Why Rand Paul Is Upset About Quails On Cocaine | All In | MSNBC 1

Why Rand Paul Is Upset About Quails On Cocaine | All In | MSNBC


The story behind Rand Paul's presentation about the study of the sex life of Japanese quails on cocaine is even weirder than you'd think. 
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    1. @Laura Walker trump himself being Prime Example No. 1. Over 4, 000 lawsuits involve him in everything from fiduciary fraud to sexual harassment to violation of children. A full audit of his depredation on our Treasury will take some time yet to be complete. He’s facing indictment on several fronts both civil and criminal. He continues his lies that stir up his base to act against the govt and try to overthrow the legal election, which is fomenting sedition and insurrection. He uses his dwindling influence to contaminate and cheat and degrade our national pride, the free vote for ALL citizens, no matter their colour or wealth.

    2. @jones I just couldn’t understand your comment and I don’t think anyone else would have, sorry if I offended you.

    3. @Larry Hinze after 2020 after whats come out of Donald trumps mouth his mouth alone and you have the nerve to have the flag that represents majority of the slave states your history is long dead what more could you possibly want more jim crow laws for your benefit as a white man

    1. @Snake Pliskin GRAMMAR ERROR!! You’re a waste of oxygen. …such as in the following sentence: You need adult supervision before you’re allowed onto the street….

    2. @Robert Fritzenkotter Do you want him running around saying Mexico will pay for it? Maybe that it will be gone in April when it gets warmer? How about we use disinfectants and light? Or maybe his healthcare plan will be out in two weeks? Or soldiers were suckers and losers. What do you want to hear?

  1. Suggestion, next time we find a new quail subspecies, we call it the Rand Paul. That way Rand Paul can be upset about Rand Paul on Cocaine.

    1. @Crimdor Smart little fella—don’t mess with grown-ups with new rifles. Some of us are sharp-shooters.

    2. @Leo29 trolls don’t often watch any of the video, they’re just here with their idiotic little troll scripts, hunter biden, deflect/project, deny any kind of way they can muster

    3. @B. T. better not to feed the troll this lavishly, they’re not interested to know one thing about it in their efforts, it’s purely to disrupt, none of it will ever be an inquiry in good faith.

    4. @CFR Andre I notice that with some frequency with the type, you look at the channel and it’s either 1) This channel doesn’t have any content or 2) it points to or even has content, typically incredibly infantile video game dross.

  2. Rand Paul’s math skills and proofreading skills are weak at best. Look at the fact that Kentucky gets $2.50 for every $1.00 in taxes from Kentucky. It’s a welfare state! A bigger question is what has Rand Paul done to help the state of Kentucky’s economy, schools and reduce poverty?

    1. @Travis Decker and it’s been largely legislated by Republicans or split. The governor has hardly any power anyways

    2. @Big Boomer red hats don’t believe in math, science, or statistics. If you can’t put it on a statue it’s not worth learning

    3. Tanya…very easy answer…Paul Rand has done NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY!!! He doesn’t care about them or anyone else!!! He needs to go!

  3. How embarrassing! Rand Paul”s stupidity keeps digging more holes for him. So sad for him. Time for him to step down.

    1. @Joey Jo-Jo Junior Shabadoo wait, Obama and Biden were actually pushing this research? I thought rand was joking. I guess it’s in line with Biden poor track record on investment.

    2. @Chad Leach I’m also not sure where you got the idea that Obama or Biden had anything to do with this. Neither the president nor the vice president controls NIH grants.

  4. Holy crap…they ignore sedition and coup attempts and suggestions but they worry about quails on coke? For once I’m speechless..these are the people trying and failing to run this country..

    1. BS , if that were true trump and the trumpturds would be in jail . Republicans want you to forget January 6th. Like 9/11 it will never happen. Republican Party is a national disgrace

    2. Are you talking about the riots of 2020 that saw many people killed, millions in property damages and federal buildings occupied?

    3. @Jerry Herrin You just fall off the cabbage truck, junior? We will at least try. Go play in your sandbox with the other mental midgets.

    1. They are both working under the premise of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, which is likely how McConnell could get so involved with Russians and why they haven’t actually torn each other apart yet.

