissists are in the same room? Look no further than the schoolyard fight between Paul and McConnell.

  2. As I understand it, the ‘deal’ was, Biden gives them an anti abortion judge, Rs stop blocking his other nominations. Looks to me like Paul’s thirst for obstructionism outweighed his desire to stop ‘baby murder’. Seems kinda on brand for him.

    1. The problem is that McTurtle never keeps his word. But I enjoy seeing reps throwing each other under the bus.

    1. It will require a constitutional amendment just as it was done for the Presidency over half a century ago. It is not possible to do constitutional amendment on anything today. Things might change in the future!

  3. Can’t Paul and McConnell challenge each other to a duel? With any luck, they’ll take each other.

  4. Please note the important role that Joe Sonka of the Louisville Courier Journal played in exposing the Meredith deal. We lefties would not have known about it without his reporting, and that’s what helped the White House drop it.

  5. Let Paul and McConnell brawl and gnaw at each other 🦣🦣 Unique moment when the two elephants fight, the grass cheers!

  6. Hey!!!!!!…….. I actually liked Love & Thunder.

    Sure it leaned too heavily into the jokes and there were times I wished it took itself a bit more seriously, but it was still an entertaining movie with well written characters that made me care about their plights and had a flawed but relatable villian who was absolutely terrifying. (Can Christian Bale do no wrong?)

  7. Alcohol, tobacco, firearms. All 3 major exports from Kentucky. The ATF trifecta. Must be nice to be elected in Kentucky. Bribes

  8. Why is Biden nominating a pro life judge? McConnell wouldn’t hesitate to push a conservative if the GOP had the senate

  9. Chris said Rand Paul is angry — I bet he’s not as angry as his neighbor and 65% of Americans are

  10. Whenever Republicans fight and tussle with each other, an angel gets its wings and a new devil is born in Hell

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