    2. @cc 1k Rant Paul isn’t oligarch’ed-up as much as MoscowMitch, unless his Russian sugar daddies are in Canada and that’s why he makes trips up there. He wants to make an oligarch happy enough to gift him as much kick-back as MoscowMitch gets, but it’s hard when you’re just a whiny little mutt out-barked by an old cur. He played courier for trump, taking a secret letter to Putin and bringing back a reply, but trump didn’t even give him a golf tip for his trouble. So poor inconsequential Rant has to create agita wherever he can with whatever idiotic means he has…

    3. @Da Re If Rand Paul is from Kentucky, then why would he object to money going to the University of Kentucky? Was he a senator at the time the study was commissioned?

  5. Rand Paul needs to lay off the sauce. The bags under his eyes are getting bigger than his face, which is getting more and more bloated.

    1. @Quentin Baggett No biggie, it was a teeny-weeny soul to begin with. There’s a painting in his attic that shows what he REALLY looks like after his trips to Russia playing postman for Vladdy and Donnie, lying in his committees, using bad and corrupted data for his half-assed arguments, pretending he’s still a working doctor, cheating and dealing with his donors and shortchanging his constituents, filling his pockets, going to Canada for medical treatments.

    2. @Quentin Baggett Yes Texas is a purple state and republicans are running scared . The more they cheat the more we will vote them out . Republican leaders failed us during the ice storm and then lied to our face about it . We know they should of prepared years ago but failed to do so . About 20 Texans died during the 3 to 4 days of black outs . Money is more important to them than helping Texans .

    3. @TX Rick lets not forget how trump unconstitutional help those humans in cages alot died on. Trumps hands pence showed up and walked out

    4. @Quentin Baggett Yes Pense would not even look at them . He looked away . Ted Cruz came here a few weeks ago and it basically turned into foto ops . Abbott is no better he is right now doctoring stats to make it seem worse than it actually is . He mentioned guns and crime but did not say the guns we’re heading to Mexico and crimes are Americans smuggling immigrants and people involved in drug smuggling most are Americans . I live on the border and our local authorities are like WTF .

  6. When Seth Meyers or Colbert or Kimmel are on vacation and not able to ridicule and make light of this insanity, legit sadness kicks in. Also: Kentucky sucks. So hard.

    1. You can’t blame all of Kentucky, just like you can’t blame all of Georgia or all of Florida or all of Texas or all of South Carolina or all of any other state. Republicans trickled into power when the first few started gerrymandering. The majority of these states, as most states, are Democrat, but gerrymandering and voter suppression lead to people of those states being stuck with people like Rand Paul and Mitch McConnel and Lindsay I-have-a-girl’s-name-yet-am-still-sexist Graham. It’s just like how you can’t blame the entire US that we got stuck with 4 years of T***p by the same cheating. So, until you meet and personally get to know EVERY citizen of the state you plan to insult, you can’t sweep the entire state like that, stereotyping them just like you shouldn’t stereotype by other demographics. When you stereotype an entire state like you did in your comment, you are no better than the racist, sexist anti-Semites of the Republican party.

    2. Kentucky is a beautiful state and could be so much more than it is right now with the right people in the Legislature.

    1. If he did this presentation at a corporate office he would have been demoted or fired for incompetence.

    2. @POKER one That’s not true. Nobody has an IQ of 5. It seems you don’t understand much of anything, and you’re okay with Paul wasting tax money that YOU paid, assuming you work. But you can’t possibly understand that, either, so I’ll wrap it all up into terms that even you can understand.

      Trump lost. Get over it. Womp womp.

    3. @DrumWild In fairness, POKER one can only count to five even with help from his fingers.

  7. Ever since Trump, the Republican Party has made it its mission to round up every republican clown, half wit and ne’er-do-well and make them their political rock stars.

    1. I’d suggest he feels he needs to look like he’s doing something to his constituents back home, but has no ideas for legislation or programs that will actually help them, so he trots out the same talking points because they suggest he’s trying to cut down on wasteful government spending. And he’s finding nickle & dime programs and grants instead of going after the major black holes of government spending, starting with the military budget.

  8. No wonder Quails are so easy to hunt. and Kentucky is one of America’s leading welfare states.

    1. He’s currently 20 points ahead in Kentucky. It’s embarrassing. The inbreeding in Kentucky is far more widespread than we ever knew .

  9. When you misrepresent something superfluous it makes us wonder what bigger issues are also portrayed deceptively.

  10. Doe’s Paul Rand have an intravenous drip pumping “100% stupidity” into him constantly? Oh you silly silly boy.

  11. As the adage goes, “when you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.” That is the state of the current GQP.

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